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It’s crazy to think that if All Might didn’t bump into Deku, then Togata would’ve become the successor to All Might. Just imagine Deku changed his route to his house or stayed an hour more in school. It’s not like All Might was observing Deku all this time and decided he will become his successor. This wasn’t set up.

 It was chance.


The Public Advertiser, London, May 20, 1758

Lost Yesterday, going from the Naked Boy next Door to the East India Warehouses, and thro’ Fenchurch Buildings, up Leadenhall-street to Birchin Lane, and so to Lombard-street, to Sir Charles Asgill and Co. a Bill for Ten Pounds, drawn by Holden on Mess. Holden’s, wrote on the Back payable at Sir Ch. Asgill’s and Co. last Indorsers Mess. Brassey, Lee and Co.

Whoever will bring the said Bill to the Naked Boy as above, shall receive Ten Shillings Reward. No greater Reward will be offered. 

From what I can tell, the Naked Boy they’re referring to is now known as the Golden Boy. Wikipedia says of him:

The Golden Boy of Pye Corner is a small monument located on the corner of Giltspur Street and Cock Lane in Smithfield, central London. It marks the spot where the 1666 Great Fire of London was stopped. The statue is made of wood and is covered with gold. The building which incorporates it is a Grade II listed building.

It bears the following small inscription below it:

“This Boy is in Memmory Put up for the late FIRE of LONDON Occasion’d by the Sin of Gluttony.”

(That inscription is a bit of a pun - sin of gluttony - playing on the fact that the great fire began in Pudding Lane and ended at Pye Corner.)