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Character Profile

Name ; Mason “Dipper” Gleeful

Unofficial Names ; “Dip-Dop, Sir Dipping Sauce, Dip-Shit, Bro-bro, Dip-Dip, Dip-Stick, Brother Mine, Brother” by Mabel, “Asshole” by Gideon, “Mr.Meany McMeanipuss” by Pacifica, “Pine Needle” by Will and Tad, “My Master” by Will, “Master Dipper” by Tad, “Dreamboat of the Century” By Candy&Grenda, “Mr.Cool-and Mysterious” by Wendy

Likes ; Classical Music, the top 40 Pop Music list, Abba, Magic (lol duh), Literature, Comfortable Silence (to him), Mabel Gleeful (*Cough* SisCon), Will, Gore, his black List. …. (and Romance but shush don’t tell anyone)

Dislikes ; Being Talked down to, Being called Short (despite his Age), Being called Adorable, MERMANDO, People messing with Mabel, People playing with Mabel’s heart, People in general.

Age ; 19 going 20

Birthday ; August 31st.

Species ; Human

Hobbies ; Reading, Doing Magic, Messing with the Pines Family tree, ‘Adventuring’ in the Woods with Mabel, Cooking and Baking, Dancing Alone while Will plays an instrument (”I don’t ‘DO’ Couple Dancing Will”).

(My stoic baby, Protect him plz.)

Camp Dippingsauce’s TDI Sim Part 2 (Week 2-5)

Another episode of the TDI Sim is back!  Team Sir Sauce won the first invincibility challenge and forced Team Dipping Hot to take out a member of their own team, will they be able to win the next invincibility challenge and even out the numbers?  Or will Team Sir Sauce dominate and eviscerate Team Dipping Hot?  Find out now.

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Headcanon that when Maddie is a little kid, her favorite bedtime story is "Sir Dipping Sauce and Lady Maple Syrup versus the Evil Nacho Chip." One night Toby overhears Dipper telling her the story and just gives him a look of mixed shock and admiration, like, "You just explained the entirety of the Transcendence. To a 4-year-old. Using food metaphors."

Lady Maple Syrup and Sir Dipping Sauce worked hard and Evil Nacho Chip was finally crumbling. But at the last second, he tried to use Sir Dipping Sauce to hold him together! Then began an epic battle where the Nacho flavor tried to overpower the Sauce flavor, and the Sauce flavor tried to overpower the Nacho! However, Dipping Sauce used his delicious salty secret ingredient to defeat Evil Nacho Chip. The day was saved and Evil Nacho Chip crumbled!

But all was not well for Sir Dipping Sauce– you see, the Evil Nacho’s crumbs got in Sir Dipping’s sauce, and he gained not only the Nacho’s powerful crunchiness, but also his dangerously spicy flavor!

Sir Dipping Sauce was worried Lady Maple Syrup wouldn’t like him any more now that he got Nacho taste on him, but she just laughed and said that she didn’t care what flavor Dipping Sauce was…she’d always love him!

“i guess we’re both freaks” // a dipper x wendy fanmix

i know that for now there isn’t a chance that dipper will finally be free to awkwardly love his axe wielding lady friend, but i have hope for the future, and so do they

stay strong sir dipping sauce

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The Transcendence AU has eaten my brain, so here, have a ficlet.

Mabel’s sitting in the middle of several heaps of clothing tossed into and over an open suitcase, trying to decide whether to pack her day-glo green sweater with the fluffy white cat and the slogan “Are You Kitten Me?” or the pink-and-purple striped sweater with the pattern of bright yellow shooting stars, when her brother falls unceremoniously out of thin air face-down into a pile of clothes right in front of her. Mabel watches for a moment to see if he’ll move, and when he doesn’t, she reaches out to give his shoulder a shake.

The instant her hand makes contact with his shoulder, Dipper groans and rolls over, bobbing up out of the pile of clothes to hover in midair. Mabel frowns at the way random patches of inky black, patterned with sizzling gold lines, appear and dissolve over her twin’s small form. That’s weird, too - he hardly ever appears as a twelve-year-old these days, preferring to look the same age as she is. “Are you all right?”

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Send me “Shatter” and I’ll write a scene where your character breaks my character’s heart.

It wasn’t intentional. 

Dipper had done it before, not thinking of her before what he wanted, but she’d learnt better than to overreact. They weren’t twelve anymore. They were seventeen. And sitting on his bedroom floor, and had come to the certain conclusion that they weren’t applying for the same colleges. 

It wasn’t a big dramatic heart shattering moment. Just an ‘oh.’ A deflation. Her brother had been there, for everything, and now there was a distinct possibility they wouldn’t be living together.

“Hey– heh– maybe we’ll both get rejected–”

kookygirlwholikescookiesandcoke  asked:

Seeing how people love the sweater maintenance headcanon and are contributing and actually visualized a character makes me so happy! I imagine the girl (someone suggested the name Malala?) eventually feeling close enough to Dipper that she makes him a sweater and he adores it and adds it to his prize sweater collection. I also imagine her teaching her children how to sew and this leads to her descendents keeping up the sweater maintenance tradition in exchange for good dreams from Dipper. :)

I can see that being added to the good cult following her has (the cult of sir dipping sauce huehuehue) as a tradition ;w;

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Ok. Off of the cult member that sees the "almighty Alcor" with the family. He hears Mable call him "Sir Dippen sauce" and thinks "OH GOD THAT MUST BE HIS TRUE NAME" because why else would Alcor take all this? So later he and some of the other Cult members summon Alcor and try to make a stronger more fair contract trying to use his "true name" and he's just like "The fuck? Where in the hell did you hear that from?"


“sir dipping sauce”

and the long, horrific and confused stare Dipper gives this guy before finally saying something

Transcendance AU

Au in which everything discussed in this blog is just a really elaborate ballet-esque show everyone in the town of Gravity Falls made up to lampshade Weirdmagetton to outsiders and also to make themselves feel better about the apocalypse basically happening only to everyone in the Falls. Dipper felt responsible for what happened to Mabel and Mabel, who is coming up with most of the story, acknowledges that by making him be the one to take the blow from Bill, but including the link part (the mechanics of which are provided by Ford as theories of how the mythical telepathic bond between twins could work) to remind him that she, and all family, will always be there. It is all performed for the twins at the end of summer, but ends with the world and Dipper getting used to the changes brought on by The Event.

Mabel adds to the story in the form of a slight novelization as she and Dipper grow up. The part about Mark and Anna not being able to accept Dipper is part of the twins safely exercising the angst of “My parents don’t get me” and them moving back to Gravity Falls is part of them living out their desire to return to that perfect summer. The Cult of Sir Dipping Sauce is added by Mabel after Dipper starts tutoring an irl Cassie and the tradition they started of going out for ice cream after each study session.

Twin Souls was a group effort between Mabel, Candy, Grenda, Pacifica, and some new friends they make along the way. It started with a group chat about all the hate Gravity Falls’s version of Twilight is getting and how Demon Dipper would make a hilarious Edward.

Mabel and Henry still get together, but it’s Dipper who introduces them. Dipper and Henry met in college and became close. Mabel teased him by adding Henry to the story, but as a Corduroy. When Mabel was introduced to Henry, at a Pines family party. Mabel was still doing keg stands, but it was in the garage where the “kids” had their own party. When they started dating, Dipper got jealous and Reincarnation Blues happened as an odd morph of that. 

Instead of triplets, Mabel has twins, Acacia and Hank. Shortly later, Dipper gains Willow as a daughter. He gets nervous about what he’ll be like as a father and Mabel comes up with Toby and Maddie as an example of how he could totally handle being a dad, even if he had to raise a second Mabel or someone he has every reason to hate, but doesn’t. Willow is so close with the twins that she sees the three as one set of siblings. She teaches Willow a few tricks with fake (and maybe real) fire that Grunkle Stan taught her and thus the fire was added to her character.

Every time they fight, Mabel works through it with the reincarnations, reminding herself that no matter how different she or Dipper could be, they always are there for each other.

All branches of the AU not necessarily involving Dipper are other people involved in Weirdmagetton copping and doing the same thing as Mabel. Sometimes, Mabel feels guiltier about the fight that started it all and puts herself in Demon Dipper’s place, thus Equivelence AU. Sometimes, Stan blames himself for how he treated Stanford and let them fall apart and he puts himself in Dipper’s place. Sometimes, Dipper lets himself feel alone or thinks that he doesn’t deserve Mabel, thus Drift. 

Dipnip roots from how silly Dipper acts when he’s drunk and how Mabel firmly believes he was a cat in a past life.

When Henry hears about Weirdmagetton, he wishes he was a part of it so that he can understand the scars his friends have. He came up with the Woodsman himself to think of how he could be a part of it.

At some point, Mabel started writing all of it out as a fanfiction. It got popular. She made an RP blog to let fans ask her characters questions. Often, she let Dipper, Henry, or whoever inspired a character answer. It’s lots of fun. Then, possibly due to the Hunger Games, Dipper and Mabel decide to do an OCT. 

Many, many birthdays later, all of Mabel’s friends conspire together to make a very special gift. They all put together things from Mabel’s fanfiction, ideas of Mabel’s snuck to them by Dipper, and throw in their own ideas. They are invited to come to Gravity Falls to celebrate. Waiting for them is several performances, songs, slideshows, and other depictions of the Transcendanence. To top it all off is a ballet portraying the birth and death of Alcor the Dreambender, performed by professional dancers hired by Pacifica. In it are several reincarnations of Mabel, each bringing some happiness and heartache to Alcor. It was for Mabel but about Dipper and somehow both got some enjoyment from it. After it ended, Mabel was given the honors of giving it an official title. Guess what she named it.

Hilariously Meta AU?

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tiny cute lil kid Dipper falling asleep when playing with the triplets and Mabel habitually anchoring him and triplets walking around with a tiny cute lil kid Dipper floating like a balloon curled up like a cute lil kitten HENRY TAKING PICTURES BECAUSE BLACKMAILING YOUR ALLPOWERFUL BROTHER-IN-LAW IF FUN AND YOU KNOW IT WOULD BE ADDED TO THE CULT OF SIR DIPPING SAUCE

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I feel like we need to see some more successful cults. Not a silly sir dipping sauce cult, or a murderous greedy cult, but one that's somewhere in the middle. A cult that occasionally summons him to give offerings without asking anything in return, and makes deals for small, but important and things for its members. One that actually is a cult in that it really worships him as a god and is working on a sort of bible and treats the pines as a royal family with respect.

True-they can’t ALL be idiots (even if it feels to dipper like they are sometimes)