sir hector

Fashionably Dramatic

This is a drabble from a fic I DO want to write. Eventually. When I have time. And am not behind on 4 other fics… 

( @hchano I know I owe you pt. 2 of worst, hopefully this will distract you in the meantime) 

“Darling you really need to calm down, everything is going to be fine.”

“Hector, where are the accessories for second formal wear ensemble? I thought I told you to take care of that 20 minutes ago.” Gabriel spat to his cowering assistant, ignoring his wife’s amused admonishments.

“I don’t know sir.” Hector replied, a tremor in his voice. “I told Rachelle to make sure that they were set, I’m not sure what could have delayed…”

“Well then why don’t you go and find out instead of stuttering here like a deranged chicken?”

“Gabriel!” His wife cried, smacking him lightly in the back of the head. “Honestly Hector don’t listen to him he has the emotional sensitivity of a ravenous bear when he is stressed. Beside I see Rachelle bringing them over now so clearly everything is fine. Why don’t you go over and make sure that she knows how to arrange the pieces?”

Hector nodded gratefully and rushed away, eager for the excuse to be as far away from his bosses rage as possible.

“Absolute incompetence. How difficult can it be to hire a staff that can follow basic instructions?” Gabriel sighed, eyebrows knitting in frustration as he surveyed the frantic whirlwind of clothing and makeup, as stylists and interns desperately worked to finish the last minute preparations for the launching of the new fall line.

His wife chuckled beside him, leaning up on her tiptoes to plant a light kiss on his cheek while she balanced an awestruck Adrien on her hip.

“This is the price you pay for building up an internationally successful corporation darling.”

“No this is the price I pay for accepting mediocrity from my employees. I ought to have fired that man weeks ago. A gorilla would make a better assistant.”

“Well, Adrien thinks every looks wonderful, don’t you dear?” She cooed lifting the grinning toddler who immediately reached out to his father.

In spite of himself Gabriel’s expression soften as he took hold of his squirming son who was looking wildly around at the chaos.

“He’s 2, he thinks everything looks wonderful.” Gabriel retorted raising an eyebrow at his wife. He turned back to his son with a playfully stern expression. “Don’t worry Adrien, you are too smart to be fooled for long. Soon you too will know better than to settle for second rate subordinates. Isn’t that right?” He leaned forward and poked his nose against Adrien’s cheek. The boy erupted into happy giggles.

“See? He completely agrees with me.”

A loud crash sounded from behind them causing Adrien to latch his arms around his father’s neck in surprise. Gabriel rolled his eyes and patted his son comfortingly on the back.

“I might as well just set this whole building on fire. At this point it couldn’t make this humiliation any worse.”

“Honestly dear you are one tragic accident away from becoming a supervillain.”