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I’ve been super busy offline, irl kicking my butt some; so got some time to sit down and work on a commission thats overdue and draw this up quick. Just super super self indulgent Naga Excalibur and a chibi Camelot. Its no secret mun adores monsters so its surprising i didnt do this sooner :’3c

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Which bro? Since you have, what, 4 or 5?


“Oh don’t be so harsh beloved Big brother, it’s not every day you can bask in how wonderful I am.”

“That is NOT what I’d call it.”

You can ask Camelot questions

Sketchy doodle for today of a Gijinka Camelot (along with his brother and niece in the back) If you click the link its Dan Stevens singing Evermore from the recent Beauty and the beast movie. Why? because Dan Stevens is my canon voice for Cam.

That’s right. Pretty boy has a pretty deepish voice.

(And for those who never saw before, but Michel J Fox is Ex’s voice, specifically his role as Milo Thatch from atlantis, while Vivi sounds like Lilo from lilo and stitch)

okay back to my actual work lol


More snippets from last Sat’s workshop. Mostly from Sir JC’s cam.

Mukha lang akong bagong gising at palaging may kaaway. Why so serious self. Haha. Naka Gameface mode on, by default 😂

He cheats part 2 (Matt espinosa)

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“y/n I think we should go ice skating! or we can just go shopping.”

“y/n, y/n!” i looked at Cameron who was talking to me, but I didn’t even catch a single world that he said. I was spacing out big time. 

“are you even listening to me?” I smiled sadly at him and sighed

“Sorry Cam.” He just sighed to and smiled at me. Ever since the night that I caught Matt with another girl, which is also the night I got hit by a car, the boys never did left my side. Unless they have shows.

But no matter how many people are with me, I still feel lonely. Because with all of the people, I only need one. And that is Matt.

A nurse walked in carrying a tray of food for me.

“Sir, have she eaten yet?” The nurse asked as she put the tray on the table together with the other trays of food that I haven’t eaten.

“Sorry but she haven’t”

“She needs to sir. please” Cam smiled, the nurse left but the door suddenly burst open revealing two boys. Nash and Carter.

“Please. Please guys, PLEASE, convince her to eat! She’s been here for three days and she haven’t eaten since the day she got here!”

Three days. Three days since I caught Matt with another girl. Three days of pain. It already had been three days. I was unconscious for a day, I got some bruises and stuff.

“Y/n, it’s for your own good. Pease eat” Nash pleaded

“Where’s Matt?” I asked but they just ignored me and Carter tried shoving food in my mouth. I looked at him starlight in the eyes

“Did Matt visited?” He sighed and put the spoon down. I already know the answer. “oh.. but does he know?” he nodded.

I feel a sudden pain in my chest. The thought of Matt knowing that I’m in the hospital and him not visiting makes me wanna break down and cry. But at this moment, I can’t even do nothing. I’m too weak to do anything.

I grab the remote from the table beside me and turned the TV on. It was all about something to do with the government, the environment and stuff. I was about to turn the TV off when Matt’s face popped on the TV.

I miss his smile,

I miss his laugh,

I miss his scent,

I miss his presence.

I looked at Nash, Carter and Cameron and they were all looking at me with sad faces.

“please, don’t cry. Don’t do this to yourself” Cameron said.

I didn’t realized that I was crying. But also, I can’t stop myself for crying. I just can’t held it in. It’s too much.  The pain is too much.

Matt Espinosa, how can I un love you?



It’s been a year since me and y/n broke up and I can’t lie, I still love her.  When she was at the hospital, I was also there too, I never left the hospital. I would sleep outside y/n’s room to check it everything’s fine. But I told the boys not to tell y/n that I was there. I told the boys to tell y/n that I never visited. Because I want her to move on. I want her to find someone new. Someone better. Someone who’s not an asshole. Yes it hurts. But I want y/n to have the best even if it includes not having me.

“Matt. You’re already 30 minutes late for your wedding.” Nash said as opened the car door.

“I don’t wanna do this. But I have too. You know that right? ”

“Yeah. But it’s your fault after all” Nash left as I sighed and got out of the car

Here I am, outside the church, I was getting married today with a girl whom I don’t love. I’m getting married to the girl who I cheated with on y/n. I’m getting married to her because I got her pregnant and because her parents and my parents wants me too.

I took my wallet out from my pocket and read y/n’s letter before I entered the church


Dear Matty,

            Happy 2nd anniversary babe! I love you, so so so so so much. I can never thank you enough for everything that you did for me. Sorry if I’m too moody sometimes. Sorry if I’m such a bitch sometimes. Sorry if I’m so stubborn. Sorry if sometimes I’m a pain in the ass.

Words can never express how thankful I am to have you as my boyfriend. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for being here for me through the rough and best day.

You’re perfect for me Matt. You’re imperfections are just simply perfect for me. I know that I can never replace you. To be honest, I’m afraid that you’ll leave me one day. I’m afraid that you’ll find someone better. Someone prettier, someone who is on your level.

I know that I’m not pretty, I’m not hot. I’m such a nerd. And we both know that. But Matt,  I feel so blessed. Billions of girls are dying just to be with you, but you picked me.

I love you Matt. I love you round the universe, back to you until we reach the stars cause loving you t the moon and back isn’t enough.



I closed my eyes and feel hot tears running down on my cheeks.

“Matty” a familiar voice said. I don’t have to open my eyes to see who that person is. I already know who she is.

I opened my eyes and there she was. The girl who I love. The girl who have her heart broken by me 2 years ago is standing in front of me, in my wedding wearing a white dress with blue on the edge.

She looks beautiful than ever. Her eyes are glowing, her beautiful smile never fails to amaze me. But I do notice that she’s pale.

“y/n….” I instantly hugged her and I feel that her body is cold. “y/n… you’re so pale and cold. Are you sick?”  she instantly pulled away

“No silly. I’m fine Matthew”

Hearing her say my name makes my name sound perfect.

“Why are you here y/n?”

“I came to see you, don’t you wanna see me?” she said in a sad tone.

“no! of course I wanna see you! I miss you y/n. I miss you so much”

“I miss you too much. I miss you so so so much” I smiled and she took my hand and intertwined it.

“Matt, I love you. I really really love you. And… I wish you all the best. Congrats Matt! You’re getting married.” She looked down at our hands and I feel tears dropping down

“Y/n, I love you to if you-“

“no Matt. Let me continue.  Even though I want you to run away with me right now, We can’t. You can’t. Hear me clearly Matt okay?” She looked at me and wiped my tears

“I love you. I never did stopped loving you. I love you till my last breathe, And even though I want us to get back together, we can’t. I want you to be happy. You deserve the best. Thank you for loving me for who I really was. I will  never forget you Matt. You’re basically my life. You gave meaning to my life. All I wanted to do for the past year was to fix our relationship. But it’s too late. It’s not because you’re getting married. It’s because of me Matt. And sooner or later you’ll find out why. You’re the only boy that I love. I love you. I love you. Matthew Lee Espinosa, I love you. Until we reach the stars remember?”

“until we reach the stars” I answered as she wiped my tears. I hugged her for one last time.

“Matt, you need to get in there. Don’t worry about me okay? I can’t stay for too long. And I guess, this is goodbye. Bye Matty.” She kissed my forehead and left. I looked back before entering the church. She gave me one of her sweetest smile. I continued on walking

Until we reach the stars y/n. Until we reach the stars.



Here I am, watching the love of my life exchange vows to his bride. As much as I wanted to be with him, I know that I can’t. He is searching for someone. And I know, that someone is me. But I am clearly aware that as of this moment, He can’t see me no more.

I’ve always imagined myself getting married to Matt. But I never imagined him marrying another girl.  I looked at the boys, and I see sad smiles on their faces. I am clearly aware that today, is the last day I will see Matt.

I looked at him for one last time and walked out of the church. I should go to the place where I belong.


The wedding ceremony had ended. I’m still looking for y/n. But I guess she left.

“Matt. Can we talk? Privately.” Shawn said. I followed him and the rest of the boys and left my bride behind.

“What’s up? Why are you all crying?”

“Y/n….” Cam said

“What about her?”

“She’s… she’s gone.” Nash said

I was frozen. I couldn’t move or anything. All I could do is cry. It can’t be. She was with me an hour ago.

“No. She’s not”

“Sorry Matt. But she died 3 hours ago”

3 hours ago. But she was with me an hour ago…..

“B-but… she was with me an hour ago….”

“What?” They all asked in chorus

“yeah. She was wearing a white dress with blue on the edge. She’s so beautiful. But I did noticed that she was so pale. And when I hugged her she was so cold…”

That’s explains it. That’s why she was so pale and she was so cold.

“why. Why did she left me. What happened to her?”

“she killed herself.” Carter whispered.

“but why”

“her mother told us that she’d been miserable. That’s all”

I broke down crying. The love of my life. She’s gone. She left me. She killed herself.

“NO. SHE CAN’T SHE CAN’T” I started throwing punches at the wall and furiously crying

“sorry Matt.” Jack J said as they left me alone

This is all my fault.

“No it’s not” I heard y/n’s voice. I looked around but no one was around

“Until we reach the stars Y/n. Until we reach the stars” I whispered.



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Tryna Get to You (part 5)

(A/N) Ok guys so Im a fucking idiot and I wrote part 5 on my phone as well as part 4 so when I went to go delete part 4 I accidentally deleted part 5. BUUTUTUTUTUTTTTT I remember what it was about so this is my rewrite. Sorry guys xoxo thanks for putting up with me.

Once you all had gotten ice cream and were walking back to the hotel you looked at your phone and realized how late it was. You started to speed walk a little and Matt laughs at you and says, “Slow down speed racer!”

“If you had to be up at 7:30 you would be walking fast too!” You laugh over your shoulder to him.

Arriving back at the hotel you decide to ask the receptionist to give you a wake up call in the morning because you know your alarm is definitely not going to cut it. “Thanks so much!” You say and begin to turn and walk away.

“Ill walk you up.” A voice from behind you says.

“Nash? What are you doing down here?” You ask.

“I had to schedule a car for sound check tomorrow since Bart, our manager, is off doing God knows what.”

Woah this is weird, you think to yourself, we are actually having a civil conversation. After the sort of awkward elevator ride which involved him asking you all sorts of weird questions similar to that of a middle school boy playing 20 questions, you begin to open your door and Nash stands closer than you’re comfortable with.

“Umm.. Goodnight.” You say and walk inside.

“Goodnight,” He winks at you and walks away.

This is so weird. You contemplate what just happened as you fall asleep.

———- The next morning ———

You wake up and shower before heading downstairs for breakfast. You’re a little relieved but also kind of disappointed the boys aren’t down there too. But honestly who would want to be up at 7:30? Oh well.. Its free food. You console yourself. After watching the news with the same 5 business men from yesterday you head upstairs and finish getting ready. And a little less than 30 minutes later you’re headed to your internship.

—— 3 oclock ——

You just got back from the courthouse and your room is freshly cleaned and the bed made. You weren’t a messy person and liked to make it easy on the housekeeping ladies because you knew some people could be a real pain in the ass. Its a hot day out and you end up cracking your door and then opening the window because your room is kind of stuffy. Less than 5 minutes late you hear your phone go off. “Womanizer” by Britney Spears plays and you laugh remembering the reason why you put that as Alex’s ringtone.

“Hey!” You answer enthusiastically.

“Hey what’s up!” He says and you can hear the smile in his voice.

“Nothing much I just got back from the courthouse…” You respond and begin to head towards your window to admire the view. It was truly breathtaking. You and Alex proceed to talk about your time there, the friends you made, and how exciting this trip is for you.

“Ok talk to you later! Love you!” You say before you hang up. “Don’t miss me too much!” He says laughing.   You smile as you press the end button. “Who was that?” Someone asks behind you.   You jump and turn around. “What are you doing in my room and why do you always sneak up behind me?” You look annoyed at Nash.   “The door was open and you don’t pay attention I guess, now stop avoiding my question.”   “It was Alex.” You explain snidely. Once again, you don’t owe him an explanation.   “Ok well I was coming to tell you we are having dinner tonight at this cool pizza place and everyone wants you to come. Be ready by 5:30 reservations are at 6. Wear something nice.” He says as he gives you an up down look that makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing.   “Ok sure I’ll come.” You respond, as if you had a choice.   Nash turns to walk away and when he gets to the hallway he turns and looks back at you and says, “I hate being late.” It almost sounded like a threat.   You mumble to yourself, “Ok dad I’ll make sure to be on time.”   “You can only call me daddy in bed." He pokes his head back around the corner and winks at you.   Shit, that boy must have super sonic hearing, you think as you feel a blush coming into your cheeks.   ——-Half an hour later—-   You hear a knock on your door and open it expecting it to be Nash. Cam is standing there with a smile on his face. "Hey!” You exclaim, glad that its someone you actually like.   “Hey!” He replies as he walks in and sits on your bed. “I heard you were coming to dinner tonight.”   “Yeah Nash came and invited me.” You say as you finish putting on your make up and take your hair out of its bun.   “Is that what you’re wearing?” Cam asks tentatively. “Not that it looks bad! I’m just wondering.”   “No its not.” You laugh. Your shorts and a white tank top didn’t look bad but Nash said dress nice so that’s what you were going to do. “But now that I’m done painting my face I do need to change so you need to leave kind sir.”   Cam stands up and walks toward the door, “Only if you promise to sit by me.”   “Of course!” You say, glad that you didn’t have to worry about Nash.   Cam takes your hand in his and brings it to his lips. You start laughing and say, “See you later!”   “Can’t wait my lady.” He winks at you and leaves.   ——-A couple hours later——   You decide to wait downstairs for the boys once you’re ready and end up reading a magazine in the lobby. Typical for the boys, you hear them before you see them and as they arrive you notice two things. Nash is wearing a midnight blue shirt that makes his eyes look like the summer sky before a storm, and Cam’s mouth drops into a perfect O when you two make eye contact.   “Hey guys told you she cleaned up well.” Hayes walks up and takes your arm. You laugh and allow him to escort you to the car. Maybe your choice of a patterned blue and black maxi skirt with a cropped grey t shirt and sandals was a little bit much but it felt good to dress up.   Once you all arrive at the restaurant everyone begins to sit down and Cam grabs your arm and pulls you into the seat next to him. “You promised.” He whispers in your ear.   You end up sitting next to Cam and Gilinsky but you’re directly across from Nash. And you can feel him staring intently at you. Geez I need to calm down, you think as the butterflies dance through your stomach.   Cam elbows you and you break out of your thoughts.   “What drink do you want miss?” The waitress asks looking a little annoyed.   “Oh sorry, a Shirley Temple please.” You respond.   When your drinks come and everyone orders pizza you notice Gilinsky steal your cherry out of the drink. Two seconds later he produces the knotted stem out of his mouth and looks at you with a wink, “That means I’m a good kisser.”   You laugh and say, “Bet I can do it.”   After you carefully un-knot the stem you proceed to re-knot it, this time in your mouth, in a little over 30 seconds. “I can roll a blunt almost as fast.” You say returning Gilinsky’s wink.   He clutches his heart, “Someone hold me back before I propose right here, right now!”   Everyone laughs but you notice Nash tense up a little.   ——-After dinner back at the hotel——-   Everyone goes to head to their rooms but you hang back. “Thanks for the lovely evening guys I had fun. I’m just gonna go for a walk before I go to bed.” You say as you turn to walk out the doors. That’s when you feel a hand placed right on the strip of skin where your skirt and shirt don’t quite meet. You turn to look at whoever it is, but you have a pretty good idea of who would do that.   “I’m coming with you.” Nash says.   “I wanted to be alone.” You respond.   “Too bad.” He keeps walking.   As you walk along the beach you begin talking and he tells you about his family and his little sister. The fact that he’s such a family guy sort of makes you smile because you wouldn’t have pegged him as one. You find yourself slipping your arm through his elbow, and you walk along the beach like that for a while — sometimes talking, sometimes silent, but it was never awkward.   “We should get a picture!” You say, “The sunset is so pretty.”   “Yeah good idea.” Nash trots off to ask a couple who are building a bonfire close by.   When you two pose for the picture Nash slips his arm around your shoulders, you’re surprised but slip your arm around his waist and nestle a little closer to his shoulder.   “You two are such a cute couple.” The woman says.   “Oh we’re no—-”   “Thank you.” Nash cuts you off and smiles down at you. You hear the shutter click one more time.   When he goes to get his phone back you give him yours and ask him to get a quick picture of you for your instagram.   “Cute.” Nash laughs as you pose.   As you walk up to him you notice him typing something into your phone.   “What are you doing?” You say as you grab your phone back, noticing a text from “you” to an unknown number.   “Now you have my number and I have yours.” He responds with a little smirk and starts walking back to the hotel.   You shake your head, smile, and catch up with him.   ——Back at the hotel——   Nash walks with you all the way to your room and stands just as close as last night, if not closer. You’re fumbling with the key card because it wont swipe. You feel a blush come across your cheeks.   “Here, let me.” Nash says, and reaches across your body for the card. He gets the door open first try.   “Goodnight Nash.” You say as you step inside.   “Thanks for a fun night.” He responds.   “Thanks for not being an ass.” You smirk up at him.   He closes the distance between you two to about two inches, returns the smirk, “Anytime,” and then walks away.   When you shut the door you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. You didn’t know what he was doing to you and you couldn’t tell if you liked it or not. WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY BRAIN. You scream internally. There’s one thing you knew for sure: Nash was going to be in your dreams tonight.