Pairing: Cheryl Blossom x reader

Warning : none

A/N: first time doing this lol pls be gentle with me


“So basically, you want to take a trip with Cheryl out hiking somewhere to just bond with each other in celebration of your 3rd month anniversary?”, said by Betty with eyebrows scrunched up together with an amused smile while Veronica played with the straw of her smoothie with a glint in her eye .

(Y/N) nodded slowly starting to doubt if it would count as romantic and still push through since we all know how Cheryl is *eye roll*.

As you drink your smoothie, the response of Veronica had you choking on your cool vanilla drink.

“Hope you guys fuck”


So I, (y/n) (y/l/n), never thought Cheryl Blossom aka my girlfriend for 3 months would actually agree on this hiking trip I had in mind for us for the long weekend as we head to the Siouxon Creek Trailhead.

You side-glance to the beautiful redhead passenger as she started to sing out to her fave song, Touch by Little Mix. You swear to whoever is out there, she may seem so closed off to others accompanied by her HBIC status at Riverdale high but she is a huge dork hidden in her maroon adidas track suit.


Finally reaching your destination, you parked the car and with the other vehicles of the other hikers in the area and started to unload the bags. Of course you carry the real heavy ones while handing Cheryl the sleeping bags and toiletries.

Cheryl noticing the veins popping out of your neck from the weight of the food and tent equipment, she touched your arm and looked you in the eyes with a smirk,

“Need help there (y/n)?”

With the sudden need to keep you dignity and pride in tact even with the struggle of the weight, you shake your head

“I’m a-okay baby”, kissing her forehead and wink at her direction, “thanks for the concern”

((Thank God your secluded space was somewhat near the parking))


After 2 horrible hours in the heat while setting up your tent and fixing the things you had brought, you finally got your hiking bags ready and started to trek the trailhead.

Until a small spider landed on her shoulder..

“(Y/N)!!!!!! OH MY GOD” Cheryl’s voice shrieked.

Panicking you sprinted to her side as she frantically started jumping while brushing off the spider which traveled to her arm.

As soon as the spider fell off her arm she launched into you arms deciding it would be best if she stuck (literally) with you.

After somewhat 10 yards from the “spider attack” as she labeled it to be, you put her down and addressed the confusion shown on her face,

“Babe this is our hiking trip, I can’t carry you uphill for 3 km..if you want we can take a look at the plants and could use your knowledge on the herbs on what and what not to eat, that should be fun yeah?”

As soon as she heard the four words “knowledge on the herbs”, her eyes and smile lit up like it was new year’s eve and basically dragged you off the path and into the plants,

“Fantastic idea, (y/n)! Let’s do it right now!!

“Wait wha–”


After the fiasco of going through almost ALL the plants and reaching the peek of your trek, it was all worth it seeing her smile and with the sun setting you started to head back to the campsite while reaching out to hold Cheryl’s hand using your thumb to rub circles on the back of it bringing it up to your lips as you kiss it.

“Thank you for agreeing to do this with me babe. I love you”

“Anything to spend some alone time with my (y/n), away from the breakfast club”
Rolling you eyes at the statement but displaying your amused grin knowing she doesnt mean it. You moved your arm around to pull her close to you as you kiss her temple and continue to trek down the trail.

Reaching the your secluded campsite, you head straight for the mini grill you brought with you and start to get a fire going to cook the pork chops with steak sauce marinade while Cheryl changed her clothes in the tent, as you glance to the flap of the tent which was somewhat open, you could see the curve of herback as she took off her drifit under her tracksuit, and because of that moment of distraction your hand accidentally lowered to the heated grill and burned the side of your hand.

“hoLY JESUS FUCK–” releasing the last porkchop perfectly landing on the grill and holding your burned hand to your chest and you roll on your back away from the grill.

Cheryl came rushing out to your side with her reading  glasses on and a worried look on her face.

“(Y/n)! Babe, what happened??”

“I got distracted with how beautiful you looked and slightly burned my hand…sorry”

Blushing and biting her lip from the unexpected statement, Cheryl slapped your shoulder while saying,

“Serves you right for not being able to handle how hot I am without the glasses..”

“Babe you and your glasses drive me crazy…and ouch?! *fake gasp while smiling* abuse much?”

“(Y/n) you will handle the mashed potates and I’ll continue the grill before you burn yourself again”, she pulled your shirt to kiss you on the lips, “and that as your motivation to not get distracted”

You salute with your burnt hand accompanied by the goofy smile on your face saying, “ma'am yes ma'am”


After being the “baby” tonight since I couldnt use my hand for now due to the burn, Cheryl had to feed me baby-style.

Now that’s over, she looked at the ointment from her medicine packet with her doe amber eyes which I love the most. She bites her lip in reading the little inscription at the back while sitting in my bball shorts and loose nike shirt. It was the perfect moment to sneak a picture. I sneaked out my phone as she was engrossed in reading what to do and how to apply the ointment, I pressed the button in taking her picture without remembering to remove the flash…but alas, it was too late and chaos ensued.

“Did you just take a picture of me…”

“Um baby, I know you dont like pictures when you’re in my comfy clothes with no make up on bu-”

“Give me your phone”

“Wha- no..pls I want to keep it”

“(Y/n). At least show me the picture”

“I know you’ll try to delete it cher-”

Cheryl suddenly tackles me to try to reach me phone but I chuck it to one side of the tent before she reaches it and lock her in my arms  while she starts to wiggle out of it. Deciding to flip the position, I was suddenly on top of her, holding both her hands above her head while our faces where inches apart breathing heavily against each other. I gaze at her pink plump lips while slowly shifting my gaze to her amber colored eyes that were dilated as we stared at each other. Suddenly your body starts to heat up as you inch your face close to hers as your lips somewhat graze each other and finally you let go of her hands and grasp her face to deepen the kiss as you nip on her lower lip and hear a low moan emitting from her. After the burn in your lungs suddenly made itself known due to the lack of oxygen, you break apart from the heated make out and opened your eyed to see a flustered Cheryl who also is breathing heavily as you are.

You break the silence and say, “so…can I keep that photo?”
“Ugh fine, but it better not see the light of day (y/l/n)” Cheryl says while pouting.

“But of course!! It’ll only be my home screen”

You suddenly change your position to be on your back and let Cheryl rest her head on your chest, arm around your waist and both your legs intertwined. At that moment you felt at home with her, knowing your heart was safe and content with everything you have right now and silently thanking your lucky stars for the beautiful girl in your arms.

You kiss the top of her head saying, “I love you with all my heart, Cheryl Blossom aka dork of my life aka the louis of my superman”

Turning her head to look up at you with shining unshed tears, she got up on her arm and placed her hand on your face to kiss you softly, pull away smiling and falling back to her original position to snuggle up to you.

“I love you with every fiber of my being, (y/n) (y/l/n), even if you’re a total’re my geek girlfriend”

A few moments later, slowly you fell asleep as the exhaustion of the trek crept up to (y/n) while cheryl stayed up for a few more minutes until her sleep claimed her while listening to the heart that beats for her. To anticipate tomorrow and the future’s mystery together.