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English actors heights chart. Because Martin.


A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)


Thoughts on the Sherlock Fandom

to be honest, i think it’s not surprising that the fans of the BBC series Sherlock (aka the Sherlockians) are so fucking insane. I mean look at fans from the books that lived in the 19th century. Those guys dressed up as Sherlock so Sir Doyle would continue writing the books. The fandom has been insane since fucking ever.


Jim Moriarty: Did you almost start to wonder if I was real? Did I nearly get ya?

Sherlock Holmes: Richard Brook. 

Moriarty: Nobody seems to get the joke. But you do. 

Sherlock: Of course. 

Moriarty: Atta boy. 

Sherlock: Richard Brook in German is Reichenbach. The case that made my name. 

Moriarty: Just tryin’ to have some fun.