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The signs as two Cry Baby songs // why // lyric
  • **album by Melanie Martinez**
  • Aries: Alphabet Boy and Teddy Bear // Alphabet Boy is about a character that realizes that they're better than someone that they used to put up with. Aries is like this character, once they realize they are being treated like crap they leave. Doesn't want to be a part of anyone's "game". They know that they are big, tough and smart. They know that they are better. Aries becomes very protective, just like the character Teddy Bear is about. Wants everything perfect and wants their partner to be perfect. Doesn't really return favors or realize when people treat them so greatly. Can get pretty violent about love. // "You can crush my candy cane but you'll never catch me cry" -Alphabet Boy
  • Taurus: Training Wheels and Cake // Taurus is always trying to make relationships go fast, just like the character in Training Wheels. Wants all or nothing. Normally pushes people to do things that they are very comfortable with, but doesn't really realize it. Falls in love quickly. Just like Cake, they always fall for people that don't really like them. Wants to be someone's everything. Taurus wants to turn "friends-with-benefits" type of relationships to either just friends or dating. // "I'm not a piece of cake" -Cake
  • Gemini: Pacify Her and Sippy Cup // Like Pacify Her, Gemini are always kinda the "homewreckers". Does everything to get their way, or what they want. Will argue, complain and fight until they get what they want. Always sees the bad in people. Acts sweet, but sometimes they are evil. Just like Sippy Cup, they also seem to know everything. Is really good at reading people. Focuses on the worst in the world. // "All the makeup in the world, won't make you less insecure" -Sippy Cup
  • Cancer: Cry Baby and Teddy Bear // Like Cry Baby, they make all their decisions with their feelings/emotions instead of logic. Really emotional people. Blames everything that happens to them on others. They love way too much for their age. Literally is a cry baby. Always loves to meet others that are like them, it makes them feel more relaxed and happy with themselves. Like Teddy Bear's character, they give everything to the person they love, but when they don't return it they get scared. Doesn't want to be lonely but also doesn't want to be in a bad relationship. Always looks back on the beginning of the relationship, instead of the present. // "You're one of a kind,
And no one understands" -Cry Baby
  • Leo: Dollhouse and Milk and Cookies // Dollhouse is similar to Leo because Leos keep all the bad inside. They don't show how bad their life really is. They have to make their life seem perfect, they have to make it seem like they are perfect. They don't think they need help, that they can help themselves alone. Never wants someone to know their real life and the real them. Milk and Cookies is about revenge, which Leos are so good at. They love getting back at people who make them go through hell, or at least just stand up for themselves. // "Everyone thinks that we're perfect, please don't let them look through the curtains" -Dollhouse
  • Virgo: Soap and Mrs. Potato Head // Virgos always are afraid of saying too much, and soap is exactly like that. They are afraid of saying something rude, or something that is too serious too fast. Virgos do always say the wrong thing, though. Virgos don't really understand society and their beauty standards, just like Mrs. Potato Head is about. Even though they know deep inside that it's wrong, they always do try to be perfect, physically and mentally. They usually think that if they were 'beautiful' that person would like them back. // "Oh Mrs. Potato Head, tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?" -Mrs. Potato Head
  • Libra: Milk and Cookies and Cake // Libra's love ,until, well, they are crazy. Milk and Cookies describes that version of them real well. Cake is a very lovely song, a perfect song for lovely Libra. They fall in love fast, even if the other doesn't return the feelings. They will keep trying for love until they know it's no use. They will take back their love for an other. They know they need someone who will treat them right. // "I'm not a piece of cake for you to just discard" -Cake
  • Scorpio: Cry Baby and Soap // Scorpio is a Cry Baby. They blame others for things they do. Gets frustrated when they can't explain their feelings. They are unique, not like any other. Soap describes them wanting to go fast in relationships. They also have a tendency of saying things that are offensive, and they regret it, sometimes. They feel the need to punish themselves for things they do wrong. // "I'm sick of all the games I have to play" -Soap
  • Sagittarius: Mrs. Potato Head and Training Wheels // Sagittarius don't understand society's idea of "beauty", even though they do feel pressured to be the ideal idea of beauty. Mrs. Potato Head explain these feelings. Wants to look like the best them. Training Wheels is an adventurous type of song, and Sagittarius is an adventurous type of sign. Wants to have fun and live life to the fullest. Loves to be trusted. // "Baby soft skin turns into leather" -Mrs. Potato Head
  • Capricorn: Sippy Cup and Carousel // Seems to know everything. Can see underneath people's fake smiles, like the character in Sippy Cup. Knows that everything they do now will effect the future. Capricorns are fun and lively, just like Carousel. Secretive and they keep everything in. Sees love as something fun, but once they fall in love it's a whole different story. // "it's all fun and games, till somebody falls in love" -Carousel
  • Aquarius: Carousel and Mad Hatter // Likes to have fun, but everything changes when they fall in love, like what the song Carousel describes. They don't fight love, surprisingly. Their life just seems to be on repeat, just going round and round. Aquarius is like a Mad Hatter. They are weird and unlike anything you'll ever meet. They don't like being safe, they like being risky. Likes to be surrounded by people that are like them. They are crazy and bonkers. // "I'm nuts, baby, I'm mad, the craziest friend that you've ever had" -Mad Hatter
  • Pisces: Pity Party and Play Date // Pisces always throw "pity parties" for themselves. They always pity themselves and wants people to pity them, too. They don't really think about others and always wants to get their way. Sensitive. When people don't return love, they completely become mad at the person. Becomes careless and tried of chasing something that they can't get, just like the character in Play Date. But at the end, they admit their feelings and hope for the best.

As a momma I often find myself running around trying to make the most of every second of the day. The quiet moments when Étienne is down for a nap normally consist of cleaning, catching up on laundry or really anything I can cram into that small window of time. It’s easy to forget to appreciate the small moments, to really capture them in your memory.

Mylo has been having a few, rare, days off to work around the house and in that time he’s also dusted off his old camera. After putting Étienne down for a nap earlier I took Mylo a coffee whilst he was uploading these pictures to the laptop and I loved them. They’re simple, just “test shots” as he called them, but to me they captured a quiet part of our routine that I never appreciate enough. I try to sit down every morning and get us to all eat breakfast together, although it rarely lasts long and usually ends up with Étienne throwing his food/sippy cup/everything onto the floor in a raging tantrum. Sleep deprived, pregnant momma ends up complaining about how “this is a great way to start the day” and dad rushes off to work for some peace and quiet and the small moments of laughter are quickly over shadowed. 

It wasn’t until Mylo took this picture that I fully stopped to smile at our smiling boy, growing bump and just the overall simpleness of a quiet morning as a family. It’s not always easy, and I can tell you probably seconds after this picture was taken that sippy cup was flying across our floor but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll try to take a deep breath and enjoy the quiet, simple moments more often, even if they don’t last long.