ahdjf i cANT STOP LAUGHING i mean yoongi boy.. same

31 Days of Self-Care, Day 9:
  • Me: *panicking or having lots of self doubts because I had a bad day*
  • Me: *makes tea*
  • Me: *grabs a good book to read*
  • Me: *takes deep breaths, grabs the tea and book and goes to the nearest couch to lounge on, reading the book while occasionally sipping tea*
  • Me: *repeats the above until I feel better*


Good morning.

I’ve had yucky ol’ bronchitis all week. After a quick trip to the ER last night, I’m much better and plan to stay home and do nothing but sip tea in bed– Drs orders!

I can tell you honestly that I only get sick like this when I’m dealing with a certain kind of stress that lowers my immune system. We must always look after ourselves. My way of coping with stress that worked really well was health and fitness immersion. Back to running, please!
Happy Friedegg🍳

  • Mccree: *walking into kitchen in his underwear*
  • Genji: *sipping tea* good morning Jesse
  • Mccree: !!! Uhh... g'mornin' to you too Genji
  • Genji: Sleep well?
  • Mccree: Uhhh, yeah? Of course I did. Nothin' but sleepin' goin' on in there, like a... like a log... sleepin' on a, like a, log...
  • Genji: Do not worry, I do not think anybody heard you.
  • Mccree: What do you-
  • Genji: It is fine, we all cry after sex sometimes.
  • Mccree: :O
  • Genji: *slurps tea to hide grin*

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Pick a random one out of the pirate themed plots cause I can't choose which one I'd like the best

🔮 - My muse is a fortune-teller/voodoo practitioner/other magical being that your muse needs to help guide them to a cure for their curse. 

Octavio sat in the small shop, brewing a pot of tea and writing in a book as he began to open up for the day. He was the towns only fortune teller, but there was far more behind him than just that. Some would consider him a witch for his ‘abilities’, not that he minded, after all. People feared witches, and he loved to be feared.

He opened up the thick, heavy curtains a bit, letting in a bit of natural light, before going outside to uncover his sign and light the lantern that hung from his doorway, letting the general public know that his shop was opened up for the day. He settled into his comfortable chair, sipping at his hot tea, and waiting.

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*sips tea* Aaand the drama continues. Let's be real... #teamjamesandbecky shows that 1) B's friend is no better than the shippers commenting; if she were, she would've ignored it instead of being so petty. 2) There IS drama around the subject of DWTS & S. We didn't all just imagine that there was tension btwn B&S&J during the show. It's not one big happy family as it's being portrayed right now (S' comment on B's IG, the "couple" pics). 3) B & co = ~possibly~ feel threatened by S...Thoughts?

Pour me a cup. 🐸☕️