sir elmont

I Recently Watched Jack the Giant Slayer

Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned with whether Jack lived until the end. I mean, yes, I wanted him to live, but he’s the main protagonist, the hero of the tale. Literally anything can happen on the hero’s side of the story. What I was really freaking out about throughout the duration of the film was whether Elmont would survive. I kept yelling at my television, “No! He better live! He’s the best character, let him live!” Of course, this annoyed my family as they could all hear me going mad from wherever they were. Elmont is probably my favorite “side protagonist/hero” yet because even though he didn’t do anything for glory or honor- though with being a knight, honor must be extremely important- he did it to make sure Isabelle and the kingdom were safe from harm. He’s a true, selfless hero.