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Plot: (most likely will never happen, but you never know) Mecha Sion crashes Gisha's wedding with Rai to ruin their special day, as well as attempt to harm as many people as physically possible who are attending the wedding

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//noncanon crack thread at best haha, but can you imagine the doodle I could draw with that? “Are there any here who object to this union…?” and Sion bursts through the wall of the church.


The second part to Sione’s Wedding!

Duck Rockers Quack Quack


Swing -Savage

Sione's Wedding Quotes:

Derek: [Derek’s gang approaches Albert, Sefa, Michael and Stanley] Albert.
Albert: Derek.
Derek: Sole man, where you going?
Albert: Inside to talk to Tanya and stop calling me Sole, alright?
Derek: Why?
Albert: What do you mean why? Cause your white not Samoan.
Derek: Nah, I mean why you wanna talk to Tanya?
Albert: That’s none of your business.
Derek: [looks strangely at Albert] You disrespecting me?
Albert: [laughing] Hey?
Derek: Comin on my turf, getting all up on my girl. Sole man, you know how we do it in the hood.
Sefa, Michael, Stanley: [laughing]
Michael: [laughing] Just hit the prick Albert.
Albert: Derek, this, its not a Michael Jaskson video okay? So stop being a dick and get out of my way



I loved the original, SIONE’S WEDDING, I’m hoping the new film is as funny as the original!