sip this true tea

Friendly reminder that serial killers are pieces of shit and shouldn't be hero worshipped and deserve to rot in prison/die :^)

This goes for school shooters and mass murderers too. :^) :^)


Bucky x Reader
Warnings: none

“So is the rumor true?” Nat says sipping her tea, giving you a wink. She seems to be drinking with a smirk.

You looked at her confused, about to sip your coffee,“rumor? About who?”

“You and Bucky of course.”

You spit out the hot liquid and exclaimed,“ damn that’s hot!”

Wanda walked in laughing,“ you asked her about the rumor we heard Nat?”

You get a paper towel and bent down behind the counter, wiping the mess you made.

“You guys see (Y/n)? Or is she out making out with Bucky again,"you heard.

You stood up straight from behind the counter,” again? When was the first time.“

"Oh! There you are, Steve wants you. Don’t tell Bucky though. We don’t want our little grumpy cat to get all jelly,” Tony says.

“Why are you talking like that?” You asked.

“(Y/n) you haven’t answered my question,” Nat says putting her mug down.

“Are you and James Buchanan Barnes a couple?”

“A couple of friends,” you wink and pointed at them, your hands in forms of “guns.”

“Do not lie, (Y/n), tell the truth,"Wanda says.

"Wanda, you shouldn’t be asking me anything because you should know that I’m telling the truth,” you say while walking to the trash, throwing away your wet paper towels,“ you read minds don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, but I really want you and Bucky to be dating,” she says, grabbing an apple,“ I do not want to look in your brain and make myself sad if it is not true.”

“Well sorry to sink your ship Wan, but me and Bucky are -”

“Me and Bucky are what?”

You look at the door and see Bucky standing there with Sam.

“They wanna know if the rumors are true,” you say. Your face had a confused look to it when you saw Bucky giving you a mischievous smirk.

“Oh yeah, should we tell them now babe?” He says casually, walking towards you.

You stood there stiff.

Nat:“So it is true!”

Wanda:“Oh my goodness! I am so happy!”

Sam:“Oooh yeah Bucky get sooomee!!!”

Nat:“(Y/n) how can you keep such a secret like this from your best friends?”

You look at Bucky with a face that says “what the heck” and he just gives you a soft smile. You open your mouth to protest but Bucky quickly shuts you up by pressing his lips against yours.

You didn’t bother pulling away, I mean, you did have a crush on him for like, ever? But you didn’t like lying to your friends like this so you pull away and excused you two.

You dragged him to the patio where no one would hear your conversation.

“What the heck Buck?”


“Why would you pretend we’re together? I hate lying to them.”

You look at him with your bottom lip out and your eyebrows looking sad.

Bucky chuckled,“ you’re so cute.”

“I’m serious Buck.”

“Well I mean we’re not really lying to them.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s actually be a couple. Be my girlfriend.”

You scoffed,“ well I rather tell them the truth than you pretending to love me.”

“Who says I’m pretending?”

“I really do like you (Y/n). What do you say, go out with me?”

You stood there for a second, looking at Bucky’s puppy dog eyes, waiting for you to say yes.

“Look, I don’t know who started this rumor but I’m glad they did,” he says.

“What? Why?”

“Because it finally gave me a chance to ask you out.”

“You actually like me?”

You crinkled your nose, not believing that this was real, like some one actual likes you?

Bucky chuckled and boop your nose with his index finger.

“What do you say?”

You wrap your arms around his neck.


Bucky smiled wide and leans down, his nose giving your nose a little “boop”.

You giggle and push your lips against his.

“Woah, they really are together,” Tony says, surprised, but also saw it coming.

“How come Buck never told me?” Steve says pouting.

“Woah he is getting all the way in there isn’t he?” Pietro says walking towards the glass door, when seeing everyone around it.

You both pull away, gasping for air and you smile at each other.

“Finally,” you whisper.

Bucky puts his arms around your shoulders and pull you close into a tight hug,“ oh, I’m so happy, I’ve been waiting for this day.”

Your heart fluttered. You never thought that Bucky every felt this way about you.

As you turn your head to the side you see the whole team pressed against the window.

“Look,” you pointed.

“What the fu-”


A/N: hello, it’s been a while kind of, I’m trying to get back to writing. I’ll do my best :) feedback is always wanted hehe

Liking true crime is fine honestly like its a normal curiosity to explore
But if ur gonna fucking dedicate ur online presence to a man who made it his mission to kill people (for whatever reason it doesnt matter cuz they KILLED PEOPLE)
YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO NAME AT LEAST A HANDFUL OF THEIR VICTIMS. They’re the ones that suffered so greatly to give these dicks their perverse fame
If you cant name even one of the victims from the serial killer you obsess over then you lose the right to claim its an interest in true crime because it has turned into fetishization of men who KILLED PEOPLE ill repeat
Everything you do and say in regard to these people should be with the upmost fucking respect to the victims because their families are still out there and honestly if your kid were traumatically killed by a serial killer… would you wanna go online 20 years later and see some edgy teenager talking about how much they wanted to fuck the person that killed your child

Liar Liar

Summary: Alexander Hamilton is an Omega, but no one else knows this. No one else can know this. Even in this day and age, Omegas are still treated as little more than slaves. No rights, no protections, nothing. Alex has to hide his rank from the world for this reason. John Laurens is an Alpha, but like Alexander, he is hiding his rank, ashamed of the Alpha he was born as. Lies stack upon lies upon more lies. How long before they all come crashing down?

Chapter 1

For as long as Alexander had been alive, the rules of society had been the same. The hierarchy ruled everyone’s lives. Alphas were always the ones on top. They were the ones that had their lives laid out for them. They had barely any difficulties to get to the top aside from their fellow Alpha’s. Beta’s were middle ground. They were your average workers. They, despite being lower than Alpha’s, had very little problems in life. They could still work, live a free life. Omega’s, however, could not have such a good life. Omega’s were the bottom of the barrel. The mat at the doorstep to wipe your feet off on. To the public they were seen as nothing but slaves in a sense. If your child was born an omega, it was seen equally as having a whore child who would never amount to anything. It was an embarrassment to the majority of families. Even in this day and age, Omega rights were almost non existent. The life of an Omega was laid out somewhat like this: They would attend elementary and middle school with all other children until they present as either an Alpha, Beta, or Omega at puberty. After that, Omega children are separated from all their Alpha and Beta classmates and attend school for Omega’s. Here they will learn how to act like a proper Omega. They are taught their place. If an Alpha asks them to jump, they say how high. Being an Omega, you are taught you are nothing but a housewife and husband for their Alpha, providing children for them. They are taught to never speak against their Alpha or face the consequences that their Alpha sees fit to inflict on them. They are told..that their only purpose is to please. Without an Alpha they’re useless.

This is what Alexander grew up knowing. At the tender age of 10 he presented at Omega. Not only was this a very young age to show as any rank, but it was at this age that his life started to spin out of control. The moment the scent of an Omega in heat poured through the house, his parents fought. He, all while laying in an uncomfortable pile of discarded blankets on his bed, little Alex heard how his father called him a whore in the making..a disgrace to the family…worthless. There was more yelling before a door slammed and he heard his mother crying. Then it was quiet..she came to comfort him through his first heat. It was very short, barely lasting a day. His mother had been a beautiful Beta woman. He always thought so, at least. Despite everything he had been told about Omega’s she told him that day she still loved him..that he was perfect no matter what..and that she would help him live a normal life. That evening when his heat ended, he started on heat suppressants. After a short break from school, claiming he was sick, he was able to go back and start living as a Beta.

His friends congratulated him for presenting so early. Some teased and joked that they thought he was going to be an Alpha with how he normally acted. Alexander would joke back, but he knew the truth. He was different and they could never know. He tried to tell himself this was for the best. He couldn’t let anyone know he was an Omega. Mother had explained to him this. She only wanted what was best for him, after all. He thought things would be okay after that. Two years later, he was sadly mistaken when he and his mother fell ill…the flu was everywhere in his town and they had caught it. They didn’t have money to go to the doctor, so they had to stay home and try and let it pass.

Alex was the only one in the house that got better.

It was one thing after another after that. He was an orphan and living with his cousin until he was 16 when the cousin..died. He was old enough to work, though, and he was about to graduate early from high school. He was doing odd jobs here and there, trying to save up money so he wouldn’t be living with the friend he was currently with. He thought things were about to get better.

Then the Hurricane hit.

It was devastating. He had never seen such destruction before in his life. He didn’t know how he wasn’t dead. He saw a silver lining, though. If it wasn’t for this, though the storm still haunted his dreams and waking minutes, he wouldn’t have written about the storm to a local paper. He wouldn’t have been the talk of the island. He wouldn’t have gotten the large donation from those who knew him to get him to New York..

He pondered, on the flight that year, where he would be if they had known he wasn’t the Beta they thought he was. Would he have gotten this far? Probably not.

That had been 7 years ago. Alexander Hamilton was 25 now, a bright young man who was attending college for law and working at a local Newspaper company. It wasn’t as big as the New York Times, but he had friends there and the pay was decent. One friend there was a man by the name John Laurens. John had only recently started working there, but he was really nice. He was a cute Beta with a face full of freckles and a laugh that could rival angels singing.

Alexander also possibly felt some sort of attraction toward the Beta. Just a little. How could he not, though? John was so..kind and sweet..Yet at the same time he was also just as passionate as Alex was, like on the topic about Omega rights. That’s how they became friends, really. Their combined opinion on the mistreatment of Omegas and how wrong it was..its what brought them together. The company was just as Liberal, so it wasn’t the first time he had heard these opinions..but John. John was just so..intense about it. He remembered the first Omega rights rally they went to and how John punched out an Alpha that tried to grab Alex..he chuckled softly, recalling how they had to run and lose the Alpha’s friends in the crowd.

“This is a free country, supposedly, so why do we still have slavery? It’s not called that, but we all know it” John ranted as they ate their lunch. Alex smiled some, adjusting his scarf.

“Because the world’s a shit place. Every issue starts with an outcry. We just need to stay strong and keep fighting for them.” he said and took a drink of his coffee, enjoying the caffeinated bitter liquid as it burned his throat some. He was focused solely on John, so he was a bit startled when the chair next to him pulled out. He only relaxed when he saw it was just Lafayette. He was also a Beta, close friend of Alex’s.

“Are you two talking politics in my business again” he asked, a thick french accent on his lips. Sometimes Alex forgot Laf had only immigrated here a few years ago and that his accent was still as prominent as ever.

“Well of course. This is the only place we really can without getting kicked out” Alex snickered, sipping on his coffee.

“Keep acting smug like this and I will revoke your coffee rights, mon ami” he chuckled and Alex placed a hand to his chest in mock offense.

“How dare”

“You know I you say, kidding” he hummed in response, sipping on a still slightly steaming tea. Honestly it was true, this was the only place him and John could rant like they did over their lunch. The cafe was never really this time of day, so he wasn’t worried about causing Laf to lose any business.

“You two are worse than siblings sometimes with your bickering” John laughed softly and Laf smiled some.

“Mm. What’s the topic of argument today? Seeing as you are here during my own lunch break, I would like to listen on on your little debate” he hummed and Alex sat up a little more.

“Oh the usual. The shit Omega’s have to go through. Segregation in schools, zero rights, no protections when they’re assaulted, I could go on about it all day man. Its like John said. Its nothing but slavery under the excuse of the fucking hierarchy..” he grumbled, taking a bite of his sandwich that he had made at home for lunch. He didn’t have the money to waste on the normal junk he bought for lunch. He might be missing his chipotle, but his heart was probably thanking him.

“Oh cher…I know how upset you get with this topic, especially what happened to your cousin..” Laf sighed softly and John raised an eyebrow at this. Oh..Alexander hadn’t told him yet.

“What happened to your cousin?” John asked and Alex paused. Well..he was planning on telling this story eventually.

“When my mom died I moved in with my cousin, Peter..he uh..he was attacked by a drunk Alpha and when we went to the police they laughed at us and pulled some kind of bullshit excuse to arrest him. They didn’t thankfully..but the next month he..I found him hanging” he murmured and he heard John’s breath hitch from across the table. He could see Laf shake his head in his peripherals.

“Shit..Alex I’m so sorry that happened..” John said and Alex managed to smile some.

“Its okay. Can’t change the past, but I can sure as hell try and change the future so no one else has to go through that..” he murmured, a hand unconsciously going to his neck where a mark was hidden under the scarf he always wore. Under the table, Laf patted his knee. He was the only one that knew Alex’s secret..but it wasn’t because Alex wanted to tell him.

Something had happened to Alex the year they met.

Authors note:

So Ive been working on this for a few days and I have several chapters for this story..and a lot of art. I didnt really want to post it on my ao3, but I might eventually. This story is connected to the first Lams drawing I posted here :) Tell me what you think of it!

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Hi :) I loved the imagine about short MC! Could you write one about MC, RFA, V and Saeran going to a cat cafe? ^_^

✿ Hehe, thank you! Glad you liked it. (…..considering how long ago that post came out, you should get a sense of just how many messages i have in my inbox.)


  • well, okay, a cat cafe sounds pretty nice, he’ll go.
  • At first, he’s kind of nervous. what if he messes something up? what if he breaks a rule or something? …what if he gets scratched?
  • but once he’s around the cats, he gets this big goofy grin on his face and starts playing with them.
  • He takes TONS of pictures and sends them to the guild’s group-chat, giving them a real-time play-by-play of the Cat Antics. The LOLOL crew gets into it, and you have a chat log to go back through once you’re done at the cafe.


  • he does it because he loves you, but you are a monster.


  • does. does she have to.
  • You tell her that you’ll wash her clothes afterwards and, since it’s at the cafe, there’s no worry of cat fur getting on any of your own furniture.
  • you’re just scoping out the competition! c’mon, jaehee, it’ll be fun.
  • After spending some time there, Jaehee is shocked. it is fun. when she doesn’t have to worry about the ramifications of interacting with cats (and once they’re separated from Jumin’s influence) she actually…. kinda… likes them? They’re nice to pet, charmingly aloof, and fun to watch as she eats cake and drinks coffee.
  • she actually wouldn’t mind going back (particularly since she has a favorite, a huge, fat, lazy white cat named Muto.)


  • (ΦωΦ)
  • (ΦωΦ)
  • (ΦωΦ)
  • none of them are as pretty and elegant as Elizabeth the III, of course, and he’s going to suggest that they use photos of her on their promotional material, but this is basically paradise on earth.
  • they’re all so sweet! and loving! there’s a cat sitting on his lap and another sitting on his shoulders and another sitting on his head and he’s sipping tea elegantly like a true company heir.
  • you take pictures. (they’re pretty good.) he takes pictures. (they’re pretty bad.) he says that this should be therapy, you say that it probably is in some places. It becomes a tradition to go to the cat cafe on the weekends, and Jumin has a new business to propose. 
  • (Sorry, Jaehee.)


  • seven, we can not adopt all of the cats.
  • once you can calm this rambunctious child, the two of you have a pretty good time, but before that you’re pretty nervous about getting kicked out.
  • The two of you make up names and elaborate backstories for the cats as you eat. Like - ah yes, that’s King Pudding the Fifteenth, the current ruling monarch of the grand cat kingdom. He dines on premium lamb friskies daily and garnishes all of his meals with fish sauce.
  • This inspires Seven to make a blog where he routinely posts photos for cats up for adoption and gives them extravagant biographies. Singlehandedly, Seven the Hacker becomes a crusader for homeless kitties.


  • So, going into the cafe, you might have played a tiny bit of a trick on V. 
  • It’s nothing mean-spirited, not is it anything that clever - you just sprinkled a little catnip on him so he’s be a bit more popular.
  • and oh, popular he IS.
  • this can is just swimming in cats - all of them meowing, purring, rubbing their faces on him…
  • And V just looks so happy, with this gentle little smile on his face as he gives them all the love and attention he has to offer.
  • That smile only grows when you tell him that it’s common knowledge that animals are attracted to people with good spirits, and gosh, look at them, they all just love him.
  • …you keep your little trick a secret. You just want him to feel good about himself, y’know?

Unknown (Saeran)

  • this is stupid, he says as you drag him in, and you know that he’s literally only saying that because he’s trying to save face.
  • this man loves cats.
  • this man loves cats.
  • this man loves animals in general, actually, but he likes cats because they’re independent and, when they come to you for attention, it feels really special.
  • He tries incredibly hard not to basically f a w n over them all, but when a pure black cat named Peaches comes to sprawl over him, he can’t help himself.
  • he gushes. cats are so good, he whispers, tearing up just a little bit as he picks her up and holds her. cats are so, so good.
  • When he notices you’re looking, he clams up and looks away like he’s trying to pretend he totally didn’t just do that. which, thinking about it… is a pretty cat-like trait, isn’t it?

what kpop fans say:

  • “treat idols better!”
  • “idols are human too”
  • “they trained for like seven years oh my god”
  • “they sacrificed so much to become an idol… they literally see their family on a monthly basis omg i would cry”
  • “idols are criticized for every little thing they do and say just back off a bit am i right?”
  • “idols go through so much! they can’t even date, they can’t even gain like 0.5 kg”
  • “look at them crying… omg so heartbreaking they must be under so much pressure”
  • “oh my god look at the way those staff members mistreat those idols… how could you say that to someone?”
  • “literally how could you say that to a human being”
  • “they worked so hard… they don’t deserve this treatment just because of the actions of one member”
  • “omg… all that talent gone to waste…”
  • “idols deserve to be treated with a little more respect”

what kpop fans say at the slightest hint of a controversy which is 50% speculation + 30% blurry video + 10% mistranslation + 10% misunderstanding due to cultural differences: 

  • “omg *insert group* is cancelled”
  • “omg delete *insert group*
  • “fuck *insert group*
  • “y’all still gonna stan???”
  • “i know it’s not like confirmed or anything but they seem so problematic tbh u can just tell”
  • “honestly anyone who’s a(n) *insert fandom* can unfollow me rn”
  • “eww all of them are gross”
  • “ugly af”
  • “how did they even become idols tbh”
  • “haha they’re such flops”
  • “who ?? that’s right they’re nobodies”
  • “i know it’s just *insert member* but honestly they can all go fuck themselves”

See Link above for the original picture. For @norbertsmom and all of my Buttercup loving friends.

A little Modern AU Katniss

Rated G, unbeta’d all mistakes are mine :

Peeta stood there desperately trying to hide his mirth. He gripped his cup of tea tighter as his shoulders shook.

His tough as nails with a mushy center wife, Katniss stood in front of the back screen door making faces at a cat. Not just any feline, but an ugly huge tabby with muddy eyes, named Buttercup, that belonged to his wife’s adorable sweet sister Prim.

He held his laughter in, as he sipped his tea. It was endearing, to watch her scowl. It was a contest of wills. Prim’s cat came from next door, every morning to stare through the back porch, at Katniss. His wife gave as good as she got.

True she had merit for scowling. To list a few of his major offenses, the mangy cat had torn apart their garden, delighted to rip the screen porch to shreds every summer, and scared all of the bird’s from the birdhouse he’d made when they first moved here.

After the strawberry patch incident this spring, they thought they’d gotten rid of him. Katniss had chased him out of the yard with a hose, but sure enough, the cat was back the very next morning looking grumpier than the day before.

Though no matter what Buttercup did, they forgave him because of Prim. If not that cat would’ve been toast by now. His wife was an expert hunter and trapper. Peeta secretly loved the mangy cat and he knew that Katniss, despite her ranting had a soft spot for Buttercup. He leaned up against the edge of the counter, taking in his beautiful wife. 

The golden sun streamed through the screen and illuminated Katniss’s face, making her eyes look like mercury. This was Peeta’s favorite time of day. He also loved watching his cool composed wife lose it over a cat that had to be on his ninth life.

This morning though, the ‘face’s battle’ had taken a whole new turn. Prim was out of town. She was a Doctor and volunteered to help the victims of the deadly Hurricanes down in the Caribe.

Katniss growled, “I’m going to bathe you, every day until Prim comes back, you fleabag!”

MRRRRRRROWWW,” Buttercup replied his tail bristled.

“That’s right Prim’s away and she left you behind, let’s see whose high and mighty now!” Katniss opened the screened back door.

In marched Buttercup head held high tail wagging. Indignantly crying, “Mrreow.”

“Ha!” Katniss replied, “ As if you had a say. You know I’d eat you! Make you into rotten kitten soup!”

Katniss walked toward the arched kitchen doorway talking to the cat. “Don’t you dare try any of your tricks in this house buster. I don’t care if you’re Prim’s cat. You take one swipe at my petunias or the sofa, and you’re out buddy. Picture it, sleeping outdoors…In The RAIN, no food, no water…I mean it…-”

Buttercup hissed and Peeta swore he heard the cat grumble.

Katniss spun around standing akimbo. “Don’t you dare try sassing me!” She stared down at the cat then shook her head, before turning around. Leaving the kitchen muttering she, “What kind of a name is Buttercup’re such an ugly cat, a menace-”

Buttercup followed her ‘meowing’ back.

Peeta grinned then thought to himself he had to keep these two happy. He didn’t want a full-blown war in his tranquil home for the next week.  He made a mental note. He would have to buy chew toys and catnip for Buttercup and a nice merlot, some cheese, chocolate, and enough ingredients to make cheese buns for Katniss for the next few days. After all the old saying was true, ‘Happy wife. Happy life.’

Peeta finished sipping his tea. It was going to be an interesting week.

i and yours and ours

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Voltron: Legendary Defender
PAIRING: Shiro x Keith
RATING: T (teen)
TAGS: pre-Kerberos; established relationship, pre-canon; fluff and slight angst; one-shot

set in the same story universe as all roads lead home to you but can be read alone || written for @maikasa


These are the things Shiro associates with Keith–

The dumpster behind the convenience store in town, where they’d first met. Hoverbikes and illegal races. The desert dust in the sunset. A corner of the library, by the more obscure astrology references, near the shoddy air-conditioner. Burger nights at the Garrison. Boots and fingerless gloves. A red string.

And some things intangible, like the way warmth blooms in his chest when he sees Keith’s smile. The way his heart feels too big for his chest when he turns and sees Keith looking up at the sky, at the stars, and the worlds and galaxies he knows are out there. The way Keith says his name, like rainfall.

These are the things Keith has learned since meeting Shiro–

Sparring like you’re in a scrappy, back-alley fight only gets you so far. Burning yourself out to reach your goal is never worth it. You can find happy things in small moments. Walls are meant to be let down for people. Pluto and Kerberos are 4.67 billion miles from Earth. At their coldest, they get to minus-233° Celsius.

Home can be a person, a steadiness and certainty and strength.

Shiro keeps his promises.

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Clint talking to lucky instead of matt when hes upset. Matt is clearly in the room but he refuses to talk to matt. Or vice versa

“… And now he’s offering me tea instead of coffee,” Clint said, sitting criss-cross on the floor, his dog opposite him.

Lucky didn’t reply, obviously. He yawned, though.

“Honestly, Clint, stop being a child and stand up,” Matt ordered. “You got beat up last night, having coffee now would give you a headache.”

Clint didn’t look up. “You know, Lucks, I didn’t even get to sleep on my side of the bed last night.”

“That was because you passed out on my side!” exclaimed Matt, pouring tea. “I couldn’t move you!”

“I think he thinks that since I get beat up so much, I can’t hold my own,” said Clint, rubbing Lucky’s shoulder. “Not true, obviously.”

“Clint! I never said that!” Matt sipped his tea. “Come up here and sit at the table like a human, alright?”

Clint glared firmly at the floor. “He can’t tell me what to do,” he whispered to the dog.

Lucky scratched behind his floppy ear and looked out the window.

Matt was laughing sarcastically into his hand. “I can’t believe you. I’m completely done with this, and you are too. Get up.”

“He’s like my mom. But not dead,” Clint said conversationally.

Lucky shook his head back and forth and licked his nose.

“Okay, fine,” Matt said. “Fine, you win. I need to go, Foggy is waiting. Don’t kill yourself.” He said this while walking quickly around the flat and gathering his stuff. Before he left, he bent down and kissed the top of Clint’s head and shoved a mug of coffee into his hands. “Enjoy your headache, darling.” The door shut behind him.

Clint looked down at the coffee, then back up at Lucky. “I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

better than magic - a henny/julian drabble

Henny wasn’t in love with him. With Julian. It wasn’t as simple as that, as some infatuation she had mistaken for a deeper feeling, as love at first sight.

“Really, it was just a…rather intense fling,” she had told Asra, with a flippant wave of her hand, sipping her tea. “Nothing to get upset over.”

But that wasn’t true, either. Because Henny might not have loved Julian Devorak, but she could have. She had opened her heart to that chance, had wanted to take it.

He was the first thing she had wanted for herself in a long while. The first person since Asra that she had let herself hope might…

She was a fool. For so many years, she had thought of almost as a relief, a reprieve from some potential harm. Almost-in-love was a godsend. Almost-in-love was the only kind of in love she knew how to be, and she was glad for it.

This almost was not like the others. It ate at her, refusing to let her move on, to tuck him into her box of maybes to take out and remember when she got lonely. Her heart would not be silenced.

Hope. That was her mistake. She had let herself hope that maybe they could fall in love, that maybe this time…

Ever since she could remember, she had been bad at loving. The only person she had ever managed to love properly was Asra, and that was because Asra was family. Of course she loved him well. He made it effortless.

But Julian - she had never felt that kind of kinship before, that pull to someone else. It was like magic. Better than magic.

It was almost like coming home.

A Queen and Her Kingdom - Ushijima Wakatoshi - Chapter 2

AN: ♡ Waaah idk about y’all, but I love RoyalGuard!Ushijima!!! ♡ So handsome and so blunt. Here’s Chapter 2! Introducing a new character in our Castle!


English Medieval Kingdom AU featuring RoyalGuard!Ushijima and (Sassy)Queen!Reader

CHAPTER 2: Meet Your Match

“Your Highness ~!” It was early in the morning and you heard your personal song bird open the doors to your chamber.

“No,” you declared, pulling the duvet over your head.

“I didn’t even say anything!”

“It is too early. And how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name, Hitoka?”

“Shimizu-sama scolds me if I don’t….”

“Speaking of, shouldn’t you be in the Apothecary with her?”

“She told me to bring you this! It is a special tea she brewed up for good health and prosperity. Please drink it carefully, Your Highness.”

“I swear she’s got magical powers, that Priestess. Thank you, Hitoka.”

“Of course!” Hitoka beemed. You patted a spot next to you on your large bed and she hopped on excitedly. “So the word around the Castle is your Royal Guard arrived last night. Is that true?” You nodded slowly as you took a sip of your tea. “Really!? What do they look like!?”

“They are very tall. And broad. They have broad shoulders.”

“That’s good, yes? That means they’re strong. What are they like?”

“They’re, uh…. Interesting.” Yachi looked at you for further details. “They follow me around all of the time. Even back to my chamber.”

“That’s part of their duty, yes?”

“Yes, but I can take care of myself around the Castle. I thought having a Royal Guard meant that they would only be escorting me outside of the Castle and throughout the Kingdom,” you sighed, taking in your last sip of tea. “I suppose I should prepare for the day.”

“What’s first on your agenda today?”

“Training with the Head of the Royal Guard.”

“Oh ~ What’s he like?”

“He followed me to the Gardens last night and snuck up on me like some snake!” You scoffed, unbuttoning your nightgown. You felt your cheeks blush as you replayed the scene through your mind. Sneaking up on you was one thing, but to call you beautiful right after? The nerve.

“I bet he learned his lesson!” Hitoka giggled, cleaning up the tea before assisting you with your attire for the day.

“Of course he did! He should know better not to sneak up on a Queen.”

You were in the midst of putting on the underlayer of your camisol when the door swung open unannounced.

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