sir john davis

Mrs E. Bowen-Davies (1923). Sir John Lavery (Irish, 1856-1941). Oil on canvas.

Lavery arranges the sitter in a way that enables the folds of the coat to be stated with great economy in a very few strokes. The eye connects the hands and head of the figure on a diagonal. Where formerly a sitter might wear a picture hat and be swathed in layers of lace, Mrs Bowen-Davies goes bare-headed and her long elegant neck is adorned by a single string of pearls.


So another sliiightly cool thing happened yesterday!!!
We randomly decided to eat there last night, me and my dad both super tired and jetlagged, and we almost decided to go somewhere else, but I really couldn’t be bothered to get up again haha
Our waiter turned out to be a really cool guy, very chatty, and suddenly he came over and asked if we were LOTR fans, and i was like yeAH??
And he told us that the actor that plays Gimli is in the restaurant. THE ONE WE RANDOMLY DECIDED TO EAT AT. The waiter was so cool that he offered to ask him to take a picture with me, i really didn’t want to bother him but my dad and the waiter convinced me, and tHAT’S THE STORY OF HOW I MET GIMLI/SIR JOHN RHYS-DAVIES. He was super nice, and he tickled my neck. Gimli tickled my neck. BEST DAY.