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Here is Shard the Metal Sonic. His designs inspire me in two artists, @drawloverlala and @thekkm.
In my AU, Shard is created by Sir Charles to help the Freedom Fighters with the attacks of the bosses of the Egg Army in addition to the Eggman robots.
And it works with a crystal generator that is found in the caverns and Lenzi changes shape to adapt it to Metal systems.
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Character Spotlight: Uncle Chuck

Welcome to the first installment of the character spotlight (still thinking on official name of segment.)  There are so many amazing characters beyond the games that i wish would show up in the series someday in some shape or form.

Why not introduce a character’s relative?  That would breath some new life in Sonic storytelling.  I think a character that would be a great fit in a future Sonic game would be none other than Uncle Chuck of Archie Sonic, SatAm, and Underground.  Now I do not think he’d be my top choice as a playable character but he would be great as a supporting cast.

SEGA may not like the idea of another inventor since Tails already fills that role but I think it can work and say he (and maybe Rotor as his assistant) a mentor to Tails.  I have a couple ideas on how he can be used. 

Whether the storyline is darker like Sonic Adventure 2 or lighthearted like Colors, we can introduce the robotizer and how he intended to use it for good but is sabotaged and used on Sonic’s friends and maybe on Uncle Chuck himself.  Maybe establish history between Chuck and Eggman before the Doctor became the mad scientist that he is today.  In Generations, classic Eggman said he was going for his teaching degree and perhaps Chuck went to the same school as Eggman.  Heck, he can be a Chilli Dog Vendor too!

He’s more serious than Sonic but can be lighthearted.  Not only is he an Uncle to Sonic, though not biological, he is “uncle” to many of his friends.  He is willing to put himself over others and like Sonic stands up for what he believes in.  With the fun dialoge in Colors, Generations, and Lost World, I bet the writers can whip up fun moments like in SatAm and as recent as #254.

He reminds me so much of my own uncle who really cares for me and always a family man.  Heck when a was 7, I called him ‘Unc’ cause of Sonic and he called me 'Neph.'  We all need an “Uncle Chuck” in our lives! 

Pics Courtesy of Archie Sonic wiki and

The Story So Far: Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #1 - #60

I’m going to do something a little different today! In an effort to remind old readers what’s going on and get new readers up to speed, I’ll be giving everyone a refresher on the bizarre story of these comics. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible and as such will be skipping over a ton of irrelevant events

I want to assure you, no matter how bizarre this may sound, everything I’m about to say is canon

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Duality Nicole is based mostly visually on the Archie creation (I intend to change her outfit, but for now we’ll go with the default one) and borrows heavily from the unused concept Ben Hurst came up with  (ILU Ben Hurst <3) for her creation and relation to Sally.  

But i guess none of this is really related to that.  Todays sketch was based off a silly idea that during a hacking attack from Enerjak’s people on Sonic’s technological center Sonic decides it’s an optimal time to hit on his favorite computer buddy while her and Charles are struggling to maintain the core and keep the entire system from falling apart.   Good job Sonic.

Now you’re probably wondering how is he gonna sexify a hologram? Well, in Duality she’s not a hologram/computer, but a living breathing thing with the ability to transfer her consciousness from her physical body to a computer system.  Very useful for such situations as this.

and i suppose useful for OTHER things too. bow chika wow. 

All of that later, I suppose. 

I borked on speed this time, the total amount it took was: 2hr 8m 50s. 


Jules the Hedgehog x Anti Jules the Hedgehog (Sonic Comics)

Jules father of Sonic and Anti Jules father of Scrooge

Unlike the other counterparts, Anti Jules is aligned to goodness, he established the Great Peace era where the lands of Moebius was filled with peace. Unfortunately, he paid little attention to his son which may have made Scrooge evil. Scrooge labeled his dad “a man with empty words”.

Jules the hedgehog served the Acorn Kingdom Army. His scientist brother, Sir Charles Hedgehog, had to roboticize him due to his fatal injury while fighting in the Great War.