somehow I never knew but I’m literally not even the only adult at my studio who started as an adult and worked through the competitive ranks

she got to Worlds

… if she did it, why can’t I do the same

New Book Official Changes!

Ar Rinci Ceili

Ar Rinci Ceili will replace Ar Rinci Foirne as the official handbook of Ceili Dances approved by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha for use in competitions and examinations as and from September 1st 2015.

The following is a summary of the changes contained in the revised publication:

Ceili Dances

Names of a number of Dances changed.

All movements have a name.

All letters are deleted.

Read – points to remember.

The word “Progressive” is used rather than mixing progressive, long, etc.

Haymakers Jig described as ‘Long’ dance.

In many dances the movement ‘Wheels’ standardised to :  Right & left Hand Across.     Left & Right Hand Across.

Except in Rince Fada & Haste to the Wedding : named Right Wheel, Left Wheel as each movement only takes 4 bars.

Re – hands : states if one hand, two hands, crossed or uncrossed, right or left hands to be used.

Swing Around :- Promenade Step on same foot of partner or opposite foot.

Walls of Limerick

Movement no 4 – name changed to Swing Around.

Antrim Reel

Movement no 4 – name changed to  Down the Centre.

Movement no 5 – Right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 7 – Left & Right Hands Across

Movement no 8 – Swing Around

Siege of Carrick

Movement no 2 – name changed to Right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 3 & 4 – states : face partner when clapping.

Rakes of Mallow

Progressive dance only  -  not a Six Hand Dance

Movement no 5 – name changed to : Swing Around.

Harvest Time Jig

Progressive Dance only – not a Six Hand Dance

Movement no 3 & 5 – names changed to : Right & Left Hands Across, Left & Right Hands Across

Siege of Ennis

Movement no 3 – name changed to : Right & Left Hands Across.

Haymaker’s Jig

Named “Long” Dance

Note – Formation

Movement no 5 – name changed to Cast Off

Movement no 5 March

Bridge of Athlone

Movements no 3 & 4 states : March.

Waves of Tory

Movements no 5,6 & 7  states: March

Rince Fada

Known only by the “Gaelic Title”.

Movement no 3 – Rising Step – starts on Right Foot, same as movement no  1

Movement no 6  - name changed to Swing Around

Haste to the Wedding

Movement no 3 – Rising Step starts on Right Foot same as movement no 1

Movement no 6 – changed to Sidestep to Right & left 8 bars

Movement no 7 – changed to sidestep to Left & Right 8 bars

Movement no 8 – name changed to Swing Around

Note :  movements no 6 & 7 changed in bars.

To complete once  -  takes   48 bars

Lannigan’s Ball

Note  : at Feisanna danced as an Eight Hand – Acceptable

Note – read the summary

Movement no 2 – Four Links  ( not a change – just note)

Movement no 4 – States – Ladies ‘Turn’ Right

                                             Gents ‘ Turn’ Left

Movement no 5 7 6 – states : Uncrossed Hands

An Rince Mor

Name known only by the Gaelic Title

Movement no 4 – last 2 bars : partners take “Crossed Hands”

Movement no 5 – partners retain “Crossed Hands”

Bonfire Dance

Movement no 9 – Deleted “Hand on hip and toe pointed”.

Movement no 10 – number of bars at end – corrected.

Four Hand Reel

Formation – both diagrams acceptable

Lead Around – fully explained. Corrected end of first 8 bars.

Body – movement no 3  name changed to : Right & Left Hands Across.

1st Figure – when opposite lady is going under the arch of top couple to place of top lady states - she must turn “Clockwise” to new position.

When opposite gent is going under the arch of top couple : states – Top Couple must make a half turn clockwise to new position for the gent to finish in opposite gents position.

2nd Figure – before the Swing Around when ladies return to own place, partners take right hand in right to make a full turn into own position.

Humours of Bandon

Formation – both diagrams acceptable.

Body : movements no 2 & 4 states: take hands crossed or uncrossed.  Taking right hand only “not acceptable”.

1st Figure : note – last 4 bars    both couples face each other, take crossed or uncrossed hands to turn into own place.

2nd Figure : completely different – all four dancers are dancing throughout.

Glencar Reel

Formation – gents right shoulder to top of room.

Movement no 5 – emphasises the footwork

Movement no 4 & 5 – are dances as “one unit  16 bars”

Movement no 6 & 7 are dances as “one unit 16 bars”.

The Fairy Reel

Formation both diagrams acceptable

Movement no 6 changed to – The “Two Gents” Link Arms

The Gents take Hand of each Lady

Movement no 7 – name changed to : The Square and Diamond

The Duke Reel

It’s a Six Hand Dance only

1st Figure : states – when couple no 1 advance towards couple no 2 – no hands are taken.

Eight Hand Reel

Body – movement no 2 Skip Across : states –Different Turns,       Full, Full, Full, Half.

Movement no 3 – Return Chain :  meet partner at opposite side of set, take right hand, make half turn on the 8th bar.

Movement no 4 – Back to Back states : you must sidestep on ‘left Foot’ when gents return to partner they take right hand in right to turn into own place.

Morris Reel

All changes the same as from Eight Hand Reel.

Cross Reel

It’s an Eight Hand Dance  not a “Round Dance”.

Body movement no 4 Back to Back states : must sidestep on “Left Foot”.

States -  when returning to own place “No hands are taken of Partner”.  All turn clockwise to get into own place.

2nd Figure  Circle Round & Hands Across states : forward & backward or all forward.  Threes are acceptable in the first 4 bars.

Eight Hand Jig

Body : movement no 2 Skip Across – 1st 2 bars changed to –

The four gents move off together.  Each gent allows gent on his left to pass before him.

States – the Turns :  Full,  Half,  Half,  Full.

Movement no 3 – Swing into Line:   deleted – the 2 bars at start of movement.

Explains up to 8 bars.

When performing Rise & Grind step :  Holding of hands in the two lines are optional.

Last “4 bars” states – you must take right hand of partner to turn into own place.

2nd Figure Combination :  on completion of Right & Left Chain both couples make a full turn, then the two gents pass each other in centre, passing each other right shoulder diagonally to opposite lady.

When the two gents meet in centre they link right arms.

When returning to place the gents take right hand of partner to turn into own place.

St. Patrick’s Day

Body – movement no 2 & 4 :  name changed to Half Left & Right

Gents pass left shoulder to left.             Ladies pass right shoulder to right.

Turning into new and own place   -  Gent turn anticlockwise, Ladies turn clockwise.

The Finish – Lead Around : deleted the swing for the last “4 bars”.

Trip to the Cottage

Body – name included : Diagonal Lines and Rings

When the two circles are sidestepping to the left -  states -  the two side gents sidestep to right to get into circle.

End of Body – last 8 bars  states- Forward and Backward movement is not allowed while swinging.

States – swinging on same or opposite foot to partner is acceptable.

1st Figure – name included : Arches and Ring

2nd Figure – Name included : Advance, Retire and Cross Over

High Cauled Cap

Body : movement no 5 -  Stamp & Clap -  performing movement to return to place

Ladies stamp on “Left Foot”  Gents stamp on “Right Foot”.

1st Figure name included : Sidestep and Dance Through

2nd Figure Circle and Cross :  on the 8th & 9th bars  both couples make a full turn before passing left shoulder to left on to opposite lady to take left hand.

Sweets of May

Its in Single Jig Time – correct sheet music shown at end of book.

States – both ordinary threes or skip threes are acceptable.  No mixing of threes.

Opening movement Ring : no longer a Figure

2nd Figure : changed to 1st Figure

3rd Figure : changed to 2nd Figure

4th Figure : changed to 3rd Figure.

The Three Tunes

The sheet music of the three tunes are located at back of book.

Movement no 1 – name changed to : Ring

Movement no 2 & 8 name changed to : Ladies & Gents Ring

Movement no 5 See-Saw states – movement of arms up and down is not allowed.

States – promenade step on same foot or opposite foot to partner is acceptable.

Movement no 6 & 12 Roly Poly : note – the change in how gents perform the raising of the fists and stamp ;  Foot work is slightly different (This is how it was originally danced)

States – a lead turn to the right has been added for the laddies.

Movement no 13 Ring : added 1st movement

Movement no 11 Thread the Needle :

end of 1st 8 bars  states    -        Lady of 1st tops goes under her own arch.

End of 2nd 8 bars  states   -     Gent of 1st sides goes under his own arch.

Gates of Derry

Formation :  both diagrams acceptable.

Summary  - ordinary simple threes only acceptable.

Movement no 2  The Gates -  explained correctly.   Sidestep to gents right  (all gents)

Movement no 6 Telescope :  explained differently

Movement no 7  : name changed to  : right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 8 Swing Around states ;  couples having changed lines

2nd repeat changed to  - opening movement  -   omitted same as 1st repeat.

Read the note at the end of the Dance.

Sixteen Hand Reel

Formation – Circle

Body :   Movement no 5   -  Half Chain -  returning to place with partner ( last 4 bars)

States  -  Ladies half turn, with gents on inside.   Retain both hands with partner to return to own place.

Movement no 6  Link Arms  -  explained differently.

2nd Figure – Right Hand to Opposite Lady  -  note  - last 2 bars (before the Swing)

The two gents pass each other, right shoulder to right, return to partner, take right hand of partner and turn into own place.

Note  - the two gents Link Right Arms.

3rd Figure – Arch Arms :  movement completely different.

Changed  -  number of bars  24 bars

The Rising Step – Rise & Grind      Definition :     note the differences.

World Champions 2008-2016 by School

Behold: a list of all schools from 2008-2016 that have won a solo world title. I’m assuming this hasn’t been done before? How it works is each champion will be counted once, regardless of how many times they have been champion. If any schools have merged together, their champions will be counted together regardless of if the title was won before the merge. If any schools have changed names, it will be under the most recent/current name. Please message me with any corrections (I’m sure there will be quite a few), and I’d be happy to send anyone the full list with names and all, if you want it. Enjoy!!!

Richens-Timms, Morgan, McLaughlin, Kiely-Walsh, Mulvenna, Aaron Crosbie, Curley, Scoil Rince Ui She, Comerford, Fegan, Inishfree, Turley-Duggan, Scoil Rince McDonagh-Timoney-Fahy, Lynn-O’Grady-Quinlan-Connick, Fiona-Gaye Moore, Anthony Costello, Rince na Tiarna, Croghan-Greene, Scoil Ui Nuallain, Flynn O’Kane, Scoil Rince Ui Bhriain, Teelin, Dennehy, Lambe, McGahan-Lees, Sheila Hayes, Smith-Houlihan, Broesler, Simpson, Ni Chearra-O’Baolain, Lavin-Cassidy, Kelly Hendry, Conway-Lally, Armstrong, McCutcheon, Coleman, McNelis Cunningham Boyle, Carol Leavy, Doherty, Caroline Greene, O’Connor, McTeggart, Higgins, Anthony Savage

McGing, Ceim Oir, Sylvan Kelly, Mullane Healy Godley, Scoil Ui Ruairc, Harney, Mona Ni Rodaigh, Scanlon, Kenny, O’Shea-Chaplin

Trinity, Carey, The Academy, Glendarragh, Murchu Duiginn, Rinceoiri Na Riochta

Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Carson-Kennedy


Scoil Rince McConomy Bradley


What He Does When You're On Your Period ( Be My Princess Headcanon)
  • Willfred: Silent. He holds you, caressing your tummy while the cramps pass through. Pressing chaste kisses against your temple, while stroking your hair. Wordlessly comforting you. "Are you feeling better?"
  • Joshua: Reads. He researches everything he can about the most effective remedies for cramps and moodiness. And after several hours of neglect, he finally shows up in your room with a hot water bag. "The books say this will help."
  • Keith: Excercise. He pulls you out of your dusty room and drags you on a two mile jog. Then a quick game of basketball, then a round of badminton, and finally you end your day with a soccer match. You're so exhausted that you don't have enough energy to even think about your cramps. "Doesn't exercising help cramps?"
  • Edward: Romance. Sickness brings out the most romantic aspects in Edward's personality. He holds your hand, pressing smooth chocolates into your mouth. He braids your hair away from your face, swiping away any tears that may appear with his thumb. "Now, now, a beautiful fairy's tears are worth far more then even the most valuable jewels."
  • Roberto: Attentive. He's done everything he can to make you feel better. He drapes a blanket over you, and puts on your favorite movies. He buys your favorite flowers, and makes your favorite tea. He brings you all your favorite food, and buys you a comfy pair of pajamas. You have to rest a hand on his arm to finally get him to sit beside you. "Is there anything else I can do for you, my princess?"
  • Glenn: Hiding. He wants to comfort you, he really does. He just doesn't know how to handle the situation. He can't even say the word 'period' aloud without feeling oddly grossed out. At the end of the day the best he can do is leave a bouquet of sunflowers and a box of creamy chocolates at you door. A simple note attached. "I hope you feel better, my princess."
  • -SKY

Heartbeat of Home cast member Roisin Lyons’ dance at the Rose of Tralee Pageant 2014.  She’s wearing Siopa Rince as her evening gown AND performance dress!