PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Set It Off (Update I)

Set It Off are currently out a PropertyOfZack sponsored tour with Divided By Friday, and it’s been going great. Drummer Maxx Danziger from the band is now doing a PropertyOfZack Road Blog to keep fans in the loop from the road. Check out his first update below and come back each week for more!

Maxx Danziger: 

Starting a new tour is like starting your first day at a new school. With the exception of a few friends that also transferred, you don’t really know any of the people going there. Upon meeting them, there is always the standard introduction and somewhat awkward time in between those people being strangers and then finally becoming your friends. We skipped all that with Divided By Friday. From day one we instantly clicked. It was the first time that had ever happened to us. Suddenly we had a mess of inside jokes and even a tour theme song (If you see us on this tour we’ll probably be singing it.) 

Day two of tour was the craziest in my opinion. We played the Ferrum College Spring Fling Festival. It was a beautiful day consisting of BMX, music, air brush tattoos, and shenanigans. But the real story is what happened that night. As a touring musician you often have to give up the experience of going to college. So the kids that went to the school decided to show us how a real college party went. There was a giant foam party in the middle of campus, there were parties in every house we went to, there was Top 40 hits blaring everywhere. I ended up in this place called trollville. We walked under a bridge and into this giant, seemingly abandoned warehouse. Inside was a bunch of friends, music, and lots and lots of fun.

One great thing about this tour is that we’ve been able to play places that we haven’t been to in months. Playing the Vibe Lounge in Long Island, for example, was a real treat for all of us. Seeing all of our friends, playing to a packed house, everyone knowing every word to our songs. It was an amazing feeling. Afterwards we all had a celebration at our friend Spagetti’s house (yeah, that’s what we call him) and caught up with all our old friends. 

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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Set It Off (Update II)

From Austin Kerr:

As our tour rounds out its second week, all I can think is “It’s going too fast.” As Maxx said before, the Divided By Friday guys have quickly become our best friends. Never before have we met a group that we are more in sync with (ha ha n’sync ). They operate the same way we do, have the same outlook as us, and best of all - have the same sense of humor…and no one has ever had the same humor as us.

As far as the actual shows go, it’s been fantastic. The northeast is definitely one of my favorites. I’m not sure why a bunch of Florida boys go over so well with people up here, but everyone just really knows how to make us feel at home. For a while, our shows in Long Island have been selling out and recently New Jersey has caught up, but this time Boston out-did them both!! The crowd was a welcome and unexpected surprise to us. 

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