sir jay everett morris

A Soulful Kiss For Sir Jay

This is an image of Song Hye Kyo. One image of this beautiful South Korean woman for Sir Jay to understand. He is known as “The Maker of Heaven.” He protects our children, our families, and our communities better than any man before.

Sir Jay,

Song Hye Kyo and her mother said “Yes. The answer is always yes to Sir Jay Everett Morris!”

Park Geun-Hye
President of South Korea


Updown Court is the inaugural home of Sir Jay Everett Morris, Grand Champion of the 2012 Global Martial Arts Tournament.  Sir Jay is the Chairman of the Board of K.A.R.L. Global Broadband and Lamborghini in the Carport Productions.

Founding family members wishing to meet with Sir Jay may arrange time at Updown Court with the Royal Navy and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Titanium Partners and Platinum artists may arrange time at Updown Court with Sir Jay via the Royal Navy.