eksorcizamus te omnis immudus sipiritus omnis satanika potestate omnis inkursiyo fernalis adversariğ omnis leyco et omnis sekta diyabiyolika kongeriyagetoni in nomini domini nostri cezo kristi e virtute eradikare e fugare eklezya deği ab imacinim de konditis ak pretyazo divini ed animabus redemabtis sanguine agni.

Şeytan çıkartıyoz bunla ha ezberledim çoğunu


Peaceful surroundings help relieve stress you didn’t know your mind was retaining. This is a form of therapy in itself #EvolveTogether #gratitude #mind #body #soul #health #fitness #yoga #namaste #meditation #business #entrepreneur #blog #summer #ocean #water #love #photography #life #passion #instagram #motivation #writing #sipiritual #gym #passion #startup #grind #growth #sun #read

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A bit of Wisdom. Curious Souls.

The only secure and comforting thing I have in my life right now is wine and my sock monkey. Yes I have friends but they don’t reach me at the same level, I’m still lonely whether I’m alone or not.  We all are. There is a certain connection spiritually, our souls, that can feel that connection. It’s a hard thing to find. People tend to drift towards and cling to people and they don’t know why, its not love it’s a feeling; a sensation between souls; They know. We can be popular, we can be in a relationship, but we will always be alone in our minds and hearts and a longing within. Some think they will fill that hole with sex and drama and some with a connection to God…. Those are some directions that people will choose. There is no right or wrong way, we don’t know. I think it’s a feeling that will never go away and it will poke at us and make us question and feel things we don’t want to because its always a new feeling that we don’t understand yet. Our brains are hard wired for structural things and problem solving and identifying emotions but this is not something even your brain can understand. That’s what pushes us on… the curiosity of this feeling, wondering what our inner selves want. Not many know or care about what I am talking about, but I know there are people who do and that’s who we need to connect to, we need to stick together and go through the journey of find out what our curious souls want and follow it.