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A Priestess of Apollo, c.1888, by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

In Greco-Roman mythology, Apollo was the sun god who lived on Mount Olympus, and who, in the guise of the sun, rode his chariot drawn by four horses across the sky each day. In this painting one of the priestesses stands barefoot inside the temple of Apollo looking up towards the sky, perhaps awaiting Apollo’s return in the evening. She wears a spectacular leopard skin tunic and has a wreath of ivy in her hair. These symbolic ornaments, as well as her business in serving wine, suggest her licentious behaviour in the temple.

The Most Inspiring Group Survival Stories EVER

Uruguayan rugby team

On October 13, 1972, the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 flew over the Andes, carrying a raucous crew of rugby players, their friends, family and associates - all excited about their upcoming match in Chile. But tragic circumstances would stop them from attending that game, after a violent collision with an uncharted mountain peak transformed the team from sports stars to survivalists.

The accident - which split the plane, killing several onboard instantly - wasn’t the only hardship the crew faced. A subsequent avalanche made living conditions almost impossible, and rations were so low that group members were forced to eat the flesh of their dead fellow passengers in order to survive. Somehow, 16 members of the 45 strong crew managed to live long enough to be rescued two months after the crash.

Their story has served as an inspiration to anyone trying to get through difficult circumstances.

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An Archer’s Boast

Anthologia Palatina 6.9 = Mnasalcas (Hellenistic period)

 For you, Phoebus, are hung up these gifts from Promachus:
His bent bow and quiver that poured forth arrows.
As for his winged shafts, in the tumult of battle
Men have them buried deep in their hearts-
Deadly gifts for those who wished him ill.

 Σοὶ μὲν καμπύλα τόξα καὶ ἰοχέαιρα φαρέτρα,
  δῶρα παρὰ Προμάχου, Φοῖβε, τάδε κρέμαται·
ἰοὺς δὲ πτερόεντας ἀνὰ κλόνον ἄνδρες ἔχουσιν
  ἐν κραδίαις ὀλοὰ ξείνια δυσμενέων.

Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney- The Archers, Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1769

London producer Latchmere crafts an irresistible jam out of fellow Londoners Sir Apollo’s Friends With Benefits, giving it an energetic UK house buoyancy to match with its smooth hip hop flavors. Like a vibrant cross of Rizzle Kicks and Raleigh Ricthie, Latchmere’s remix will have your legs itching to start pumping their way around a packed dance floor. Friends With Benefits is off Sir Apollo’s new EP Here We Go Again, out in January 2015.

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dear mortals



Just wanna protest about….well.

I think Lester Papade? Papadopolos? Papadopoulos name is funny and ridiculous.  I’ll seriously gonna cry about it. What a weird name.  My silly twin Artemis is making fun of it already..         

(Why not Charlie Light? Or any angelic, cute doggy’s name? )  

      Rick Riordan , I’m very disappointed about it sir.

      -Apollo the sun god