sips and sjin

So this poorly photo shopped album mock cover is inspired by The Yogscast and all the funny stuff those guys do to entertain us. 

I was listening to Panic! at the disco right after watching some yogscast and this little play on words popped into my head. I don’t know if anyone has thought of this before but I just thought I’d put together a mock cover for fun :)


oh my god im finally done with this piece please rest in peace my soul I took like 2 weeks+ on this im crying niagara falls

Somewhat a 250 follower thank you art on my main and a new fresh meme banner for my art blog! My apologies if this looked too crowded, tried my best to fit as many yogs as I could c: Can’t slot in most of the references sadly or it’ll get insanely crowded

my back hurts im not old yet not like this