sir donald


Logan hit me right in the feels!!!! 👊💯 (also this awesome track was featured in the film:  ‘Devil’s Whisper’ by Raury).

The greatest British Olympian of all time, Sir Mo Farah, is banned from the US for 90 days because he has part Somali citizenship

“On 1 January this year, Her Majesty the Queen made me a knight of the Realm. On 27 January, President Donald Trump seems to have made me an alien.”
- Sir Mo Farah


Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Boyd Holbrook - Scentimental Journey

…super sloppy sleepy scratch seshin’ while bouncing around the cramped caltrain to & from campus today - channeling my exasperation with the last two weeks into Donalds… :/

So I read in Billboard that “My Shot” from the Hamilton soundtrack would be Bernie Sanders’ presidential theme song and now I can’t stop thinking about Hamilton with Bernie Sanders as the protagonist.


“Pardon me, are you Donald Trump, sir?”

“As long as I’m alive America swear to G-d you’ll never feel so helpless”

(and of course capitalism would sing You’ll Be Back)

“Talk less, smile more, don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for” (all the other presidential candidates to him)

Hillary singing Satisfied — “I introduce him to America, now that’s his bride”

“Bend over Cruz, I’ll show you where my shoe fits.”

Just…there is so much. (Feel free to add as you see fit)

Today I saw Mockingjay part 2, and something that didn’t strike me until later is the brilliance of Snow’s speech to Katniss. How he talks about how he’s not wasteful. Snow is president of Panem, a resident of the Capitol, in the center of the height of wastefulness. Everything in the Capitol is over the top, and thrown away. Everything means nothing, is never as good as the new thing. But Snow, the leader of it all, values not being wasteful. It’s because to him, the people being overly wasteful is not wasteful, it is a necessity. To keep his power, to keep their compliance, the people of the Capitol must be totally wasteful. As a distraction, to keep them placated. If they’re always worried about having the new thing, they’re not looking at what’s really going on in their country, and they’re not worried about what it took to make this new thing for them. The people of the Capitol don’t think about how much the districts are suffering so they don’t have to, so they can have too much. So they can consume, consume, consume. 

But it also serves another purpose. By always working to please the insatiable appetite of the Capitol, the districts are too busy toiling away at their jobs in order to barely survive to rise up against the Capitol. This system couldn’t work if the Capitol was ever satisfied. The moment the people of the Capitol stopped consuming, the districts would have time and energy to organize. 

President Snow is not wasteful because he sees how being wasteful distracts people, and uses wastefulness as a tool to control the masses.