sipping cocktails on the beach

Renaissance Island - Aruba

Renaissance Island is a privately owned, man made island, that spans 40 acres. The island is famous for the flamingos that graze along the islands white sandy beaches. The beach is also a great place to get an open air massage, or to sip on cocktails under the islands palm trees. 

Entry to the beach is free for guests staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. For visitors not staying at the Resort, a day pass is available for purchase. 

Started planning a 3 day break to Italy with my mum and ended up just booking a week long all inclusive holiday in Turkey with my mum, sis and boyfriend.
I’m usually not an all inclusive type of traveller, but damn the idea of sipping cocktails by a warm beach for a week sounds very appealing ☀
Off to Slovakia next weekend, then Venice for Easter weekend, Rhodes in May and then Turkey in June. I’ll take my break from travelling in the summer and then it’s off to India in November and back home to the Azores in December 👌✈✈

i honestly cannot believe that junkrat in novelty sunglasses, sipping a bright colored cocktail with his pinky out, chilling on a beach chair with a little towel rolled up under his neck, and fistbumping roadhog (whos in a speedo), is canon. that seems exactly like the kind of pic a roadrat artist would draw and caption with ‘gayest man alive’ but thats canon. the only thing its missing is pride patches on his beach shorts

seeing some of the reactions when Daud is mentioned regarding Dishonored 2, this is how I’d like to see him mentioned in the game:

- you encounter him on the beach if you explore a certain section during the day

- he has no quest marker or location marker (so you have to search for him)

- he’s wearing his old red outfit complete with gloves, except with striped red-and-white bathing shorts and clogs

- he’s relaxing on a beach chair, sipping a fruity, brightly-coloured cocktail with a tiny wooden umbrella in

- no one else in Serkonos drinks those kind of cocktails

- no one else in the entire Empire of the Isles, for that matter, has even thought of making tiny wooden umbrellas and putting them in fruity, brightly-coloured cocktails

- if you visit him in-between missions, his cocktail colour changes, but he otherwise remains in the same place

- you can try talking to him. he will look up at you, nod, and go back to staring out to sea

- he gives you one quest near the end of the game

- it’s to find another wooden umbrella

- who even makes those things

- Kirin Jindosh doesn’t that’s for sure

- when you find it and bring it to him, Daud puts it in his new drink, nods at you, and goes back to staring out to sea

- if you visit him after completing the main storyline, he will have moved three feet up the beach, as if that’s how much the whole drama of Dishonored 2 has affected him

- that’s it

June 2016 | Article: Karim and Cora on vacations just the two of them, in the south of France, in the beginning of June for a few days, it says that they were near a beach, taking long walks and sipping cocktails just by themselves- and afterwards Sunday 5th June, Benz joined Neymar at his house party in LA with Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx, forgetting his worries and relaxing fully during this holidays.