• Kay: Are you really running away again?
  • Lancelot: Some of us have to make rounds of the kingdom. We can't all laze around the castle.
  • Kay: Fuck you. Some of us own up to our responsibilities. You're off joyriding with Mordred instead of speaking to your actual son.
  • Lancelot: I'm not taking parenting advice from someone without any children.
  • Kay: Just because I didn't sleep with their mothers doesn't mean they aren't my kids.
  • Lancelot: Just because Arthur tolerates your insolence doesn't mean I'll let you lecture me.
  • Kay: Look, asshole. You may be Arthur's best friend, but if you fuck up this family any worse than you already have, running back to your daddy's kingdom won't be enough to save you.
  • Lancelot: I have no idea what you're talking about, but if you continue to threaten me I'll bring this to the king's attention.
  • Kay: I think we both know you don't want to shine that light. Take care of the kids or I will take care of you.

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Arthur: She just…She just kicked our asses! 

Y/N: *Scoffs* I did more than that, princey.


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