sir may i take your overcoat

The Third Date, A Modern Hamliza Fanfic

Summary: Underpaid policy aide Alexander Hamilton met the charming, sophisticated Eliza Schuyler completely by accident. To his shock, she’d agreed to a date by the end of the night. To his greater shock, she’d agreed to a second after the first. To his absolute bewilderment, they were about to have their third. Disaster predictably ensues.

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Hamilton adjusted his tie self-consciously as he stepped up to the door of the restaurant. The doorman gave him an appraising look as he entered, as though fighting an urge to give him directions to the diner down the street. Instead, he asked, “May I take your coat, sir?”

He nodded to the man, trying to seem confident despite the sweat stains gathering under his expensive suit jacket. Stripping off the heavy overcoat, he handed it over and stepped all the way inside. His stomach flipped as he looked around for Eliza, in a way that may have been nerves, or possibly the three day old pizza he’d scarfed down for lunch. He placed a hand to his chest.


Eliza was standing near the bar holding a glass of wine, waving to get his attention. Even though she’d called his name, he had to resist the impulse to turn around to see if she was waving to someone else. As usual, she looked perfectly at ease in the glamorous setting. Her hair was done up in a twist with not a strand out of place, her makeup subtle and becoming, and her black dress form-fitting without being revealing. She fit in here in a way he could never dream.

He waved back and started towards her.

See, they’d met entirely by accident.

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