🍭Just some toddler regression things🍭

-Either a lot of energy or none at all

-“no!! no no no!” just cuz

-“not hungry!!” just for a reaction

-if it’s not in a sippy cup i won’t drink it

-“i loooovvee yous!!”

-“no nini!!” “not sleepy!!”

-“i a big girl/boy!”

-“go way mommy/daddy!!”

-*coNSTanT wHINinG*

-still chews on everything if we don’t have our paci

-“i wan it!! i wan it i wan it!!”

-*messy coloring*

-*cute miss pronunciations*

-*scribbly writing*


-*tickle fights*

-physically will never let go of my CG


-whining, and crying, and tantrums, oh my!

-*skipping* playing “don’t step on the lines”

-non verbal when sleepy

-being the sweetest little one in the whole world!! (//•u•//)

The Signs as Cry Baby Lyrics

Aries - Don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive // Mrs. Potato Head

Taurus - I feel like I’m just missing something whenever you leave // Cake

Gemini - A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too // Milk & Cookies

Cancer - You take things so hard, and then you fall apart // Cry Baby

Leo - So what if I’m crazy? The best people are // Mad Hatter

Virgo - Everyone thinks that we’re perfect; please don’t let them look through the curtains // Dollhouse

Libra - Someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad? // Pacify Her

Scorpio - I wanna make you mine, but that’s hard to say. Is this coming off in a cheesy way? // Training Wheels

Sagittarius - I’m sick of all the games I have to play // Soap

Capricorn - You were comforting and quiet; how did love become so violent? // Teddy Bear

Aquarius - If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it. All the makeup in the world, won’t make you less insecure // Sippy Cup

Pisces - Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel // Carousel