sir darcy

Orgullo y prejuicio (Declaración)

“Señorita Elizabeth, he luchado en vano y ya no lo soporto más. Estos últimos meses han sido un tormento. Vine a Rossins con la única idea de verla a usted. He luchado contra el sentido común, las expectativas de mi familia, su inferioridad social, mi posición y circunstancias, pero estoy dispuesto a dejarlas a un lado y pedirle que ponga fin a mi agonía. 
- No comprendo. 
- La amo, ardientemente.”

Sir Darcy

the thrilling sequel

to this

Darcy: I respect Elizabeth’s family

Darcy: …some of them.

Darcy: No, that’s wrong. All of them. ALL. 

Darcy: In theory. >_>

Darcy: And her neighbours, I guess. And humans at large. I am being a good and considerate person!!!

Sir William Lucas *pops up*: HI THERE!

Darcy: …

Darcy: …hello.


Darcy: Um. Yes.

Sir William: you’re carrying off the BRIGHTEST JEWEL in the COUNTY

Darcy: that sounds fake but ok I…guess…?

Sir William: you remember that I live in London too?? I bet we’ll meet at the ROYAL COURT, like, ALL THE TIME.

Darcy: Uh

Sir William: *wanders off*

Darcy: lol as if 


Elizabeth: How’s it going?

Darcy: Uh, well … I didn’t sneer at him until after he left?

Elizabeth: You’re doing a great job, sweetie.

Darcy: save me

Fight in the Night

A PPZ Fanfic

I am surprised by the lack of fanfiction dedicated to this movie. Let’s step it up, y’all. Let’s make fanfiction about this fanfiction!

Takes place the night before the proposal, before Wickham reveals what Darcy did.

           A calm breeze brush past Elizabeth’s face as she opened the front door. The sun had set a fair bit ago, but the residents of the house were still awake.

After returning from Lady Catherine’s grand estate, Collins (Parson, not Mr. , of course) had insisted upon reading to his fiancé and cousin. He selected some of most boring and dry scriptures, the subject of which was the correct behavior of a proper lady.  After the third pointed look in her direction when the subject of gentleness and the need to obey one’s husband came up, she could take no more and announced her need for some fresh air to calm a raging headache.

Exiting the room, Charlotte called out to remind Elizabeth to grab her butterfly swords, just in case, but Collin’s tone overpowered her, shouting that there was not need, for Rosings was the safest residence in England.

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“Do you take me for a fool, midgardian?” Sif asked, her head tipped as she considered her opponent. “That I would so foolishly lay down my weapons while you carry out your threat?" 

"I think, if you want this bitch to live, you’re gonna throw that sword far away from here and let me out of here, unharmed,” he spat, sweat dribbling down his temple as his eyes darted from Sif to the agents outside the lab, and down to Darcy. 

“Hear clearly, as I will only say this once. You are holding my friend, a friend  I care for very strongly, and whom I will defend at all costs. If you do not release her, I will relieve your head from your shoulders and I will not regret it,” Sif warned through gritted teeth.

The man went very still, uncertain, the gun in his hand shaking. “I…” His arm squeezed a little tighter against Darcy’s throat. But from the corner of her eye, she saw the gun moving slowly away from her face. 

“Now, Darcy,” Sir said, in the same moment that she threw a dagger from her hip. It pierce the man’s wrist and the gun slipped from his fingers as he cried out. Darcy reacted; stomping her heel down on his foot, throwing her head back so it slammed into the man’s nose, and thrusting her elbow back into his ribs. 

With a rush of breath, she leapt forward to Sif, who stepped in front of her, sword held aloft threateningly, though it wasn’t much needed as the man was curled up in a heap, clutching his bloody nose. 

Darcy quickly moved toward the containment doors and put in the code to let the waiting agents inside. As they crowded in and gathered up the attacker, Sif finally put her sword away and joined Darcy by her desk. 

“That was some serious badassery, Sif." 

Sif gave a small bow of her head and grinned at her. “For you, Darcy, I would be most badass.” 

With a grin, Darcy held out a fist, and Sif pounded it obligingly. 

  • Mr. Darcy: Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past few months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you. I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family's expectations, the inferiority of your birth, my rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: I don't understand.
  • Mr. Darcy: I love you. Most ardently. Please do me the honour of accepting my hand.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Sir, I appreciate the struggle you have been through, and I am very sorry to have caused you pain. Believe me, it was unconsciously done.
  • Mr. Darcy: Is this your reply?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Yes, sir.
  • Mr. Darcy: Are you... are you laughing at me?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: No.
  • Mr. Darcy: Are you *rejecting* me?
  • Elizabeth: I'm sure that the feelings which, as you've told me have hindered your regard, will help you in overcoming it.
  • Mr. Darcy: Might I ask why, with so little endeavour at civility, I am thus repulsed?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: And I might as well enquire why, with so evident a design of insulting me, you chose to tell me that you liked me against your better judgment.
  • Mr. Darcy: No, believe me, I didn't mean--
  • Elizabeth Bennet: If I was uncivil, then that is some excuse. But I have other reasons, you know I have.
  • Mr. Darcy: What reasons?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Do you think anything might tempt me to accept the man who has ruined, perhaps forever, the happiness of a most beloved sister? Do you deny that you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to the world for caprice and my sister to derision for disappointed hopes, involving them both in misery of the acutest kind?
  • Mr. Darcy: I do not deny it.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: How could you do it?
  • Mr. Darcy: Because I believed your sister to be indifferent to him.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Indifferent?
  • Mr. Darcy: I watched them most carefully and realized his attachment was deeper than hers.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: That's because she's shy!
  • Mr. Darcy: Bingley, too, is modest and was persuaded she didn't feel strongly for him--
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Because you suggested it!
  • Mr. Darcy: I did it for his own good!
  • Elizabeth Bennet: My sister hardly shows her true feelings to me. [pauses] I suppose you suspect that his fortune had some bearing?
  • Mr. Darcy: No! I wouldn't do your sister the dishonor, though it was suggested...
  • Elizabeth Bennet: What was?
  • Mr. Darcy: It was made perfectly clear that an advantageous marriage...
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Did my sister give that impression?
  • Mr. Darcy: No! No. No, there was, however, I have to admit, the matter of your family...
  • Elizabeth Bennet: Our want of connection? Mr. Bingley didn't seem to vex himself about that--
  • Mr. Darcy: No, it was more than that.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: How, sir?
  • Mr. Darcy: It was the lack of propriety shown by your mother, your three younger sisters, even on occasion your father. [pauses] Forgive me. You and your sister I must exclude from this.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: And what about Mr. Wickham?
  • Mr. Darcy: Mr.. Wickham?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: What excuse can you give for your behavior towards him?
  • Mr. Darcy: You take an eager interest in that gentleman's concerns.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: He told me of his misfortunes.
  • Mr. Darcy: Oh, yes, his misfortunes have been very great indeed.
  • Elizabeth Bennet: You ruin his chances and yet you treat him with sarcasm.
  • Mr Darcy: So this is your opinion of me. Thank you for explaining so fully. Perhaps these offences might have been overlooked had not your pride been hurt by my honesty...
  • Elizabeth Bennet: My pride?
  • Mr. Darcy: admitting scruples about our relationship. Could you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your circumstances?
  • Elizabeth Bennet: And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.
  • (Pause.) [He leans in towards her, as if about to kiss her]
  • Mr Darcy: Forgive me, madam, for taking up so much of your time.
another favourite Darcy scene

(there are many)

Darcy, reluctantly attending a party (as one does), is sulking in a corner (as one does)

Darcy: so the 198053908th reason I hate dancing is that there’s so much noise and moving around and shit that you can’t talk to anyone

Darcy: not that I WANT to talk anyone

Darcy: but if I did

Sir William Lucas *pops up*: HI THERE!

Darcy: …

Sir William: isn’t dancing the GREATEST THING EVER?

Darcy: …you’re getting dumbass cooties on me

Sir William: it’s what shows we’re really CIVILIZED amirite

Darcy: literally every fucking society on the face of the planet has dancing

Sir William: um anyway, DO YOU DANCE???

Darcy: You’ve seen me dance before, because I succumbed to peer pressure that one time.

Sir William: I did! And you were so graceful, wow. I nearly swooned

Darcy: …

Sir William: anyway. tell me about your house

Darcy: I have one

Do you know what went down at 2am? DO YOU? This. I think this goes out to those who write Tasertricks AU in historical period drama (I have a new fave XD).

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darcy/bucky, everyone knows they're dating before they do (if you're still accepting)

Bucky was anxious. They’d been overseas for two weeks now and he was eager to get home and leave mission-mode for a while.

For the most part, things were wrapped up. On the flight in, he was finishing up his paperwork, pen tapping on the table as he frowned down at the stack in front of him. 

Steve yawned from his seat beside him. “Getting a headstart?” he asked. 

He shook his head minutely. “Finishing it. Darcy promised she’d make tacos if I got all my paperwork in as soon as I got home. Coulson’s been bitching.” 


He hummed, scratching in an answer to one of the questions. “And some TV show she likes. She doesn’t watch it without me, so we’ve got a few episodes to catch up on.” 

“Really?” Steve’s voice was wry, his mouth tipped up in amusement. 

Distracted, Bucky didn’t notice. But when they set down back at HQ, he was happy to drop his paperwork off and catch the elevator up to Darcy’s apartment, leaving the others in the dust. 

“Where’s he going in a hurry?” Clint wondered curiously. 

“Darcy,” Steve answered simply. 

Nodding knowingly, he walked off to catch up with Natasha. 

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For your Darcy prompts, how about Darcy/Steve, ‘Can I hang from the shield while you throw it?’


“Can I hang from the shield while you throw it?”

Steve laughed at the the very drunk Darcy standing in front of him. “I don’t think that’s possible, Darce.”

Darcy mock-gasped, trying to sand up straight but stumbling slightly when she loses her balance. “I could do it! I’m not that heavy, I’m really light! You could totally lift me!”

“I just don’t think it’s be a good idea.” Steve was really struggling not to split his ribs at the sight of her. “It wouldn’t fly with you holding on.”

“How dare you, sir!” Darcy stepped closer to Steve, trying to be intimidating, but instead giggling. “I m a fairy! I shall fly with it!” Darcy shook to highlight her elaborate fairy costume.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, Miss Fairy.”

“You should be!” Darcy pulled up her hand to poke Steve in the chest, right where the star emblazoned his uniform. “Captain!”

He had been on his way back from a mission when he had come across Darcy and her friends. The mission ended up being nothing, but his bike had been totalled, and he had decided to walk home instead of back in Tony’s jet. It was Halloween and no one questioned his attire, no one even looked twice, until Darcy spotted him with an excited ‘Steeeeeeve!’ and a hug.

“How many have you had, Miss Fairy?”

Darcy thought for a minute, keeping her hand on his chest. Steve would be lying if he said that he wanted her to move it. “Um, I had a couple of cocktails at the first place, and there had been shots around the parade, though I didn’t have those, I’m not an idiot, but I did share a very large fishbowl with …” Darcy turned around, still touching Steve, looking for her friends. “Amy and Jess, who have left.”

“Then maybe it’s time to head home?”

Darcy looked like she was going to protest, but then her expression changed. “Yeah, maybe.”

“Come on, I’ll take you back to the tower.”

“Ooh, you gonna take me on your bike?”

Steve looked so excited, he felt bad telling her that it had been recked.

“Oh, well, maybe next time? Wait, how are we gonna get back to the tower?”

“We’re gonna walk, it’s only a couple of blocks.” Walking was really the only option, by the time they even got hold of  cab, they could have walked to the tower and back several times.

“But my heals! My feet kill!”

Steve was about to suggest sitting somewhere and waiting for a cab anyway, if it meant she’d hurt less. But then he got an idea.

“Not a problem.” Steve bent down, sweeping an arm under her legs and the other behind her, picking her up with ease.

Darcy squealed with delight before wrapping her arms around Steve’s neck.

“You okay to be carried?”

“Yeah-huh. See, I told you you could lift me.“

Caught in the Act - Part Two

*** Seven Years Later***

Driving my way home from work, my fingers tap a pop tune on the steering wheel of the car as I turn the corner onto the street of Darcy’s school. In first grade now, I think back over when I told Harry he was going to be a father. I remember how happy he was, the proposal, the following 3 month engagement, and the incredible wedding. I stare at the rock on my ring finger, which serves every day to remind me how much Harry loves me, and our six year old daughter, Darcy. I was never happier than I was that day when I knew I was going to have a child with Harry, and the following seven years have been a constant stream of happiness, broken up by several world tours that are dark shadows in our marriage, but nonetheless, we have overcome it all. The long hours, the months spent apart, and Darcy has not suffered and has always known a happy and loving home with her father and me.

Back when I was dating a 20 year old Harry, I never would have guessed that seven years later, we’d be married, with a child, and living in the beautiful house we are now. I never would have guessed that One Direction would still be a very successful band, though their music has changed drastically from bubble-gum pop to indie-rock. The boys, or should I say men, still get along famously, never having serious fights, and spending as much time together as possible. Darcy absolutely loves her all of her Uncles, though she does have a favourite.

“Uncle Louis is my most favoritest,” she’ll say as she smiles wide with her two front teeth missing. “He gets me the nicest presents and he always lets me have extra ice cream even when mummy says ‘no’!” she’ll squeal with a giggle as Louis tickles her pudgy little seven year old belly. 

            I can’t help smiling to myself thinking over all the happy memories I have of my huge, ridiculous family. I park the car in the lot, and walk up to the school, waving to the secretary as I walk to Darcy’s 1st grade classroom to pick her up.

            “You’re mummy and daddy don’t kiss on the lips!?” Darcy asks her friend Mason with an incredulous look on her face. “My mummy and daddy kiss on the lips ALL the time! Daddy tells me it’s because they love each other very very much!” She finishes with a smug look on her face that says “my parents are better than yours!”

I can’t help but giggle as I pick Darcy up and whisper in her ear, “Don’t go around making your friends feel bad, Darce. That’s not nice.”

“Sorry, mummy,” she mumbles as she wraps her arms around my neck and holds onto me while I carry her. She’s beginning to be too heavy to carry, but I, in my stubbornness, refuse to acknowledge the fact that she’s growing up so fast.

“Hello, Ms. Swanson! How are you today?” I ask brightly, which earns a tired grin from the teacher. Over the years, Harry’s outgoing and charming personality has rubbed off on my once shy and timid one. I must say, I get along with people almost as well as he does these days!

“I’m doing very well, Mrs. Styles! Darcy is an absolute sweetheart, though she’s got quite the attitude, that one!” The woman chuckles.

“Ah yes, that’ll be the doing of her Uncle Louis. He’s taught her to be very, shall I say, diva-ish since he’s been around,” I sigh in mock disappointment. “Well, we’ve got to head out. My husband’s taking us all out to dinner tonight. If Darcy is a bit tired tomorrow, my apologies, he usually puts as much thought to her bedtime as, well, as she does!”

Ms. Swanson laughs lightly and shakes her head as I walk out the door and carry Darcy to the car. I buckle her up in the back seat and head off home. After about ten minutes of the two of us singing along to “Today’s Hits” a familiar chord progression begins to play and I’m taken back to 9 years ago when I was fangirling over the band, One Direction.

“Darcy, who sings this song?” I ask my little girl as the lyrics “You’re insecure, don’t know what for.” blare through the car.

“That’s Uncle Liam!” she squeals as she claps her hands to the beat and sings along with the five men closest to her.

“Who’s singing now?” I ask a few moments later.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!”

I laugh loudly and for the rest of the song, Darcy and I are belting out the lyrics to One Direction’s first, and arguably still most popular, hit.

We pull in the driveway and I help Darcy carry her book bag and lunch pail into the house, where I place them on the entryway table. As soon as the door closes, Harry walks down the stairs from our bedroom, his infamous tight black skinny jeans hugging his still young and fit legs, his multitude of tattoos shining with dampness as he towel dries his hair and reaches down to pull Darcy into a big hug.

“Daddy! Mummy and I sang your song in the car on the way home!” she says proudly.

“Oh? Which one would that be, sweetheart?” He says with a grin, his dimples poking out. He knows that’ll just get her singing again.

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!” she yells as she dances around the living room.

“You had to go and get her all worked up again, didn’t you?” I ask as I give Harry a quick kiss hello.

“Well, that’s my job!” he smirks and gives my ass a quick tap as I walk into the kitchen and start straightening up. “Hey, let me and Darcy do that. You go upstairs and get ready, love. We should leave to the restaurant in about an hour,” he places his hands on my shoulders, rubbing them tenderly, while strategically guiding me away from the sink and towards the stairs.

I turn around before heading to the bedroom and mouth a quick ‘I love you’ before I disappear into the room, his big, knowing grin still running through my mind as if I was still some star-struck teenager eager to remember every detail about my idol.

I strip away my work clothes, eager to get into the warm shower and wash away the stress of the day. Though I really don’t have to work, my husband being a famous musician and all, I still love to go out there and feel like I’m doing something, even though sometimes it can get a bit stressful.

After my long shower, I throw on some underwear and a bra, and begin doing my hair and makeup. Nearly finished getting ready half and hour later, Harry walks into the bedroom, hair dry and wild, and of course, still shirtless.

“Hey, sexy,” he drawls, his hands resting on my hips and his lips immediately going to my neck.

Even after being together for so long, just his touch sends shivers up my spine.

“Hey…” I reply breathlessly. “Better get that hair under control. You look like a madman,” I giggle, trying to ignore the pull in my fingers that says to reach up and run my hands through his dishevelled hair and pull his lips closer to mine.

“Uh huh…” he responds mindlessly, allowing himself to nibble on my earlobe before he sighs and pulls away grinning. “I won’t stop so easily when we get home tonight,” he winks and starts styling his mop of curly hair.

I roll my eyes, smiling as I put some finishing touches onto my look and walk into the bedroom to pull on my modest black dress and small pumps.

“I’m going to go get Darcy ready, baby!” I call into the bathroom as I finish putting on my second earring.

“Already done, my love,” Harry smiles looking at me through the bathroom mirror. “She’s on the couch watching cartoons, all dressed and ready to go. You can make it up to me tonight.”

I flush bright red against my will and mutter a small ‘thank you, babe’ as I walk out of the bedroom trying to not think too hard about what I’ll do tonight to show Harry how much I really appreciate him.

Harry drove Darcy and I to a nice Mexican restaurant which “serves the best tacos in the world” according to Harry. After a night filled with laughs, giggles, and great food, we drive back home. Harry’s hand is holding mine the entire time and Darcy is chattering away in the back seat telling us about her day at school. Harry’s thumb grazes the top of my knuckle before he pulls my hand up to his lips and holds it there, applying a gentle pressure as he pulls into the driveway.

We park and Harry heads to the house to unlock the door as I pull Darcy out of the back seat and hold her hand up the sidewalk.

“After you, my ladies,” Harry says as he sweeps the door open and bows to us as if we were princesses.

“Thank you, good sir!” Darcy says as she giggles and walks into the house. “Mummy! We’re princesses!” She squeals and pulls me up to her room where she starts rummaging through her closet to pull out a princess dress that Harry brought home from tour a few months ago.

“You’re a very pretty princess, Darcy, but even princesses need to go to bed early! You need your beauty sleep, sweetheart!”

“But muuuum!”

“Listen to your mother, Darcy, my princess,” Harry says sweetly, a strict tone in his voice.

Darcy looks at him wide eyed, chin quivering, but does as she’s asked. Somehow, she always listens to Harry. I roll my eyes at how easy it is for him to get her to listen, but smile when I see him tuck her into bed and give her a sweet kiss on the forehead. I follow his lead, telling Darcy how much I love her as I wish her a goodnight. Harry leans over and flicks on her princess night light and we close the door quietly, knowing she’ll fall fast asleep in a matter of minutes.

Harry takes my hand as we walk quietly to our bedroom, two doors down from Darcy’s. When we walk into the room, Harry takes no time in pushing me against the door and attacking my neck with urgent kisses. It’s been about a week since we last had sex and I know we are both dying for it. I wrap my arms around Harry, which is quickly followed by my legs wrapping around his waist. He pushes me harder into the wall, grinding his hips into mine as his hand reaches down and pushes my dress up my thighs. I feel the rough texture of his jeans rubbing against my inner thighs and the sensation practically makes me growl with need.

“Harry…bed. Now,” I gasp, holding onto his lean frame for dear life.

Before I know it, we are both tumbling onto the bed in a fit of giggles, my dress up to my waist now, his button-down shirt slowly inching up his long torso.

“Get this damn dress off of me, baby,” I whine, struggling to get the tight material off of my body.

His calm, steady hands land on my hips, pushing them into the bed as he straddles my legs, his long ones framing my short soft ones. Slowly, he moves his hands up my sides and gathers the material of my dress on his way up. I get chills at the feel of his soft palms grazing my skin, up, up, up, cupping the sides of my dress, up, up, up, pushing my arms above my head. The dress slips over my face, temporarily blinding me, and soon I am free…or so I thought. Harry’s hands are now circling each of my wrists holding them above my head. I push against him, testing his will, but to no avail. He has me pinned to the bed and completely in his control.

Harry leans down, his lips ghost over mine, never making the contact that I know we both need desperately. I squirm beneath him, begging for him to touch my skin, my lips, anything.

“You said you were going to reward me for getting Darcy ready and straightening up, didn’t you, baby?” He teases, his lips grazing my ear, his hot breath fanning over my neck giving me shivers.

“Actually, you were the one to suggest that. I never agreed to anything,” I whisper, making sure my lips just barely make contact with his skin.

“Oh is that right? Well, I suppose you don’t really want me to continue then?” He asks, knowing full well that if he stops, I’ll explode.

I push my hips against his and I can feel his hard cock pushing against my pelvis. I see his eyes light up at the contact and I know he wants this just as badly as I do, but he doesn’t want to show it.

“You can go ahead and continue, baby. I don’t mind,” I say, attempting to keep my voice calm and cheeky.

“I’m sure you don’t,” he smirks as he leans in and kisses my neck and chest. I push my hips up, making contact with his hard cock beneath his jeans. He growls into my neck, biting the sensitive skin and I push against him harder.

“Fuck baby,” he moans against me.

He sits up, freeing my hands to push his shirt up and over his head. His hair fans out in a dark brown halo around his head, a sly grin on his beautiful face. My nails glide down his chest and stomach until I reach his waist band. I unbutton and unzip his jeans and slide them down a bit. They rest above my hips, just below his cock. I run my fingers gently over him, then grip him tightly, teasing him. He throws his head back, his neck barred and his jawline so sharp it makes my mouth water.

He gets up off of me, and rolls over next to me, his lips meeting mine as he slides his jeans and boxers off. He gets make on top of me, grinding his bare cock into my lace panties. He reaches up and unsnaps the front of my bra and his eyes light up as it falls to the side. His hands graze over my hard nipples, and I let out a shaky breath. His fingers hook into my panties and pull them down my thick legs. He smiles as he leaves kisses down my chest, stomach, and finally rests his lips above my clit.

“Do you want it, baby?” His breath fans out over my wet pussy and gives me shivers.

“Yes. Harry, please. Please let me feel your lips. I need it.”

Without further ado, he leans in and kisses my clit gently. He sucks, licks, and kisses me until I am a moaning mess.

“Oh, Harry! Fuck, baby. Yes.”

“You’re such a good girl, Y/N.”

He kisses back up my body until his lips connect with mine and he slowly inches his cock into my pussy. I moan out as he fills me, and I run my fingers through his dark hair.

“Harry. Baby, I love you so much!”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

He continued to fuck into me, slowly at first, but increasing his speed perfectly. Finally, he was pounding into me as fast as he could until I was screaming, biting onto his shoulders to try to muffle my shouts of pleasure.

With a growl, he flips us over so that I am on top of him, and he pumps into me from below. I lean forward, grazing my lips over his jaw, his lips, his neck, and finally my mouth settles on his and I kiss him more passionately and deeply than I have in a very long time. His hips still in surprise and I take the opportunity to push down on him with mine, slowly building my own rhythm as I ride his cock. I moan quietly as he begins to give into the pleasure. His head is thrown back, his lips parted and he breathes hard. His eyes are clenched closed and his hands are gripping my hips, his fingers digging into my skin. He begins to moan loudly, causing me to move faster and soon he is shouting that he is going to come. He reaches up to rub my clit as pleasure washes over both of us and he comes inside me, my pussy clenching around his hard cock, milking him for everything he has.

We both are breathing hard as his emerald eyes stare into mine and a slow smile creeps onto both of our faces.

“That was some of the most amazing sex ever!” Harry giggles, like he had just lost his virginity.

“Tell me about it, babe!” I giggle in return. I crawl off of his sweaty and thoroughly fucked body and cuddle up next to him. He reaches his arm around me so that I can lay my head on his shoulder, and his fingers slowly trace up and down my arm as he kisses my forehead.

“I love you Harry,” I whisper.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he replies as we slowly drift off to sleep.

******The next day******

I’m sitting at my desk at work, unable to focus as my mind keeps returning to the wonderful sex Harry and I had last night. Just as I sent Harry a text that reads: Fuck, I can’t stop thinking about last night. You did good Mr. Styles ;). My phone rings. It’s Darcy’s school. Why would they be calling me at noon? She’s probably just come back from lunch…


“Hello. This is Ms. Swanson. Is this Mrs. Styles?”

“Hello Ms. Swanson. Yes, this is she. Is everything alright with Darcy?”

“Yes, Darcy is fine. She’s just been saying some interesting things to the other students today. Would you and your husband mind coming to my room after school today?”

“Oh, of course! That’s not a problem!” I reply, thoroughly puzzled.

“Thank you! See you soon!”

And with that, the conversation is over. I text Harry: Meet me at Darcy’s school at 2. Her teacher wants to speak with us…

In a minute or two, Harry replies: Sure, I’ll be there. Everything okay???

Me: I think so…The teacher said she’s been saying some strange stuff.

Harry: Alright, see you there baby!

In a couple of hours, I pull into Darcy’s school, and seeing Harry’s Range Rover already parked, I pull in next to him. I make my way to Darcy’s classroom, my mind running with all the different things Darcy could be saying.

I walk up to the door of her classroom, and I see Harry sitting on one of the little tiny chairs made for first graders while Darcy shows him the work she’s been doing in class. He has a huge, proud smile on his face, and Darcy looks so excited to show off to her dad. My heart swells with happiness and I when I push the door open, Harry and Ms. Swanson stand up to greet me.

Harry and I lean on two desks at the front of the classroom, and Ms. Swanson sits behind hers. She looks at us awkwardly, and clears her throat.

“I’m sorry to have to call you two in today, but the things Darcy was saying are simply unsuitable for first grade ears!” She says, looking flustered.

Harry and I glance at each other, totally confused.

“It’s not a problem, Ms. Swanson,” Harry said. “Y/N and I are happy to address any of your concerns. What exactly was Darcy saying today?”

“Well…she started off telling the class about how you went out to eat as a family last night, and how much fun it was to spend time with the two of you. It was quite adorable. Then, she talked about how when you got home, she went to bed, and she heard Y/N shouting, and then she heard her daddy growling and then he said he came. Now, I’m sorry to have to broach this awkward subject with you, but I don’t want the entire class asking questions.”

I glanced over at Harry, and his face was bright red in embarrassment, mirroring mine. A small smile played at his lips, and his head was down, trying to hide his amusement. We both knew it was awful that Darcy heard and that she told her classmates about it, but the entire situation was just too funny!

“I’m very, very sorry Ms. Swanson. My husband and I did not realize we were being so loud!” At that, Harry let out an audible chuckle, and his hand quickly shot up to cover his giggling face. “We will have a talk with Darcy and tell her not to mention anything to the class again,” I say, smiling kindly, the entire time trying not to bust out in laughter. Gosh, Harry and I are such kids still!

“Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Styles. Again I’m sorry about the whole situation,” she says as Harry and I get up to leave. Just as we walk out the door, Darcy’s hands in mine and Harry’s, Harry says a quick ‘I’m not’ and we rush out of the classroom laughing.

Darcy giggles and asks what is so funny, at which Harry and I look at each other, and still laughing, tell her that what she heard last night was mummy and daddy playing a game, but that she should not talk to her friends or classmates about it because Ms. Swanson doesn’t get to play the game with anyone. For a minute she looks puzzled, then she just giggles and says ‘okay daddy’ and we walk out of the school.

Darcy rides in Harry’s car, and when we all arrive home, we have a wonderful night of dinner and board games, until finally we are all tired and fall asleep together on the couch, one little happy family.