sippy cup

At 6 months kayden..

-is sitting up unassisted
-eating solids (baby led weaning) like a champ
-holds his own sippy cup
-LOVES coconut water
-weighs 13 lbs 7 oz
-still in size one diapers
-still in 0-3 clothes
-wakes once or twice to eat at night
-still breastfeeding full time
-loves his reflection and give himself kisses
-gives mommy and daddy kisses
-babbles constantly
-has 4 teeth!
-is extremely curious and poses for the camera
- is happy and healthy ❤️❤️❤️

why you should buy a sippy cup

1. sippy cups are kawaii as fuq. it is a scientifically proven fact. just look at this shit.

2. no spills! knock your cup over onto your computer? no problem! it’s a sippy cup and it’s spill safe!

3. we could start a fad. it would be the cutest fad.

need i say more????