The internet is a large and mysterious place full of hidden tricks, treats, and adventures for those who care to go along with it for a little while, here are a few that I’ve discovered, and maybe you have too.

Here are some of the secret emoticons that you can use in Gmail chat.

Here is a thread about the hidden little sonic details in the King of Limbs.

SIPRNet is a secret internet used by the Department of Defense. Bradley Manning used it to get the info for wikileaks.

This is a great song by Slapp Happy called The Secret.

Secret Project Robot is an underground music venue in Brooklyn.

What’s your favorite hidden track?  I like Train in Vain by the Clash and Change the Beat by Viktor Vaughn (aka MF DOOM).

Have a great night everybody, be sure to sneak away and have a hidden moment for yourself.
Manning peer sheds light on WikiLeaks: Former military intel analyst shares his thoughts on the motive of alleged leaks

This is a hell of a read. Some keys:

There are 2 million people, many of them not U.S. citizens, with access to SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, the Department of Defense’s largest network for the exchange of classified information and messages). There are 1,400 government agencies with SIPR websites. It’s not that secret.

What do you think the attacks on WikiLeaks and Manning’s imprisonment say about freedom in the United States?

The fact we think we can classify everything that goes on in a war is ridiculous. And the fact that the press really doesn’t have the freedom to report on the military is ridiculous.

The second part of it is Bradley Manning and his treatment. If he was in any other government agency or private agency, he’d be considered a whistleblower. He’d have protections, but he’s not. It shows the gap of human rights in our military.

If he was anybody else, he’d be covered under the whistleblower protections or the freedom of speech. If a reporter gets classified information and publishes it, it’s not a crime. WikiLeaks is a reporting agency, so they should be covered under that. And anybody that works for them, i.e. Bradley Manning, should be covered under that, too.

This is an American citizen. He’s an all-American kid. Born and raised in Oklahoma. If the constitutional rights don’t apply to him, it should scare everybody. Even if you don’t agree with what he allegedly did, you still have the obligation to care about the fact that he hasn’t been afforded his trial and he’s been treated with cruel and unusual punishment. Even if you’re against freedom of the press in this case, you still have the obligation to care about the kid. He’s being tortured.