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REQUEST: Discipline (Shunichiro’s smut)

rougepetale-blog said:Have you read Irresistible Mistake yet? If you have… would you do a smut of either Shun or Toshi?

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Fandom: Irresistible Mistake
Category: Smut
Character: Shunichiro Tachibana
Notes: My first IM’s fanfic, hopefully this isn’t too bad.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

You receive a message from your boss saying that he wants to see you immediately. While on the way up to his office, you wonder what it could be. Is it about the presentation this morning? You knock on his door and soon hear his grunt and permission for you to enter. “You wanted to see me, sir?”

It’s already been five months, you are rather proud of yourself for getting better and better at pretending. No one ever suspects a thing, you and Shunichiro manage to maintain a professional relationship at work, well most of the time anyway.

“Yes, Miss _______.” He grins with that charming and yet devilish smile before walking towards you and locking his office door. “Your performance this morning was a little disappointing.”


“I know what the problem is, you need to be disciplined.” His hot breath tickles your ear.

“Shun, what are you going on about?”

“It’s sir.” He corrects you sharply.

You look at him blankly until the next two words escape his lips. “Turn around.” He instructs in his commander voice.

You feel your arousal start to flow through you from the tone of his voice and the anticipation of what’s to come. You turn around obediently and feel him standing behind you, his breath on your neck causing a shiver down your spine. He brushes your hair from your neck to one of your shoulders and places a gentle kiss along your neck. You let out a soft moan, the feeling of his warm lips and moist tongue testing your limits. His hands slowly slide down from your shoulder to your sides until they reach your wrists. He grabs both of them, pulls them behind your back and ties them together.


“Shhhhhh!” He whispers, “Discipline.”

A sharp spank to your round bum before he leads you over to his desk and bends you over. Your face press against your proposal from earlier, Shunichiro pulls up the bottom of your skirt and exposes your heated area to the cool air of his office.

“Wet already?” He chuckles darkly, “Such a naughty girl.”

You lift your head slightly to speak but you’re cut off by another sudden impact of his hand on your ass cheeks. The second smack causes more arousal and you have to fight back a moan and the urge to wiggle.

Bending down there in silence, trying to decide if you should say something else to keep getting spanked or await his further instructions. But you’re too turned on right now and the better you behave, the quicker you get to be fucked.

Whack! You gasp as your boss’s palm connects with another cheek as he begins to count along, it stings a bit but quickly becomes pleasurable. You moan and wiggle at the sensation while imagining what else those long fingers of his could be doing but he knows you too well and doesn’t satisfy you until you beg for it.

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Mute Galra Keith - Part 2

Anon: oh! I was reading your mute g!keith headcannons and I was like “why’s if he went home and his dad freaked out and didn’t recognise him and he can’t explain? (headcannons or something :o)

A/N: OW OW OW THIS HURT HAVE SOME SAD HEADCANONS. THESE are the Mute Galra Keith headcanons Anon was talking about if you wanna catch up.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • All the Mute Galra Keith events go down. Keith learns Altean Sign Language, everyone accepts him for being Galra, they take down the Galra Empire, everything’s all hunky-dory and the decide “Hey, let’s go back to earth!”
  • It’s a really great time! One by one, they reunite with their families and have the others come along to introduce them and help explain everything that went down.
  • We go down the line - Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Shiro, and we get to Keith’s family. Everyone’s been secretly dreading this because clearly Keith has changed the most and that could be a problem for his family. But they go and support him anyway.
  • They get to Keith’s old house, and Keith wants to go in alone at first because this is really important to him.
    • Everyone else thinks this is a horrible idea, seeing as humans didn’t even know aliens existed, much less tall purple sentient ones.
      • And in this Mute Galra Keith universe, maybe Keith’s mom wasn’t Galra, so for someone like Keith’s dad, who lives out in the sticks, he really doesn’t know aliens exist.
    • And there’s the fact that Keith can’t speak anymore and knows an alien sign language. But Keith is stubborn. He goes in on his own.

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Memory Lane

Summary:  You are writing your wedding vows, when your mind take you to a few memorable moments of your relationship with Steve.

Words: 2815 (Officially the biggest thing I ever wrote .Every fic that I wrote about Steve is bigger than the last one.)

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Flashbacks in italic. Fluffy and Smut (oral sex and unprotected sex be safe kids.) You might want marry Steve and know about the 5 date after this.

Originally posted by peoplealwaysleave-99

Have you ever wonder what was the exact moment you fell in love for someone?

You look at your fiancé Steve sleeping so peacefully by your side. His eyelashes are resting in his face and he has a small smile on his lips. Your hands start to caress his hair and he pulls you closer nuzzling you in to his chest.

You remember when you met him. It had being so awkward but at the same time you felt a connection that you never felt before.

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When I grow up I’m going to get a dog named Sir and only ever talk to it like a disgruntled customer service employee.

“Excuse me Sir, is there something I can help you with?”
“Please stop barking at me Sir.”
“Sir I don’t understand what you would like me to do.”


You’re all masochists. 

“You’re gonna make it. Just stay awake.”

It’d been years. It had been almost ten years since that awful night, but it was still fresh in Will’s mind. Every day he entered the hospital, and every day another patient died at his hands, it all reminded him. And it was always worse on the anniversary.

It was supposed to be their second anniversary. After being friends with Nico through high school, he’d built up the courage to ask him out halfway through the first semester of college. And he’d miraculously agreed. Those first few months were filled with sweet, awkward bliss and laughter. After that, their relationship became a little rocky. They had to be a part for long periods of time as they studied for finals and it left them each irritable which led to pointless arguments between the two. But they had made it to a year. Because despite each argument, there was always a make-up day. Then, finally the day came when they’d been so comfortable with each other and had been so certain of their relationship, they’d taken the next step. Sometimes, the ghosts of Nico’s lips and fingers that night returned to his memory so clearly he couldn’t breathe.

It was supposed to be their second anniversary. It was supposed to be. Nico was supposed to rent some movies from the corner store a block away from Will’s apartment and they were supposed to eat all the junk food they’d bought earlier that week and they were supposed to spend the cold night cuddled together under a fortress of blankets, talking lazily. Will was supposed to give him a promise ring, he was supposed to vow to one day present him with an engagement ring, promise to one day marry him, to love him forever.

It hadn’t gone that way at all.

As he sat in the hospital cafeteria in his doctor’s coat, with a cup of stale coffee in his hands and the fluorescent lights washing every color out of the room, Will closed his eyes and went back to that horrible day.

Nico was late. He was supposed to be at the apartment a half hour ago, and Will still hadn’t heard from him. The pizza was cold, the beers were warm, and frankly, Will’s eyelids were feeling heavy. Finally, a knock came at his door.

When he answered it, he saw Nico leaning against the doorframe, looking tired and oddly enough, sweaty. He gave him a tight smile, but Will was too annoyed to ask what was wrong. He turned away and threw his hands up. “You could’ve called, you know? You have a phone for a reason, I mean-”

“Hey, love?” Nico croaked. “I don’t mean to be a downer, but…. I think I need help.” Will turned in confusion and saw Nico shove his jacket open. His eyes drooped and his hand came away bloody. He realized, stupidly, that behind Nico, the floor was dotted with a trail of dark red blood.

“Nico?” he asked in a panicked voice immediately going to his side and checking his wound. “Oh my God, what happened?” he asked, his voice rising, his hands shaking. “Get in here, why haven’t you called the ambulance, Nico, oh my God.” He took him into his arms and laid him on the couch, racking his brain for what he was supposed to do to stop so much bleeding. “Nico, what happened?”

“Mugger,” Nico mumbled. “Knife…. He took my phone.” Will stared at his own hands, now coated in Nico’s warm blood and his stomach churned.

The shock had overwhelmed him so badly, he hadn’t thought to call the ambulance himself until he saw his shaking hands. With clumsy fingers, he dialed 9-1-1 and didn’t let the dispatch operator finish asking before he was stumbling over his words into the phone. “My boyfriend- mugged- he stabbed- someone, someone stabbed him, and he- the blood, he won’t stop bleeding.”

“Sir, please calm down, can you give me an address, please?” the operator said in a voice so steady, Will wanted to shake them. He managed to stammer out his address and hung up.

He looked back at Nico who was starting to close his eyes as his chest moved up and down quickly. “Hey, hey, hey,” Will said, falling to his knees beside him. “No don’t you do that, don’t you close your eyes, Nico, look at me.” Nico’s eyes fluttered, and he gasped for air. His hand fumbled for Will’s. “Open your eyes, Nico,” Will pleaded.

“Trying,” he whispered. “He got my head.” Will furrowed his eyebrows and gently put a hand behind Nico’s head. Near the top, the hair was matted to the unnaturally flat skull, and when Will pulled his hand away, it was even bloodier than before.

“Oh, Nico,” he moaned, holding his hand tight. “You’re gonna make it,” he promised. “Please, just stay awake. The ambulance is on its way.”

Nico groaned and panted as he grit his teeth against the pain. Will felt his heart pound against his chest as he watched Nico fighting to stay awake. “Sing,” he croaked. Will furrowed his eyebrows, but nodded. With a wavering voice, he sang one of Nico’s favorite slow songs. Before he finished the second verse, Nico interrupted him with a smile on his face. “Thank you. Thank you for making things better for me. I’m so glad I met you.”

“Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?” Will asked through clenched teeth, his voice breaking. “Don’t do that. Stay awake.”

Nico nodded, but his eyes close anyway. “I’m awake,” he whispered, through unmoving lips. “I’m awake.” Then, in a voice so low, Will could barely hear it, he murmured, “I love you.”

His eyebrows furrowed and suddenly, paramedics were rushing through his door. Nico was still breathing and he was immediately put onto a cot to be taken to the hospital. “Stay awake, Nico!” Will called as they rushed him out of the apartment.

Will started for them, but remembered the ring and backtracked to get it. He would give it to Nico as soon as he was stable enough. And then he would buy an engagement ring, and they’d go to California and get married, and Nico would be fine.

He grabbed his coat and did his best not to look at the blood stained couch as he left. He must have gotten at least tickets prepared to be mailed to his place before he reached the hospital. He rushed into the emergency room and saw the doctor who he had helped during his rounds the year before. As a pre-med student, he was familiar with the hospital and most of the staff, but he’d never been to relieved to see him.

“Dr. Lester,” he breathed. “Doctor, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot how to treat a bleeding wound, I couldn’t th-think, I know I should have done something, but I didn’t-”

“Will,” Dr. Lester interrupted. But Will kept rambling.

“I shouldn’t have forgotten, I know, but he’s okay, right? You helped him? Or maybe Dr. Knowles? Where is he, can I see him?”

The doctor took a deep breath and looked at him sadly. Will had seen the look before. It was the look he gave to the family members whose loved one didn’t make it. His eyes watered and his throat closed as he backed away from the man he’d followed religiously as though he were a viper. “No,” he choked shaking his head slowly. “No, no, no.” He stumbled back against a chair and fell to the floor, but he didn’t even care because the grief of Dr. Lester’s unspoken words had already crushed what was left of his hope.

His shoulders shook as tears fell hot and fast down his cheeks. He gasped for air, unable to see past the white linoleum floor. Dr. Lester kneeled beside him and took him gently by the arm and helped him up. But Will had no strength in his legs and he fell against him. The doctor rubbed his arm soothingly, and shushed him softly.

“We lost him in the ambulance, son,” he explained. “Too much blood lost, and the hit to his head…. Will he should have died instantly.” Will let out a heart wrenching sob that drew the eyes of the others in the waiting area. “Come,” the doctor said, leading him through the double doors. “Do you want to see him?” Will nodded, unable to speak. He was led down the hall and into another before he was taken into his room.

There were no machines. No beeping monitor. No IVs connected to his body. Just the hospital bed and Nico’s body on it, still not covered to his head. It looked like he was sleeping. He looked paler, but Will wanted desperately to believe he was just asleep. As he neared his boyfriend, he noticed the red stain on the pillow from his head injury.

“Nico,” he cried. “Nico, wake up.” There was no response. “You idiot,” Will said, laughing sardonically. “You were supposed to stay awake.” His laugh turned into sobs and he reached out a shaking hand to take Nico’s. It was disturbingly cold and hard. Will’s face crumpled as he sobbed against his hand, kissing it, hoping to infuse life back into him, hoping to get a reaction, something. But Nico remained still. Still and pale and cold. Dead.

Will managed to pull out the box from his coat pocket and pulled out the ring. “This was supposed to be yours,” he whispered. He slid it onto his ring finger. “I’m assuming you would have said yes….” His throat constricted and he let out a mangled cry. “Oh, God, Nico I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, this is my fault. I was supposed to know what to do, I was supposed to help you. I’m so stupid, I’m so sorry.” He leaned forward and kissed his face, apologizing over and over, until his voice was barely a whisper.

The fact that he’d lost the person he loved most clawed at his heart and he threw his arms around Nico, burying his face in the crook of his cold neck before screaming an inhuman, painful, heartbroken scream that lured the doctors and nurses to him.

They knew Will. And they knew about Nico. So when they saw him, nobody had the heart to pull him away from the corpse. “I love you, Nico,” he sobbed into his deaf ear.

A gentle hand on his shoulder pulled him from his memory. “Dr. Solace, maybe you should go home,” a nurse said gently. “It’s fine.”

“No,” he said, wiping away the tears that streaked his face. “I have lives to save today.”

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Romanced companions react to sole insisting on sitting on their lap in public. Sole says it "shows everyone else that they're sole's"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hue hue hue this sounds like something I’d want to happen to my OTP as I lay squealing off to the side. Super cute! Also paying attention to likes/dislikes here. Good idea anon <3

Ada: “I highly suspect that you are uncomfortable right now. It is dubious that anyone else would even consider me anything other than yours in any case.” She was referring to how robots were property by machines. A notion that Sole was trying to wean out of her silly little assaultron head.

Cait: “Oh I don’t think you can handle me darlin’.” She hand shot between their legs in broad daylight causing Sole to yelp and jump off her in surprise. Dusting her hands off proudly she bent down to their level as they blushed furiously and whispered, “you’re mine.”

Codsworth: “Erm mum/sir? I’m feeling rather uncomfortable. Can you please stop mounting me now? This is not what General Atomics designed us for!” Sole had mounted his little sphere body using it as their “chair” whenever one was not present. Codsworth needless to say was displeased.

Curie: “Yours? Wait I thought we were fighting for ze liberation of synth ownership, not ze other way around? Have I been misguided zis whole time?” She was genuinely confused. She didn’t seem to notice the social implications of Sole’s actions and took their speech literally. She always loved it when Sole was close, they didn’t need to do such things.

Danse: “I can’t even begin to tell you how many Brotherhood code of ethics this violates right now knight.” He made sure to accentuate their ranks to further emphasize how Sole’s notion of ‘ownership’ was convoluted. It was not appropriate to act like so in public when in uniform. He was however haunted by the feeling of their soft bum pressing against his hips for many weeks thereafter.

Deacon: “Are you sure? Look at all their faces out there, I don’t think they’re convinced. I think we need to make ourselves more clear.” Sole spun around and put a leg around his torso. Deacon exaggeratedly reached a hand up their back and with the other, extended both of their hands out to the side so they were in this really weird tango position. Yup. Definitely made for each other.

Dogmeat: *yelp!* Sole is a bit to heavy for him so he moves away. Uwa, why you no love Sole, Dogmeat? You’re a perfect pillow!

Hancock: “Damn right you are!” He pulls Sole even more provocatively closer on his lap, nipping at their ear, and makes sure everyone in the whole bar can see that this sexy survivor was all his. Oh they were so getting it later tonight for this little stunt they pulled.

MacCready: “Just because you bought my help doesn’t mean you also bought all of” *drags hands down chest* “this.” He likes to play along when Sole does this (although admittedly the first time he was rather flustered). They just get all ridiculously PDA until it grosses out everyone around them and they laugh their asses off about it later.

Nick Valentine: *chuckle* “Well it looks like someone’s getting a bit big for their britches aren’t they?” He knows it’s better just to let Sole do their thing and roll with it but it was amusing to him to see this young little vaulty twerp acting all high and mighty. He poked them in their tickle spot for emphasis.

Piper: “Oh ho HO, Bluuue! What are you doing? What- are you talking about?” She was trying very hard to pretend like she wasn’t totally hot and bothered by Sole’s assertion. But she totally loved it. Sole could tell by how she scanned their audience to see if anyone was looking at them with a poorly hidden smile on her face.

Preston: “Yours? Oh General-” *in a lower voice* “are you trying to tell me something?” Yes. Yes Preston they were. He was just so giddy and bashful that he couldn’t think of anything suave to say so he just kept giggling under his breath and looking around to see if anyone was watching.

Strong: *amazed* “LEADER MUST SHOW OTHER HUMANS HOW TO LEAD. GOOD EXAMPLE!” Now he doesn’t even wait for Sole anymore, he just picks them up and plops them in his lap without asking.

X6-88: “Seeing as you are residing director, it is not inherently incorrect. However, I do warn you that this does take away from the intimidating image we have created for ourselves ma’am/sir.” He let Sole sit on him. They liked to blatantly flirt with him especially when they were drunk. He made sure to place a firm hand on their hip so they didn’t fall.


Maxson: “As the residing Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel establishment, I find this behavior highly inappropriate.” He had a reproachful tone but didn’t move a muscle to accentuate it. When Sole glanced over to him, the corners of his lips lifted into a half smirk.

Glory: *shoves Sole off* “I’m not your property. I’m no one’s property.” She didn’t like it very much. She is far too independent and steadfast to even think about people owning one another, even if it was in jest.

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Small Citizen goes on their first field trip, and brings ALL the Amis. That was the last time that the group was all allowed on school trips.

The poor teacher.

“Excuse me, sir! Sir, can you please stop debating with the children about whether or not you could take a cow in a fight? We’re at the farm for educational purposes.”

“Bahorel she’s talking to you.”

The boys meeting your daughter's boyfriend for the first time (requested)

Ashton: “Where do you think you’re going missy” your daughter tried to head to the door as quietly as possible, but not quite enough.  “Out” she turned around, her face facing the ground, “where too?” Ashton crossed him arms across his chest, “to dinner” she mumbled, “with whom?” she mumbled a name that Ashton couldn’t hear, “who?” “Nathan” she finally met his eyes. “As in a date?” your daughter slowly nodded her head, “you haven’t left yet? I thought Nathan was picking you up?” you walked into the room, “you knew she was going out” “yes Ash, I did. Relax, she’s 16 she is allowed to have a boyfriend” “boy-boyfriend?” Ashton couldn’t believe what he was told, “yes dad, we’ve been going out for 3 months” “why didn’t you tell me?” your husband sounded broken, his own daughter didn’t tell him about her first, well he was hoping, her first boyfriend. “Because I knew you would act like this, and he means a lot to me, mum you’ve met him, help?” your daughter turned to you with hoping eyes. “He is a nice guy, I didn’t tell my parents about how we were going out for about a year after we started going out, so you have no right to act like this” you told Ashton, “you really care about him?” he turned to face his daughter, “yeah dad, I do, and he really cares about me, I know he does” “then tell him to come inside, I want to meet him” your daughter smiled, nodding her head before going outside, coming back in a minute later with a nerves boy following her inside, “hi Mrs Irwin” he smiled towards you, “hello Nathan” you smiled back. “Hi Mr. Irwin, I’m Nathan” he held out his hand, waiting for Ashton to respond, “Where are you taking my daughter tonight?” Ashton ignored his handshake, “out for dinner, at Parrazie, I’ll have her back by 11” “that place is expensive” “y/d/n only deserves the best” Nathan was still shaking, “have her back by 11, one minute late-” “Ashton” you stopped him from talking, “I promise you she’ll be home, safely by 11” Ashton nodded, “bye dad” your daughter took Nathans hand, and started walking towards the door, “Nathan” Ashton stopped him, “nice meeting you” Nathan smiled, knowing that Ashton didn’t hate him, “nice meeting you too sir, bye” he smiled before walking out the door.

Michael: “What’s gotten you into such a good mood?” Michael asked, as your daughter smiled happily into the lounge room when you and Michael were watching tv. “no reason” she shrugged, before her phone went off, she smile even brighter, “who’s that?” you asked, “no one” she didn’t take her eyes off of the screen, “who’s Ben heart heart heart?” your younger son came into the room, reading over your daughters shoulder, “yes y/d/n, who is Ben, heart heart heart?” Michael asked, “my boyfriend” she mumbled, not taking her eyes off her phone, “I want to meet this Ben” Michael told her daughter, “you’re not mad?” she smiled, “depends what he’s like”
*few nights later*
“what time is he coming” you asked, as your daughter was sitting on the kitchen bench playing with her thumbs, “anytime from now”- “and how long have you been going out for?” you heard Michael taking, “just over a month sir” you heard a younger boy stumble, “dad!” your daughter yelled, running to the front door to see Ben still standing outside, and Michael asking him questions. “Ben, come inside” your daughter pushed past Michael, grabbing hold of Bens hand, walking through the house until she got to the kitchen where you were. “Mum this is Ben” she smiled, “Hi Mrs. Clifford” he smiled to you.
For the rest of the night, Michael never stopped asking Ben questions, until “how did you too meet?” “well actually, she was in my science class, sitting at the back, some people were picking on her-” “y/d/n how come you never told us?” you asked your daughter, “it’s okay mum, it hardly ever happened, plus it doesn’t happen anymore, because Ben came up and sat down next to me and told the guys that if they ever talked to me again, they would regret it” “so you think violets is the answer?” Michael asked, “No sir, of course not, I’m just trying to protect y/d/n” “protect her huh?” “Yes sir, I’m always going to protect her.”

Luke: “so um… dad? Mum?” your daughter walked into your bedroom, “yeah sweetie?” Luke answered, “um, so you know Tim right?” you and Luke stayed quiet, only nodding your heads, “well um… I kind of want you to meet him” she stumbled, “where did this come from?” you asked, “unless, did he ask you out?” “Dad, stop trying to act like one of my friends” your daughter laughed, “we’ve been going out for a while… and yeah, I really want him to meet you guys” she smiled at the fact that neither of you were angry for keeping the secret. “That would be great, how about we all go out for lunch tomorrow?” you suggested, “sure.”
*next day*
Your daughter lead the way to the table where Tim was sitting, she quickly walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek while he wrapped his arms around her waist, but quickly pulled apart when he saw Luke staring him down, “hi Mrs and Mr Hemming’s, I’m Tim” he held out his hand, “hi Tim nice too meet you, please call me y/n” you shook his hand, “keep it Mr Hemming’s” Luke said, taking his hand, continuing to stare him down.  
When Tim left to quickly go to the bathroom, it left you, Luke and your daughter sitting at the table, “dad can you stop being rude, you were fine last night” your daughter told Luke, “you are breaking up with him at the end of this lunch, that is final” Luke stood up walked out of the café, with your daughter following. “Dad, why are you so against him?” she begged, “I don’t want you having a boyfriend” he stressed out, “why not?” “because you’re my baby girl, if you get a boyfriend, then thing you’re moving out, getting married, having kids, you’re meant to me my 3 year old who would come running to me when you got a cut on your knee, not going out with some stupid teenage boy” without a second thought, you’re daughter wrapped her arms around her dad, “I’ll always be you’re baby girl dad, I don’t plan on moving out, or getting married anytime soon, I still need to finish school” she laughed, “which is coming to end for you, so you need to be studying” “dad, Tim means a lot of me, I’ve known him since year 7, please can you just trust him?” she asked again, “can you please go back inside and be nice, I really want you to like him” she gave him the puppy dog eyes, “please dad?” she begged, “if it’s want you really want” he sighed, giving her another hug before finally accepting the fact that is baby girl isn’t going to be a baby for much longer.

Calum: “Who is this?” Calum held up your daughters phone in front of her face, showing her lock screen of her and a boy kissing her check, “Zac” she told him, taking the phone from his hands, “who is he?” “My boyfriend” she stated like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, “when am I meeting him?”  He asked, still annoyed that his own daughter didn’t trust him enough to tell him this. “He’s coming around in a moment to take me out” “I thought you said you were going out with Lilly tonight, anything else you’ve lied about?” “that’s not a lie, I’m going to the movies with friends tonight, including Zac and Lilly” she told Calum, “I’m meeting him tonight, if I don’t like them then you’re not going” “dad, that’s not fair” “yes it is and that’s final”
When Zac finally come to the front door, Calum quickly answered the door, your daughter panicking behind him. “Hi Mr. Hood, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Zac” “Zac, hey” your daughter came up behind him, trying to push past you, “where are you two going tonight?” Calum continued to ask questions, “I’m taking y/d/n, to see a movie with some of our other friends from school” Zac said, “Which movie?” “Catching Fire, sir” “when will you have her home by?” “Dad can you please stop with the questions?” your daughter begged, “well?” Calum waited for an answer, “no later than 11, I can promise you that” “10:30 is the latest” Calum ‘corrected’ Zac, “no later than 10:30” Zac repeated after Calum, showing him that he understands. “Come on, let’s go” your daughter tried to leave, “nice meeting you Mr Hood” Zac shook his hand again, “likewise” Calum replied.

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