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willabeth appreciation week

↳ day seven: the making of the maelstrom wedding

will and elizabeth are married by barbossa while fighting, which i think is probably one of the greatest things that’s ever happened on film.- kevin r. mcnally

BNHA ch 154

Ahhhhhh ok ok after mulling this chapter over and reading it five times I can finally write about it

First off… WHAT THE FUCK HORIKOSHI like okay I love you and this manga but literally what the fuck I can’t get over everything that happened in chapter and I have so many questions but it was SO HYPE its funny because my brother thought it was meh but??? Are we reading the same thing? Because that shit went OFF

(excuse my awful screenshots)

Let’s start out with the fact that its confirmed that Mirio really did lose his quirk permanently. I still can’t get over his loss of it and my heart aches for him, he’s worked so incredibly hard for everything and to see it stripped away in one chapter hurts. I liked seeing Izuku’s reaction to this as well, knowing what it’s like to be quirkless, I wanna see how they both interact if they both make it out of this arc alive (fingers crossed)

YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE! Seriously I love watching Izuku use his quirk for more than just punching and kicking. Seeing him use his surroundings and be able to do cool shit like chuck giant rocks at overhaul’s gross face is so satisfying

This panel broke my heart in half for two reasons. One, Eri feeling so incredibly bad and guilty for everything that has happened even though absolutely none of it is her fault at all and only Chisaki has conditioned her to feel like this. I hope she gets adopted by someone who will give her the loving, stable, happy life that this little girl deserves. And two, the look Mirio has after he sees Sir failing when fighting Chisaki. Like cmon Horikoshi, how much ya gotta shit on our boy??? He’s suffered enough just let him rest

Speaking of suffering, I was wholeheartedly not expecting to see this on this panel or even in this chapter. I never thought for one second Sir might get injured or die, maybe because I was so distracted by Mirio’s death flags, but this blindsided me

The fact that the beginning of this panel is blank most likely means Sir is dying/dead and or Chisaki hit him with one of the quirk erasing bullets he’s picked up, causing him not to be able to see the future anymore. I’m hoping it’s the latter, as I can’t take anymore angst, my heart can’t handle it. Okay though a guilty pleasure trope of mine is when a main character who is super skiddish/passive/not really aggressive AT ALL, sees something happen to someone they care about and totally lose it. Izuku’s angry and confused face gives me life and I can’t wait till he beats the fuck out of overhaul it’s gonna be so sweet

20% ONE FOR ALL OH SHIT I remember not that many chapters ago when Izuku went up to 8% against Bakugou and everyone lost their shit but now we get a whole 20% AND I AM LIVING. And yeah, I know he’s gone 1000% before, but he totally trashed his limbs in the process and did it out of bare necessity. Here, even though he’s in pain, he hasn’t technically broken anything yet and ugh my boy is growing up so fast look at him go kickin ass and takin names

Here we see Izuku saying he will bend the future again, the first time regarding All Might’s fate, now theirs. He’s literally hope personified in a person. He embodies the fact that fate is bullshit and you create your own destiny. Everyone said he’d never be a hero but he took that shit into his own hands and look at him now. THRIVING. God I love this boy so much

Overall, HYPE ASS CHAPTER Y’ALL. I have so many questions though!! Is Sir dead??? WHERE’S AIZAWA???? I swear overhaul if u dare touch one hair on his head I will skin u personally. Horikoshi let the poor man sleep. Actually, let them all rest they deserve it.

After reading MHA ch.161 (with tears in my eyes) I just had a new insight about Nighteye and his quirk. 

What if Nighteye’s quirk didn’t foresee other people’s future like everyone and himself assumed it to be? What if Nighteye’s quirk was only effective on himself?

What if, instead of seeing All Might’s, Izuku’s and Mirio’s futures as he assumed them to become true eventually as was stated multiple times during this arc, was actually his future or more specifically that they would play a big part in his future outcome? 

That in a way, he foresaw those three being present for his final words and moments.

What makes Nighteye’s character, role, and outcome even more meaningful and heart-breaking for me is that Nighteye himself became a victim of his own fate

The theme of this current and now ending arc is that only you, yourself can change your future and more specifically your fate. Because of Nighteye’s quirk, he believed that fate could not be altered, no matter what actions you took or decisions you made, it would end up at the same outcome.

(This was made very apparent and obvious during the flashback where All Might was taken to the hospital after his first fight with AFO.)

Because of his quirk’s accuracy, Nighteye believed that although fate can be delayed somewhat, it could not be changed and everyone else believed that too (i.e. All might, Mirio). But not Izuku, from the very beginning he was the exception to that rule. If Izuku had truly accepted what everyone had told him about it being pointless for a quirkless person like him to become a hero, he would’ve never have gotten to where he is now. It was through his choices and actions that he made in the first chapter that turned the tables for him, it was Izuku himself that changed his own future.

As Nighteye had stated Izuku became the catalyst for others to realize that fate can change for you and others if you want it hard enough. Nighteye was one of those people and unfortunately for him, he realized it too late. He had accepted a fate that he thought was Izuku’s and Mirio’s during the confrontation with Overhaul as his own that was too late to change as his own, he almost set Mirio down the same path as All Might and thus eventually making the same mistakes and paying for them.

But despite his regrets, Nighteye was content and passed peacefully.


(It doesn’t matter whether or not this theory/idea is canon, I made really good angst fodder that made me even more sad TTvTT)


The Public Advertiser, London, May 20, 1758

Lost Yesterday, going from the Naked Boy next Door to the East India Warehouses, and thro’ Fenchurch Buildings, up Leadenhall-street to Birchin Lane, and so to Lombard-street, to Sir Charles Asgill and Co. a Bill for Ten Pounds, drawn by Holden on Mess. Holden’s, wrote on the Back payable at Sir Ch. Asgill’s and Co. last Indorsers Mess. Brassey, Lee and Co.

Whoever will bring the said Bill to the Naked Boy as above, shall receive Ten Shillings Reward. No greater Reward will be offered. 

From what I can tell, the Naked Boy they’re referring to is now known as the Golden Boy. Wikipedia says of him:

The Golden Boy of Pye Corner is a small monument located on the corner of Giltspur Street and Cock Lane in Smithfield, central London. It marks the spot where the 1666 Great Fire of London was stopped. The statue is made of wood and is covered with gold. The building which incorporates it is a Grade II listed building.

It bears the following small inscription below it:

“This Boy is in Memmory Put up for the late FIRE of LONDON Occasion’d by the Sin of Gluttony.”

(That inscription is a bit of a pun - sin of gluttony - playing on the fact that the great fire began in Pudding Lane and ended at Pye Corner.)