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Operation OZ

Chapter Two 

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Nurse wouldn’t stop staring at him.

Every time Dex would look up from his laptop, there he’d be, looking at him like he was some kind of apparition. It was unnerving and a little annoying, and then a little– something else, that Dex didn’t want to label. He was good at compartmentalizing emotions, and this whatever he was feeling for Nurse was no different. “Could you, like, not.” he huffed, pinning the agent with a glare. “You’re throwing me off; I’m actually trying to do some work here.”

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Eksena sa Theater 12 Class kanina:

Nagperform kami ng make-love scene, individually, without the use of words. Sounds lang ang pwede at emotions. Nagperform ako, with matching ‘positions’ pa at sounds. After ng lahat, nag-comments na si Sir at nagturo. Sabi niya saken,

“Jonelle, magagawa mo lang ang position na yun kung ganito (with matching hand gesture) kahaba 'yung t*ti mo! Okay?”

Wala, di na ko makahinga sa kakatawa. Sorry naman Sir! HAHAHAHA. Pero kidding aside, andami kong natutunan kanina. At narealize ko na andami dami ko pa palang mali sa pag-arte, at talagang hindi 'to ganun kadali gaya ng iniisip ko dati. Lalo na sa Teatro. :D

It's Saturday and we have classes.

We were chatting and talking lazily after the Flag & Religious Ceremony when all of a sudden, the bell rang which signaled the start of our test.. then, our adviser came in! Voila! Everyone was muttering to themselves. Teachers wear civilian because they don’t have uniform for Saturday. I heard some of my girl classmates whispered, “He’s so handsome.” and “Look at sir!”. I was very shocked when a guy said, “Sir Dex is so attractive.” We couldn’t help ourselves.. it’s just that our teacher has an oozing appeal that never fails to make us look at him. Black definitely looks good on him.

But before our third subject which was Chemistry.. he asked for me, he wanted to talk to me. I approached him outside our classroom, I admit, I was pretty nervous. It was my first time to talk to Sir alone. He asked me, “Why were you laughing when you were taking your Practical Arts exam?” I don’t know what to answer.. but I think, he thought wrong and bad of me when I retorted. Honestly, it was because I was laughing at my friend when I caught a glimpse of her, she was very serious that time and she was having a difficulty taking the test which I can tell just by looking at her. During our recess, she was playing and using our classmate’s iPod touch, she was swaying and looked serious, too. The owner of the iPod giggled at her expression and I was smiling, too. That moment flashed back to my memory.. and I just laughed since her facial expression was a bit funny for me. But I wasn’t able to tell that to our adviser. How I wished I could explain my thoughts. Sometimes, I am really weird. I said, “I was looking at her because she didn’t have an answer..” Our adviser thought that I was making fun of my other guy classmate who didn’t know what to do yet he borrowed my calculator. He clarified that he wanted to know the persons he can trust in our class. I was terrified probably because he might not trust me anymore. I don’t know but I promise I will never look around the classroom after taking the test. I wasn’t able to focus on Chemistry.

PS: He told me not to tell anyone but I blogged about it. Anyway, he doesn’t even know that I have a blog so I guess, it’s alright. :)

Let me just try to give you all some perspective on the efforts by the hands of Black folk to live equally, survive, thrive and succeed in “post-slavery” America. Marcus tried trading with and going back to Africa - They deported him. We tried group economics - They dynamited Black Wall Street. We tried civil disobedience/peaceful protest - They killed Martin. We tried organized separation and self defense - They killed Malcolm. We tried militarization and education - They dismantled the Black Panthers. We tried establishing our own autonomous communities - They bombed the MOVE organization. We tried hip-hop - They watered it down and turned it into a weapon against us. So now we said fuck it. You win. Imma just go to school and go to work and they harass and kill us when we walk down the street. Then they paint us out to be animals who are rabid and bite for no good reason.
—  sir dex