觀者不單身 The Viewers Are Present

在情人節前夕, SiOUSiOU 邀請了四位來自港台的藝術家, 在藝廊與觀者盲目約會.

約會日期: 2/13 19:00-22:30

想約會的人須買一杯飲料 (不預約/先到先上)

地點 黑鳥 HN 信義路四段341號2樓之2

免費觀展:2/13-2/15, 15:00- 20:00

—- ▒ 培 ▒ —- 羅 ▒ ▒ —- 熊楚 ▒ —- 張 ▒ 安 —-

SiOUSiOU 策展 -

四位藝術家將坐在展場當中, 觀者買杯飲料, 與藝術家, 四人一桌, 15分鐘相親約會. 由談話的過程中, 猜測其藝術家是哪件作品的作者. 每場約會後的'贏家’ 將獲得2/14號情人節當天由白木耳( White Fungus) 在華山主辦的演出活動入場票. 並有4位幸運的觀眾, 會與藝術家本人一起前往.

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#SiOUSiOU is at a rest mode.
Please be patient with us while we are charging up ideas for the next banging event.
If you miss us, order a pullover. Limited edition of 50.
See ya all very soon xoxo 👄 (at SiOUSiOU headqurter )

Private View Extended on the Dance Floor with Elitism Drama (2014) 

After party for Aetroulette Taipei Dollar Venture 來賭藝術 , hosted by SiOUSiOU and Adult Game at Korner Taipei. 

Photography by Hisimala / Edit by Yu’an Huang

Work of SiOUSiOU studio. 

Thank you all for having with precious New Year’s Eve with us!!
At pipe with ampm ❤️
The #SiOUSiOU gang is exhausted and filled with love. 9 in the morning.

Hyper Realistic Party - SiOUSiOU x Bass Kitchen -

異國植入的派對文化, 在台灣, 我們總是同時扮演著觀察/揣摩/演出的複雜角色. 這次派對, 將會有幾組人員,隱沒在人群中, 以觀察及重現 ‘派對行為’ 為主軸, 進行一系列發生藝術. 

Party culture as a foreign concept, in Taiwan, we play a mix roll of observer, mimic and performer. In this party, SiOUSiOU injects live happening and installation to challenge your party habits!

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