sir reginald hargreeves

File; September 7, 1963

Subjects- Number 5 (The Boy), Pogo

Notes; (Audio Tape) - - 

        (Speaker; Sir Reginald Hargreeves) “Subject #5 has seemed to have formed a bond with the chimp…. He also seems to seclude himself from the other children. He has run away multiple times, this being the.. fourth time this month. He is seemingly unaware of my following him with the droid.. As of late he has shown rebellious tendencies towards my commands… These acting outs have been often promoted by Dr. Pogo. These actions should not be of high concern… the subject is not capable of much. Punishment may be required.”

Droid Audio Recording;

“Im scared….”

“Just one more branch 5..”

“I…. I cant..”

“yes you can five… just one more–” (Static)