sir goat

“Is he allright?” - “yeah, just ate too much!”
:’D Meliodas always know whats wrong with Hawk

Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) - baka_ryo_cosplay (Instagram)
Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins) - Jay
Hawk is a Ikea Plushpig that we modified for this reason ;)

Untitled - [Stuck In Time]
The Mountain Goats
Untitled - [Stuck In Time]

standing silent when I see
icicles hanging from the trees
loon calling on the evening wind
something new in mind
new in mind

stillness enveloping this town
bulbs opening underground
and i saw a young dog on its way
down the street today

we grow nameless as we feel
the blood race
henceforth through our bodies
on its mission to no place

what am i becoming when i see
the way you look at me
one frozen river
stuck in time 

Sir Arne’s Treasure: 2010-12-14 - Castro Theater


Class picture by Nadine
Via Flickr:
The Mushroom Peddler Sir Octavius Von Tentacle, Island Doll Nuan Nuan, Doll Family A Kai, Tokissi Toki Cream White, Tokissi Toki Mermaid Seashell

  • Yang: *During a battle with the white fang and Adam, Yang and Blake hide within a abandon store as They treat wounds they have received after an ambush.* Well that could have gone better. GRR! *Yang groaned as Blake tightened a rag bandages around Yang's leg.*
  • Blake: Sorry. Sigh This is all my fault. *Blake Apologized as she removed her coat, hissing in pain with the cut on here arm to which her blonde girlfriend removed her scarf and used it to stop her bleeding.* I should have known Adam would be here and wouldn't face us fairly.
  • Yang: Well. To be fair, is was two on one.
  • Blake: Yang I'm serious! Even just the two of us are barely an equal to Adam and that was before his semblance was fully charged. *Blake gritted her teeth as her eyes water slightly at the memories of Yang flying across the air before a red flash and her falling to the ground with her arm falling else where.* I can't let that happen to you again.
  • Yang: *Yang watched her girlfriend before surprising her with a soft kiss on her lips Blake's cat ears shotting straight up before relaxing as Yang smiled, wiping a stray tear from Blake's cheek.* That's not going to happen this time Blake, nor will it ever again.
  • Blake: But Wha-
  • Yang: Don't worry. *Yang interrupted as she looked around the abandon store they were in and smiled as something could her eye.* After what happened I learned that you don't always have to charge head on to a problem to solve it when you can get around it.
  • Blake: *Blake raised an eyebrow at Yang before following her gaze at what she is smiling at.* What are you- Oh... You thing it will work?
  • Yang: *yang stood up and walked to the item* Oh Yeah. Goat boy isn't the only one with a maxed out semblance. I'll just have to bait me a little.
  • Blake: And how are you going to do that?
  • Yang: Well I have an Idea but you're not going to like it. *Yang Smirked and then giggle at Blake's grump cat face.*
  • ~later~
  • Adam: *Adam with a half broken mask and torn clothes walked down the street alone, his man finishing loading the stolen weapons they have taken, as he followed a trail of blood drops of Yang and his ex partner.* Come out. Come out. Where ever you are. *Adam called out.* There is no use hiding your pet, my love. You know how this will end.
  • Yang: With my foot knocking your teeth out? *Adam heard whipping his head around to spot Yang standing on the side walk smiling as she punches her gauntlets together* Causes That's kinda the plan.
  • Adam: Hmph. Blake's pet. In a hurry to lose your other arm I see. *Adam smirked while turning towards the young huntress.*
  • Yang: It's Yang but you can call Sir, Goat boy. *Adam's smirk disappear, moving his hand to rest upon the handle of his blade.* And trust me, that won't happen this time Because I got three things you don't.
  • Adam: Oh Really? And what would those be.
  • Yang: Well the first being the Promise I made to Blake and myself Of bringing you down! *Yang Began to say before quickly firing out four round, all of which Adam swiftly avoided.* The second being That I won't lose to you ever again! *She then kicked a near by trash can towards the bull faunus along with shooting two more blast from her gauntlets.*
  • Adam: *Unfortunately, Adam easily batted the trash can away with his sheathed sword and unsheathing it half way to absorb the blasts* And the third being? Huh? *He asked only to Find Yang no longer standing where she was but is now at the entrance of an alleyway.*
  • Yang: The third Blake giving me the two things she's never give you! HER LOVE AND HER V-CARD, GOAT BOY! *Yang shouted proudly flipping Adam the middle finger before seeing his grip his sword tightly and charge at her with all the red on his body glowing.* Uh-oh. *Yang muttered before quickly rushing into the dark alley.*
  • Adam: Nevermind your arms! *Adam growled as after only two second of enter the alleyway after briefly losing site of Yang before spotting seeing her blonde hair few steps away.* I'LL JUST CUT OFF YOUR DUMB BLONDE HEAD! *He shouted as he unleashed his semblance cutting with the blonde and both buildings beside them. However, Just as a evil grin appeared on his lips it disappeared just a quickly as the two halves of the blonde.* What!?
  • Blake: Ahem. *Adam snapped his head up to the sound of Blake's voice to find the cat faunus standing on the ladder of a fire escape as she pulled off a blonde wig.* You missed. *Blake stated simply dropping the wig infornt of her ex partner.*
  • Adam: *It was at this moment as Adam watched the wig fall an burst of flaming aura appeared in front of him revealing a crouching red eyed Yang with a drawn back burning gold right fist.* SHI-
  • Yang: Pay back's a bitch. *Yang spoke just before dashing forwards throwing with all her might a flaming right punch straight into Adam's right shoulder.* This is for making my girlfriend cry. *At the moment of impact, a blast of aura flames erupted launching Adam's sword to the top of a building across the street as well his his arm crashing through a third story window and the rest of him landing on the other side of the sidewalk, scorched from Yang's semblance. Meanwhile, Yang panted heavily, the power she unleash all in one attack taking a toll on her wounded body while her mechanical began to cool down before loudly expressing.* Daaaaaaaaamn that felt good!
  • Blake: It was oddly satisfying to see. *Blake admitted as she hopped down next to her girlfriend, catching her as she was about to fall.* I'm glad the plan worked but are you alright? *She asked worriedly*
  • Yang: *Yang panted a little more before taking a deep breath.* Oh yeah... Totally fine... Just... Never actually used my semblance... all in one shoot...
  • Blake: Good. *It was then Blake proceeded to pitch Yang's cheek.*
  • Yang: OW! What was that for!?
  • Blake: THAT was for using the fact I gave you my virginity to bait Adam for this plan to work. *Blake said with her ears straight back with frustration before they returns to normal as she spoke softly.* And this is to thank you. *Blake then turned Yang's face towards her and gently yet passionately kissed her girlfriend's lips.*
  • Yang: *Once they broke apart Yang couldn't help but grin happily.* It was my pleasure.
  • *The rest of team Rwby and jnr along with police arrived shortly after, stopping the white fang and arrested Adam. Afterward, Yang and Blake returned to the Inn they were staying in and slepted the entire night cuddling in eachothers arms.*

Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, A Voyage Into The Levant: Performed by the Command of the Late French King, illustrated by Claude Aubriet, c. 1718.