happy pride, it’s (random humanizations of) your girls, honeydew inc and sipsco. they are lesbians and they are in love!

we have the girl guide troop leader who gardens and keeps chickens in her spare time, and the hardworking businesswoman who stepped on the throats of misogynistic businessmen to get where she is today. 

details and explanations about their designs under the cut!

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Bored Draws Bearded Honeydew..
No Honeydew whitout Xephos…
Beadhair Lalna
Adds Nano to get Fluxbuddies
Never Drawn Sips
Sips needs a Sjin by his side
Oh What the Hell lets just finish of whit Hat films

Sjin: Introducing our newest product line, liquid dirt! It comes in a variety of flavours, colours, and textures!

Sip: And if you buy one now, you get one free. And you can’t beat that.

(Business has been rather slow at Sipsco. Maybe a new product line will bring in customers!
Drawn by me and coloured by our lovely Lewis)

Sj: I know you’re supposed to be on vacation but we were wondering if you could sign off on this permit for us?

S: Just one small thing and we’ll be out of your hair.

Sj: This wouldn’t happen if you just left someone else in charge.

S: Seriously though, we /need/ this permit approved.  We’ve already started building.