“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?” 

Romantic (aka cheesy) InfernoxAurora with loads of glowing lights <3
I love these two together, I cant help it D: So so so cuteeee >www< Let ‘em kids have a happy ending, Bassaaaaa! 
Background inspired by a picture on pixiv that i saw months ago and forgot to bookmark >__>

(Also, just how far did Inferno have to crouch down for Aurora’s head to be on a level with his?)


Some of my mental images from reading sionnac ‘s dialogue/scene, because I was in a very sour mood since morning until she posted that awesome thing and I finally could laugh all that irritation off x)

No seriously, it felt so relieving, I really needed those chuckles so, really, THANKS. HAVE QUICK FANART SCRIBBLE. THROWN AT U.

Our internet broke. More specifically, our dlan wireless adapter thingy (I’m technologically illiterate, sorry ;/) so I won’t be able to upload any actual pictures until at least Monday. If I can manage to set it up that is :p
In the meantime, have this watercolour postcard that I drew and initially intended to scan. I’ve never really used watercolours before, so this was interesting…I think I’m a bit too impatient for sticking to them, I always wanna finish everything in one go, haha…Sorry for the bad phone camera quality (the actual colours are prettier >w<) and my bad Japanese handwriting…it’s been a while 8)
For bassa, again, you know the talk. 
(Next up are toraaaa and ayaaaa~)



I wish you all the best and hope your family got you plenty of anti-ageing cream for those winkles that people your age tend to develop :P
Nuri inspired me to write this impromptu Haiku especially for you: 

Bassara is old
old old old old old old old 
So so very old

Nah, I’m just kidding :D I hope you have a wonderful day with nice food, good weather and lovely people. thanks for all the awesomeness in the past year, I’m looking forward to loads more parashi in the future! <3

I found it funny that Rai, shadow and bananas got mentioned so often today, because coincidentally that just happened to be the first picture I finished. I call it ‘Bananarainnn’ hahaha…ha…I’m so funny ;/
Anywayyy, as already mentioned, more to come, but I is a snail, so it might take a while. Drawing clean(ish) outlines exhausts me in no time :P

*scuttles away*

Toraya! In an alternate universe. again. I’m not even sorry, I just really wanted to draw tora in a gakuran, because he's a handsome bastard got a certain ‘I’ll study hard!!!’ vibe to him and I could imagine him being the class rep or in the disciplinary comittee. Something like that anyway.
And then he and aya always try to spend extra time together without even really realizing it 8) let me fantasize, ahhaha..

Also, even though its got nothing to do with the picture - yasss Eyeshield! I loved that lenghty post, Bassa! Eyeshield is my favourite sports manga as well and that really made me wanna draw them >u< (but if I do I’ll never finish the remaining pictures, so nooo 8) I mean, more than birthday pictures you’ll have to call them 'weekly appreciation pictures’ from now on, depending on when I’ll actually get them done…hahah….“orz)

Oh, and I should probabaly say that yes, I did use a reference for the background. I suck at drawing backgrounds off the top of my head :(