Ascomycetes, Cyrotoidea, Acanthophracta, Blastodea, Teleostei, Siphonophorae, Cubomedusae, Echinidea and Platodes from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur (Artforms of Nature), 1899-1904.

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Would you ever do a post on a siphonophorae mermaid? I know the idea was mentioned in your jellymaid post, but I was curious as to how a colonial organism would think and act. Actually, since the Portuguese man-o'-war is bilaterally symmetrical, its more conducive to a human appearance. I'd guess that such a mermaid would look like a drowned person from the surface and then a curtain of tentacles underneath, but there could be other types.

The jellyfish mermaid post.

I did lump siphonophorae in with the jellyfish mermaid. I didn’t think they were different enough to warrant a separate post, but please don’t let my imagination limit you.

The concept of a hive mind might apply to a siphonophorae creature: the more parts it has, the more intelligent it becomes.The resemblance to a drowned human is striking, especially the idea or lots and lots of them accumulating in the same location.

Apolemia uvaria

…a species of Apolemiid Siphonophore that can be found worldwide, but is most common in the Mediterranean, North-East Atlantic, and areas around Australia and New Zealand. Although A. uvaria is sometimes called a jellyfish it is actually a type of colonial hydrozoan, which consists of many polyps living together in a ‘colony’. Like other siphonophores Apolemia uvaria is a predator and will feed on pelagic zooplankton which are dispatched with stinging tentacles. The polyps in A. uvaria colonies are specialized to preform different tasks, most of the colony consists of stinging tentacles with a gas float and swimming bells at the front. 


Animalia-Cnidaria-Hydrozoa-Siphonophorae-Physonectae-Aoplemiidae-Apolemia-A. uvaria

Image: Seascapeza

would you believe me if i told you that the last time i had a quad OC was like, 2011
so this is L.A.W (Lennox, Abhner, Wyngate; Lennox is the blue AI, Abhner is the bot, and Wingate is the orange AI). it’s basically the robotic equivalent of a siphonophora. Abhner is an Arcanist prototype that never saw mass production, instead he was used as a test bot for AI. Abhner ended up getting permanently stuck with Lennox and Wyngate after they refused to split up and leave him; after that point, together it was known as L.A.W. L.A.W lives pretty peacefully, and only really attacks if it feels threatened. It’s front legs and head are replaceable, but it’s yet to find any. 

small airhorn noise i’m p happy w/ this design. might tweak Lennox and Wyngate later.