sir octopus designs



Curse boxes are going quickly so here are three new designs to feast your eyes on! 

Two of the boxes are magnetic (I really like this kind of closure personally) with wood burnt symbols, the other one has hand painted symbols on it.

They are up for sale on etsy!

Every curse box is stained, antiqued, and has a mix of different symbols (most are based on ones seen on Supernatural)


There are new products on the way (One is a bit hobbity, the other is supernaturally). They should be posted tonight or tomorrow. I will make tumblr posts once they’re available!

And the latest series of Action Cards! is nearly complete. 


Sir Octopus


Time for something fun! (And maybe a little silly) Our latest line of products feature the familiar “You Tried” star. 

They are up for sale on etsy!

The stars are made of wood and are hand painted. Announce to the world that you tried (And therefore no one should criticize you!) with the pin. Or display your less then perfect artwork on the fridge with the magnet! 

Or just in general let people know when they walk into a room that you tried. 

Plus there’s a premium star that’s finished with real metal leafing. For when you’ve tried *REALLY* hard. (Your choice of magnet or pin)

The smaller stars (pins,magnet, keychain, & metal leafing) measure approx. 3"  The larger star (wall hanging) measures approx. 8"


New curse boxes are on the way now too! Featuring 2 new styles of box. 


Sir Octopus