sir frank williams

one of the great mysteries in life is how nico managed to grow up into the softness he is bc neither keke or sina are very good at being anything but “my fist would look great between your eyes”

like i don’t need to say anything about keke BUT I WILL, this is the man who held his Big Official Gala speech after receiving his championship in finnish just bc balestre was talking shit about him in french, the man who refused to let the post office make a stamp with his face on it bc he wouldn’t get any profit, the man who Sir Frank Williams himself diplomatically described “not as charming as i hoped he would be”

as you can see, keke being not as charming as frank wants him to be


sina is the real badass of the family here, like first of all she married KEKE so you know she doesn’t tolerate any bullshit, secondly: when the rosbergs were invited to the finnish independence day ball she was all “fuck you” over the dressing code which is very strict and very formal and went in a pant suit - even after 30 years it’s considered one of the worst offenses in the history of the ball.

actual rebel sina.

third, when she was pregnant with nico she didn’t want keke with her in the labour bc “i don’t have anyone accompanying me when i go to the dentist, why should this be any different?” and the plan was that she’d push the baby out while keke’s out waiting and drinking coffee (in the end keke was in england doing tests and missed the whole thing, which i’m sure didn’t bother sina at all)

so you have keke who will fight you over the smallest things, and sina “fuck the police” as your parents, and you turn out like nico

who told him to not sass everyone. please. i bet he’d be so good at it with parents like these.