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Merlin Memory Month Prompt Day 13:
Path I - A character you didn’t expect to like that much: Sir Leon! Don’t tell me this wasn’t happening after Leon found Merlin and Arthur wandering arround in the castle in the middle of the night. This was the only topic of the following weeks. Long live Sir Leon! And Lancelot. He is alive and everything is fine here *cheers*


Kiss me and the spell breaks
@pauouo​ asked: Hey again :v i love your art omg <3 And i was thinking, could you do some merthur with donkey Arthur? It would be so cute i think, i dont know, i love your draws<3

so Gwaine says he’ll come with Arthur in search of Merlin in ASoTM, and Arthur says to Gwen

and what is this “mindless chatter” you ask? Well, 

So it’s canon that Gwaine just gushes about Merlin whenever he gets the chance. Gwaine could talk for England but can imagine Arthur’s small reserved replies like “you’re right” and “I agree”, whilst remaining morbid and vigilant because he needs to find his manservant right now and not talk about all the things he’ll miss about him if he doesn’t. 

Dating Gwaine Would Involve...

-Constant touching. 


-Seriously.  There’s always an arm around your shoulder, or fingers playing with the ends of your hair.


-Excessive PDA.  But what did you expect?


-Bringing you a flower every time he returns from a mission.


-When he returns from an especially long trip, you bake an apple pie.   As soon as they enter the castle gates, he makes a beeline for your house.


-“Hey Gwaine, we’re going to the pub if you—hey, come back!”

“Oh, let him go.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when Gwaine skipped out on the pub.”

“Yeah, well we didn’t think he’d ever settle down either.”


-Finding out the knights made bets on when you’d get together.


-“How long has this bet been around?”

“Pretty much since the day you met.”


-For the first few days he flirted with you nonstop, using all of his tricks.  When he realized it wasn’t working, he tried more sincere methods.


-He’s great with the village kids.


-“You know, we’d make great parents.”


-Then he chokes on air as he realizes what he said.  He doesn’t calm down until you slip your hand in his and lean your head on his shoulder.


-And then that vision of the future doesn’t seem so impossible.

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