sir lancelot the brave

The Signs as Characters in Merlin

Aries - Arthur Pendragon (bravery and justice)
Taurus - Sir Gwaine (sense of humour)
Gemini - Guinevere (loyal and loving)
Cancer - Uther Pendragon (driven mad by grief)
Leo - Sir Lancelot (bravest of the brave)
Virgo - Gaius (wise and undoubtably loyal)
Libra - Morgana Pendragon (loyal, but hates)
Scorpio - Mordred (dies for love, in the end)
Sagittarius - The Great Dragon (cunning)
Capricorn - Morgause (bestfriend-sacrifices self)
Aquarius - Sir Leon (by your side until the end)
Pisces - Merlin (loyalist of them all)

Holy Grail

Which Knights of the round table would the gang be from Monty Python and The Holy Grail?

Hux: King Arthur (because they are both ginger!).

Phasma: Sir Bedevere the Wise.

Poe: Sir Lancelot the Brave.

Rey: Sir Galahad the Pure.

Finn: Sir Robin the-not-so-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot.

Kylo: The Black knight.

Luke: Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film.