sipping his coffee

The Other Guy

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Chase Collins

Bucky sat at the dining table, sipping his coffee, and eyes glued to his laptop. He was determined to keep his eyes off a certain couple sitting at the living room.

(Y/N) laughed yet again at something that guy said, and Bucky clentched his jaw in iritation.

What does she even see in him?!, he thought. The guy had an arrogant look on him, and not to mention a handsome face.

Bucky glanced their way, and saw (Y/N) typing into her laptop, and the guying sitting too close to her, saying something.

He was too engrossed in watching them that he didnt notice the person who had joined him on the table.

Steve smirked, seeing his bestfriend in this state, and cleared his throat to make his presence known.

Bucky almost jumped at that, and quickly regained his composture, and looked back into his laptop.

“Whats the matter, Buck ?” Steve asked.

“What ?” Bucky asked, looking at Steve.

Steve raised his eyebrows, and grinned at Bucky.

“Who the hell is that guy ?” Bucky asked, giving up.

“Thats Chase Collins, (Y/N)’s friend from college” Steve informed him. “They’re on some assignment together”

“I dont like him” Bucky said, and both the guys turned to face the couple, again.

“(Y/N) doesnt seem to mind” Steve said, shrugging. “I think they’re just friends”

“Obviously, he’s trying for more” Bucky murmured, sulkily.

“Buck, Im telling you again” Steve said, exhaling loudly. “You should tell her how you feel !”

“I cant” Bucky said, his metal arm clutching at his cup tightly. “Why would she want me ?! Im the fucking Winter Soldier ! ”

And, his feelings got the better of him, crushing the cup in the process.

* * *

(Y/N) jumped up from the couch hearing a loud cracking sound. She turned to see Steve and Bucky sitting at the dining table.

Bucky’s eyes were tightly shut, and the pieces of the cup, on the table.

(Y/N) rushed to Bucky’s side, relieved to see that it was only his metal arm.

“Are you alright, Buck ?” She asked, touching his shoulder.

She felt his body going rigid on her touch.

By now, Chase was on her side.

Bucky hummed in response.

“I’ll just clean it up” He said in a small voice, not looking at any of them.

“No, just leave it there” (Y/N) said giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “I’ll do it”

She looked at Steve and said, “Why dont take him upstairs ?”

“Yeah” Steve, already on his feet and grabbing Bucky’s arm. “Come on, Buck”

* * *

(Y/N) watched as Steve led Bucky to the elevator. She wished Bucky gave her that kind to freedom to hold him, or touch him.

He was always so unsettled and quiet around her. He didnt seem to like her much.

Chase touched her hand, bringing her back to reality.

“(Y/N) ?” He said, in a soft voice.

“Yeah ?” (Y/N) looked at Chase, who was smiling at her.

“You love him, dont you ?”

“What ? No. I dont.”

Her heart was running on a marathon right then, threatening to burst out of her chest.

“Yes you do” Chase said, taking her hand in his.

“He doesnt” (Y/N) said. “He just doesnt like being around me, Chase ! Hes always running away from me ! He never looks at me ! I dont know what to do !”

“Calm down !” Chase said, his hands on her shoulders, holding her in place.

(Y/N), was breathing heavily, trying to calm her mind. There was a storm happening in there, and the only person who could calm it down was not ready to help.

“Have you tried talking to him?” Chase asked.


“Why not ?”

“ ‘Coz he wont stay in the same room as me for like five minutes” (Y/N) said bitterly. “Let alone have a conversation about my feelings. You saw him right now, wont even look at me !”

“Maybe he’s nervous” Chase said.

“Why should he be?” (Y/N) asked, looking at Chase.

Chase shrugged.

“Look, if I hadnt seen this today, I would’ve asked you out” Chase said, giving her a genuine smile. “I think he feels the same way you do. He was bugged that we were spending time together”

“What ?! How can you say that ?!”

“Well, its a guy thing.” Chase laughed. “We were both kinda studying eachother - leaving that aside - you should go, and talk to him”

“Chase, Im afraid, what if he shuts me out ?” (Y/N) said, closing her eyes.

Chase cupped a hand on her cheek, and she opened her eyes.

“Well, thats his loss” Chase said, laughing again. “Im here. If he hurts you, im right here”

(Y/N) laughed, pulling Chase into a hug.

“Thanks, Chase” she said, witha smile. “You’re a great friend”

“I know” said Chase smugly, and started packing his things. “See you in class tomorrow. We’ll finish the assignment then”

(Y/N) nodded, and walked him out.

* * *

(Y/N) knocked on Bucky’s door.

“Bucky ! Please let me in. I have to talk to you” she said, kocking again.

She heard footsteps, and the door opened, revealing Bucky. He was wearing a gray round neck tshirt, and apair of black shorts, his hair done into a messy bun.

“Can I come in ?” (Y/N) asked, carefully.

Bucky nodded, moving aside to let her in.

He stood by the door, not knowing what to do. He watched as she played with her hands nervously.

“Close the door ?” She asked.

Bucky obeyed, nervousness creeping in again.

“Im sorry about the cup. I didnt mean to disturb you and your friend” Bucky said, eyes fixed in his shoes.

“Was nothing” (Y/N) said, shrugging.

Bucky nodded.

“Dont you like me, Bucky ?” (Y/N) asked, all of a sudden. “I mean, why dont you talk to me ? Did I do something ? Or say something ? ‘coz I really dont understand ! I didnt mean to come in here, and attack you, but you really dont leave me a choice !”

Bucky stared at the girl with wide eyes.

“Of course I like you ! ” Bucky said, suddenly feeling a sense of confidence filling himself.

“I adore you, actually” He said, now breathing heavily, hands on his hips. “I have for a long time. Since that day Tony introduced you to us. When he said you’ll be living with us. Since then.”

(Y/N) stared at Bucky, open mouthed.

“Why wouldnt you tell me ?” she asked.

“How would I ?” Bucky asked, as if the answer was obvious. “Im an assasin. I’ve killed innocent people. And you are related to Tony Stark ! And luckily I managed to kill his parents too. So thats a bonus !”

“Bucky, you didnt do any of those things” (Y/N) said weakly. “You were brainwashed. You didnt know”

“But I did.” Bucky said, his head bowed in shame.

(Y/N) ran to him, taking his face in her hands.

“Bucky, you are one of the most beautiful people I’ve known” She said. “And since the day Steve told me all about you, I’ve loved you. I love you, Bucky ! I dont care who says what. I know you. I trust you, and thats all that matters”

“Tony would never agree” Bucky said, his hands moving around her waist.

“Well, he’ll come around one day”, (Y/N) said, a small smile creeping into her face.

Bucky couldnt help but smile. He leaned down to press his lips to hers. They kissed, and kissed again. And again.

“Um, Buck ? One question ?”

“Ask away”

“Why did you break that cup ?”

“That friend of yours, he was getting on my nerves” Bucky said, blushing. “I think he liked you”

(Y/N) giggled, kissing him again.

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Lost and Found

If Veld was honest, which he usually was, he could do without these monthly trips to Nibelheim to check on the security systems; he had plenty to do in Midgar, after all, such as beefing up his personnel, training new recruits, so on and so forth. However…he was the most trusted person to do this sort of thing, so here he was, in late fall, watching the leaves drift to the ground while he sipped his coffee.

The helicopter was undergoing some quick maintenance, delaying their flight back to Midgar by an hour or so, so Veld had wandered into the village for coffee and a bite to eat, not trusting anything that could be edible in the Manor.

He pulled his coat a little tighter and glanced down the street at the sound of children, watching them kick a ball around, a tiny blonde boy on the outskirts, watching. It didn’t take the bigger children to see him, and quickly start harassing him, giving Veld a deep frown as he drained his coffee, tossed his cup in a trash bin, and started walking towards the cluster of kids.

Have you ever considered that Zemo’s plan to flush Bucky out of hiding by having people recognize him on the street would have failed if Bucky has just gotten himself a nice haircut and shaved and maybe tried not to look like the shiftiest sad hobo in Romania

Yomo: ….Arima…. killed my sister.
Yomo: She was Touka and Ayato’s mother.
Yomo: …And even if you tell me now that he was on the Ghouls’ side, if he were in front of me I would have wanted to kill him.

Hirako: I…
Yomo: ?
Hirako: When I was still new, Arima-san told me this.
Arima: You are just like me.
Arima: Just like me, you too are empty.
Hirako: Huh…
Hirako: …I didn’t know his real intentions but a part of me felt something when he entrusted Zero Squad to me.
Hirako: I think that all the people around him worked hard in order to get even a robotic/cold compliment from him.
Hirako: That’s the same reason why I’m here right now.
Yomo: …

Hirako: I wanted him to recognize me.
Hirako: All this time.

Hirako takes a sip off his coffee.

Hirako: Arima Kishou is dead.
Hirako: No matter how bitter you feel about him, the opportunity for you to kill him will never appear.
Hirako: Just like how your sister will never return.

Hirako: Yomo Renji.
Hirako: …We believe in ‘Arima Kishou’s choice’.
Hirako: While you all believe in 'Kaneki Ken’.
Hirako: Isn’t that fine?
Hirako: I personally think that understanding each other doesn’t mean we have to share/join together.
Yomo: …If it’s like that then I can probably do it.

Hirako: I don’t know the difference between our sense of taste and one of a Ghoul’s but…
Hirako: This coffee… is delicious.

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Despite the many times Yuuri was late to the ice rink for practice back in Hasetsu, he was actually very punctual once he set his mind to it. Sometimes Victor found himself arriving later than his own student. Yakov always gave him a side glare but it’s not like Victor was late, he was relatively on time. Everyone was just earlier than he was.

Expecting the customary glare from Yakov, he was surprised when Yakov’s glare was set on the ice.

Victor walked to his coach and handed him the extra cup of coffee he brought with him, “Which one of yours is it this time?” Clearly a frown meant one of the skaters weren’t performing to a certain standard.

“It’s yours.” Yakov replied before silently sipping his coffee.

It’d only been a month since Yuuri made his home rink in Russia. He was almost always in control of his practices after the Grand Prix Finals in Spain, both in jumps and program rehearsals. But it’d been awhile since Victor saw him so riled up.

Victor focused his eyes on Yuuri. Everything was off about his skating. He was too impatient, too anxious, his jumps had bad take-offs and awful landings (if he even landed them). Victor could hear Yuri shouting at Yuuri for the 100th time probably since they started practicing. It was a little cute how much Yuri cared and worried for the Japanese skater.

Instead of being worried himself, Victor smiled. It really had been a while since Yuuri was such a mess. There were too many things on Yuuri’s mind. Something must have went up in Yuuri’s head to trigger his restlessness without Victor’s knowledge. Yuuri wasn’t exactly open with his problems and worries but it didn’t take Victor much anymore to see something was bothering Yuuri.

And unlike a few months ago, Victor would never force Yuuri to face his anxiety or try to ‘fix Yuuri’. What he could do though, was remind Yuuri that Victor was there for him. And there was a beautiful way to get that fact through Yuuri’s consciousness.  

“Yakov, can I borrow the ice for 10 minutes?”

Yakov gave him a weird look but didn’t say anything to state any disagreement. That was good enough for Victor who went to a bench to put his skates on. Before stepping on the ice, Victor put a CD into the audio player.

Being asked to ‘stay on the side and watch’ should have been a little offensive. But being told to later hit the play button so that Yuuri could have a private 10-minute lesson with his coach made Mila feel 200% better. She never understood the dynamic but was curious and Victor never showed his personal lessons before.

Mila was leaning beside the audio player with Georgi on her right and Yuri on her left. She saw Victor skating towards Yuuri and-

“..Did he just-.. spoke French? To Yuuri?”

The three Russian rinkmates frowned as they tried to pick up the conversation between the two further out on the ice.

Then Yuri suddenly looked impressed at Yuuri, “He replied.”

Georgi’s eyes were wide, “IN FRENCH”

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A Night on The Town

My @mlsecretsanta​​ gift for @katswatermelon​! A Happy Holiday to you! Now have some DJWifi fluff!


“I just don’t know what to get her, bro.”

“What about an interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir?”


“Got her that last year.”

“Has she interviewed them since Ladynoir became canon?”


“Seriously, Nino. Stop beating your head against the table.”

“I’ll stop when I figure this out.”


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“I don’t know what you’re talking about, (Y/N).” Barry said looking behind you at Iris.

“What? So you don’t realise that she is flirting with you? Because half of the time you flirt back!” You say with your voice slightly raising.

“I’m not flirting with her. I’m just supporting her over Eddie’s death.” Barry mumbled before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Barry, that happened over a year ago. And I hared her talking to Caitlin. Barry, she likes you, and I know that you will always lover her. You guys will be getting married in less than 10 so where does that leave us? I know you love me, but you love Iris more.” With that you stood up and walked out of jitters. Barry didn’t even try to stop you.

You headed to S.T.A.R Labs to get your things. The only thing that was keeping you in central city was Barry. You walked into the cortex and saw Caitlin and Cisco at a computer.

You just ignored them. You packed up your things and headed out. Caitlin knew why you were leaving and that’s why she didn’t say anything.

You walked out of S.T.A.R Labs and walked over to your car. Just as you unlocked it someone called for you.

“(Y/N), where are you going?” It was Barry. You looked up and saw Iris standing beside him. Holding his hand. That was fast you thought to yourself.

“Barry, I’m going back to Miami. I’m not staying here any longer.” You say before jumping into your car and driving off.

Part 2??

but it’s better if you do

Summary: When Louise invites Dan and Phil to a Halloween masquerade ball, Phil suggests they go alone. Dan doesn’t expect much to happen, until Phil kisses him. Now, Phil’s on a hunt to find the boy he kissed. The twist? He doesn’t know it was Dan.
Word Count: 2,345
Warnings: Recreational drinking, anxiety attack
EXCERPT:  “Well,” Dan panicked. “There are a lot of guys on this list. How are you gonna narrow it down?”

Phil sipped at his coffee before taking the list back. “I have my criteria.” At Dan’s raised eyebrow, Phil elaborated. “He was a guy. There’s half the guest list right there. And he was tall, so that gets rid of Tyler. And then, since there’s only a few people left.” Phil giggled maniacally. If someone didn’t believe it was possible to laugh maniacally, Dan was redirecting them to Phil. “I’ll figure it out.” 

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don’t you want to take me home?

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

request: “wanted to request one (with Diggs if you don’t mind) where you’re an old friend of Lin’s and you and Daveed meet on opening night. You can take it anywhere you want after that.”

summary: reader is one of lin’s oldest friends, so of course she’s at the opening night after-party. and of course diggs is into her.

warnings: NSFW! smut, alcohol, flirting, bathroom sex

word count: 4,262

a/n: title from clippng’s ‘tonight.’ this happened. idk. still going to hell.

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  • Tom: but like indescribable lonliness speaks to me on a personal level!
  • Tom: So I'm going with that!
  • Ze: [frowns after he sips his coffee]
  • Smarty: Awww....
  • GaLm: Aaawwrrr....
  • Ze: ...
  • Ze: Tom! Tom, are you okay?
  • [silence]
  • Tom: What?
  • Ze and Smarty: [laugh]
  • Ze: Are you okay?
  • Smarty: All around me are familiar faces
  • Tom: What?
  • Chilled: Thanks...thanks for the point, I think?
  • Smarty: [broken singing] worn out places
EXO approaching their wife after their child asks for a sibling

Just a note: this scenario may not be as detailed as my last one, since it will be somewhat similar. Nonetheless, thanks for the ask! <3

*Gifs as always do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He brings this up to his wife in due time; not right after his son brought the matter to him. He would mention it subtly, with a soft smile accompanying his remark. “You know jagi, our boy’s been telling me about having a sibling. Sounds good right?” Minseok would carefully take sips of his coffee while listening to his wife’s side of the matter. He wouldn’t force her into doing something she may not want, but he’ll try his best to convince her for the sake of his little boy. 

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Luhan: “He hasn’t told you yet?” Luhan would query his wife almost immediately after his little boy approached him, beseeching for a little sibling. After telling her what it is their little boy has been imploring them for, he’d have the largest grin, almost analogous to his son’s when he was asking for a sibling. “It’s not a bad idea, right baobei? It’ll give him something to do after all!” Like Xiumin, Luhan wouldn’t coax her if she’s not keen on the idea. 

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Kris: He will do everything within his power to convince his wife of the allurement of a second child. As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Kris is someone who I think dreams of being a father with many children, so the fact that his little girl shares congruous desires would elate him. He would take this opportunity to convince his wife also. He may even bring in their daughter to assist him in imploring. “You have something you want to tell mommy right?” Hearing his daughter appeal to her mother he would also go along with it slightly extravagant. “A sibling? That’s a great idea princess! You could have a little sister to keep you company, or a really cool little brother!” 

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Suho: He’d be slightly bashful when approaching his wife on the matter. But his little girl has been requesting this for sometime, so he wants to bring some sort of clarification to her regarding if she can have a sibling or not. “Jagi, our angel brought up the funniest thing a few days ago. She really wants a little brother! She wants to have tea parties with him and read stories to him, how cute is that jagi? Well, I guess we have to do something to make that happen, right?” 

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Lay: He’s been on board with this idea even before his little boy brought it up to him. Yixing will only bring it up with his wife when a perfect opportunity presents itself. With a soft smile, and his wife enclosed within his embrace, he’d tentatively bring it up. “Our little prince seems to be getting lonely these days. Perhaps another baby would make him feel better baobei?” he would murmur gently, in no way pressuring her, but being rather patient and understanding while listening to her response. 

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Baekhyun: After a few weeks of heavy contemplation, he’s come to the concurrence that another baby in the house wouldn’t be too much of an obstacle in the family’s daily life. So, being extra genial and attentive to his wife, she would pick up on Baek’s antics, questioning him. “What? You’ve been so incredible to me and our son, it’s only right that I return all those favors! Imagine having two kids in the house. I bet that’d be an enjoyable experience. Two adorable kids and an amazingly beautiful wife. We should consider it~ Also, how can we increase our chances of having another boy? I’m just asking….for a friend?” 

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Chen: “I know this is sudden, but I think it’d be a good idea if our princess had a sibling?” he’d inquire his wife tentatively, shifting in his stance delicately as he awaits her answer. Instantly, she’d grant Jongdae a befuddled expression and he’d know exactly what she’s referring to with this sharp look. “What? I’ve been having a change of heart lately jagi! Honest~” snickering softly, Jongdae would pull her closely to him in an affectionate embrace. 

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Chanyeol: He’d be blunt about approaching his wife on the matter, probably getting their daughter to join in with him just to further her positive conviction on the subject. “C’mon jagi! Look how adorable our pumpkin is. Another baby would be just as cute as her!” Chanyeol would have their little girl do an aeygo show for her in the process while he continues with his blatant beseeching. After all, he did pinky promise with his little girl that she would get a little sibling in due time. 

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*I had to with this one. 

D.O: The only way Kyungsoo would be convinced that his son is ready for the task of being an older sibling is by observing over his behavior for weeks on end. Kyungsoo wants to ensure that his little boy is mature enough to take this responsibility on without rushing it nor delaying the process. After heavy scrutiny, once Kyungsoo comes to a conclusive settlement, he’ll be sure to bring up all his watchings to her. “I think he’s ready for this jagi. His behavior has been especially consistent as of late.” He wouldn’t rush his wife’s decision, merely using this to bring up his own personal sentiments. 

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Tao: Similar to Chanyeol and Baekhyun, Tao would be especially affectionate towards his wife, more than usual, much to her elation, bringing her to question Tao’s antics. “What? Aren’t I always this great to you baobei?” he’d exclaim, pouting in a cute manner. “It’s just that our boy has been wanting to tell you for a while,” ushering his little son in, Tao would help him recite their request for a new baby to her, nice and drawn out, with batting eyes glazed with palpable comity. 

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Kai: He’s a bit modest when approaching his wife on this matter. Quietly shifting from side to side with puffed out cheeks while awaiting her opinion on the subject. Jongin is just slightly tensed in the event that she won’t take his side easily, and how he’ll have to break this news to their little princess whose been on her best behavior to show what a good ‘big sister’ she’d make. “Five kids might be a lot jagi, but I’m sure the dogs wouldn’t be opposed to having another sibling in the house. I know our little girl wouldn’t either.” 

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Sehun: More than likely, he’ll end up discussing this with his wife even while he’s still dubious on the thought of having another baby. Since Sehun’s ideal family would be consisting of one kid, this is slightly hard for him to intake hearing his little girl implore him for another girl in the house. Depending on what his wife takes away from this, that will make up his own mind on the matter. In a way, aside from answering his daughter’s inquiries succinctly, this is a way for Sehun to attain clarification on his stance as well. 

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Servamp ep10

Just gonna point out that when Lawless went back to his country at 16:00…

He didn`t have his scarf.

But at 17:00…

Dramatic effect maybe? 

Or it might be because his mental state finally broke.

His white scarf may have symbolized purity, innocence, loyalty, him being such a cinnamon roll… He got rid of the scarf when Ophelia died (some speculate that it was their contract item: the scarf or the brooch attached to it), and it`s a proof of independence. But when he saw what happened to the peace that she died for, something else snapped and now his scarf is back and is some shade of black– corruption, distrust, negativity; what he lives for to prove on his Eves. 

*sips coffee* It`s 11:45pm. I should be sleeping


One and Only

Fluff; Simon Dominic

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Falling in love with Kiseok is easy. It’s natural, like the rain pouring down after the nimbus clouds have had enough or dipping your toes on water and smiling at that nice feeling you get. But falling out of love? That’s the hard part.

He’s seated beside a glass wall, in a slightly crooked posture, and drinking a cup of coffee when you saw him. He’s wearing a black pullover that’s twice the size of his upper body. You thought of how he liked oversized clothes and a smile ghosted your lips.

You patted your cheeks, hoping to neutralize your expression. You can’t fall for him deeper than you already are, or else your purpose of being here today would be for nothing.

“Is the coffee too bitter or am I late?” You told him once you reached the table.

“Both,” Kiseok replied, chuckling a bit before sipping his coffee again. His eyebrows almost met as the bitter taste flooded his palate. “Who’s the unlucky man?”

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

Request: yoooo can you do a tom holland x reader request where they meet on set and fluff ensues and such?
Requested by: @princeofsassgard

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: this might be bad tbh idk :( but no warnings, just FLUFF
Notes: thanks for the request!! xo ily

Tom walked onto set with Harrison by his side like he did when he walked onto any set: his head held high, a coffee in his hand and ambition and energy like no one else to begin this new project. He smiled politely at all the young women who smiled enthusiastically at him. Tom had mentioned in interviews that he was nowhere near shy when it came to girls. If he wanted to talk to a girl or ask her out, he’d have no trouble doing so. He wasn’t cocky about it, he just believed that you had to put yourself out there to get somewhere – that thought came with everything he did.

“So, who else is on this movie?”

Tom sipped idly at his coffee as he turned to face Harrison, realizing he couldn’t really answer his question. He had spent so much of his time the last two months rehearsing and perfecting his deliverance of the new script that he hadn’t even done any research on his new colleagues. Right when Tom went to answer Harrison, his head shifted to look ahead of him as he heard a new voice in the room with them.

That was his first mistake.

You were simply standing there with your hair in a ponytail as you spoke to the director. In the time that it took him to notice the smaller details in your face he had already become distracted. Tom had no trouble talking to women, but, when your eyes came up to meet his he couldn’t stop himself from stumbling over his feet. He stopped abruptly causing Harrison to walk into him, in turn sending Tom’s coffee toward the ground.

“Oh, my god!” He heard your voice again but didn’t dare look up, afraid he might do something even more embarrassing than trip over himself.

“Mate, what the hell is wrong with you?” He turned to face Harrison with wide eyes, noticing that his coffee decorated the front of his white shirt and red flannel. He was about to answer when he heard you again.

“Are you alright?”

When Tom didn’t answer after the first few seconds Harrison nodded slightly and gave you a small smile. “We’re fine. Are you on this movie?”

You nodded with a bright smile. “This is my first movie! I’m playing Penelope.”
“Oh, the lead! Well, this is your counterpart, Tom. Tom, don’t be an ass, turn around and introduce yourself.” Upon seeing you, Harrison had a pretty good idea of what happened, allowing himself to give Tom a subtle smirk while Tom casted him a glare. He composed himself quickly before turning around with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Sorry for the cold shoulder, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed because of the, you know, coffee thing.”

“It’s no problem,” you offered with a laugh, and Tom had to resist the urge of blurting out that it was quite honestly one of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard. “I’m (Y/N)! I guess we’re lovers now.”

“What?” Tom’s eyes went wide and he heard Harrison snicker from behind him. He didn’t fail to notice the crimson color that dusted across your face.

“Um, in the movie. We’re love interests. Sorry, that was my attempt at a joke.” You bowed your head to allow your hair to curtain around the sides of your face to block the brightening color you had been developing.

You both let out a small sigh. This was going to be a long few months.

“Okay, Tom,” You replied, pausing to take another spoonful of your ice cream. “If you could live in any fantasy world. Which would it be?”

You and Tom had grown rather close the past three months of shooting. It wasn’t until the second month in when you both started to grow comfortable with each other. It was when you both had to shoot your kiss scene. You had gone to Tom’s trailer directly and asked if you could talk to him about the scene. You had told him that this was your first on-screen kiss, and because you were nervous you wanted to apologize if you didn’t do as well as you hoped.

“I seriously doubt you’ll be any bad at it.” As soon as Tom finished what he had thought was just a remark to himself, he shook his head and continued with,

“But, if it makes you feel better, we could practice in front of Harrison. I mean, I know he doesn’t equal the crowd we’ll have out there, but it’s something.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I love a good show.” Tom rolled his eyes without facing Haz and kept his eyes on you, smiling at you reassuringly.

“I mean, if you don’t mind,” you tried to breathe deeply in order to keep your face at a normal color.

“I don’t mind at all.” And after delivering the few lines that lead up to the kiss, Tom leaned in as the script told his character to, and when you kissed him it changed everything for you.

For both of you.

“Hm,” Tom contemplated your question. “That’s a good one. Maybe Zootopia.”

“Zootopia?” You stifled your laugh as you looked at him incredulously.

“Um, hell yeah. Can you imagine living in a world of nothing but animals?”

“But when you’d be an animal. There aren’t any humans in that universe, doofus.”

“Oh,” his cheeks turned a light pink. You felt bad for the light teasing so you shrugged slightly.

“Well, if that’s the case. What animal would you want to be?”

“Oh, Nick Wilde for sure. I’d be a fox. Cool, clever. I mean, I’m already pretty close.” He winked at you slightly.

“Har, har,” you rolled your eyes in return, your head moving down to rest on his shoulder as his arm went to hook around you.

It was difficult for Tom at first. Despite the hazing that came from Harrison, talking to you was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He couldn’t understand why you had made him so nervous. He liked to think that it was because this was his first love interest in a film – one that he had to kiss. He was flustered and nervous, never having done a romantic comedy before. But, he knew deep down, that wasn’t the case. In all honestly he never worried about talking to girls because usually they would make the first move. Not that Tom was opposed to talking to them first, but being in the acting world led him to fear all kinds of rejection, so he reserved himself. But, he was just drawn to you.

So, when you came into his trailer that day to talk to him about the kiss, he used that as a way of making himself more comfortable with you. Maybe he didn’t have a crush on his costar, maybe this would solidify that he could be friends with a beautiful young girl that he had imagined kissing a couple of times. But when you agreed, he grew ten times more nervous. and When he finally kissed you it did solidify something – it wasn’t just a crush.

“Okay, my turn,” Tom thought about his question as he tried to ignore the smell of your lavender shampoo invading his senses and the warmth you provided as you inched closer into his side. “What’s your ideal date?”

“Easy,” you answered with no hesitation, “I want to go to a small diner and sit in a booth in a corner. I want the lights to be bright because I love the part of a date when you invade each other’s personal life. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the expressions on people when they tell me about their childhood, their favorite song, what they would want to be if this were a different era or world.” You paused to look up at Tom, only to realize his eyes were already fixated on you. “I want to know small things about them. What they ate that morning, what their favorite scene in their favorite movie meant to them, had they ever broken a bone?”

Tom felt his breathing become shallow, not being able to shake the feeling that you were talking about him, to him. “Would you let him get a question in before it was over?”

“Of course,” you breathed, “I’d want him to invade my personal space, too. Even something as small as what my favorite color is.”

“And then?” Tom hadn’t realized, but both of your voices had dropped down to a whisper.

“And then he’d walk me home. He’d still be holding my hand,” at this Tom’s hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together. You didn’t mind, your eyes were staring into his, to entranced to react to anything now. “He’d compare me to something as cliché as the moon and hopefully tell me that he wished the night never had an end.”

“And then?” Tom couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features as he looked down at you. His eyes alternating from your eyes to your mouth.

“And then he’d kiss me.”

Without thinking Tom leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, still holding your hand. He had only let go when he felt you fighting against his, only to bring them up to his face. His hands dropped down the grip your sides. The kiss was agonizingly slow but it left you breathless just the same.

Tom was the first to pull away, but even then, he hadn’t pulled away completely. He leaned his forehead against yours and looked at you with a small smile.

“What’s your favorite color?”


Imagine the squad finding out that you and Rafael are dating

(A/N: I’m back. Sorry for the extended hiatus. Forgive me?! I hope you all enjoy this) 

This is an unofficial part two to this imagine here

Imagine the squad finding out that you and Rafael are dating

“What are you doing?” Rafael asked, raising his eyebrows from across the table as he took a sip of his coffee.

“I burnt my tongue.” You exclaimed as you tore open a sugar packet.

“And you need sugar because…?” He questioned, looking at you strangely before quickly glancing around at the other people in the coffee-shop.

“It helps get rid of it.” You quickly explained before you poured the contents onto your tongue and stuck it out.

“Y/N, we’re in public.” He scolded.

You shrugged helplessly but out of fun, you threw your head back and swayed just to draw in more attention from other patrons at the coffee shop.

“Y/N!” He hissed.

Playfully, you put your hand up to silence him and counted down on your watch. You only needed a minute. Once it was over you swallowed the sugar and smirked at him.

“Why are you so embarrassing?” He sighed.

“You’re hot when you’re annoyed.” You winked before taking a sip of your own coffee and then for fun pretending that you had burnt it again.

“No.” He warned snatching the holder away from his grasp.

“Just kidding.” You chuckled before actually looking at your watch and standing up, “We’ve got to go or we’re going to be late sugar.”

“You aren’t as cute as you think you are.” He commented, following suit and standing up himself.

“I beg to differ.” You smiled as you grabbed his spare hand with your own as you both began to walk out the coffee shop and towards the court house.

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I’m Home

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set after Can’t Sleep (you can find it HERE) You don’t have to read it, in order to understand this one, but it will enhance your reading experience.
Genre: Smut, Plot What Plot?, Classy Porn
Rating: M+

A/N: I got inspired to continue Can’t Sleep, so here it goes. It’s among the smuttier pieces I’ve written, so proceed with caution.

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