Abby: * tries to sabotage Nia’s acting audtion and singing career, excludes her from ALDC activities, trashes on both of her music videos, gives her poorly choreographed solos, makes offensive and hurtful comments towards her and continuously underestimates her*

Nia: *slays red carpets, does various tv and magazine interviews, has millions of views on her music videos, puts out an amazing dance video showcasing her talent, shooting a movie as well as working on new music, is mentioned in a Wall Street Journal Article, currently dancing in Trip Of Love*

Nia @ Abby:

Just wanted to point out that “The skies tumbling from your eyes” and “The dye, a blood red setting sun” always make me think about Will’s and Hannibal’s eyecolors… so yas, do we really need further proof that they’re in love? Nope.
But do we really want it? FUCK YEAH BITCH, BRING IT ON!


Nias interview with “good day NY” From this interview I’m guessing Nia won’t be there for season 7 of DM.