Sion Barzahd

“You’re not getting paid enough to die, now get out of my way!”

Before Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X put Square and Tetsuya Nomura in the limelight of the Playstation 2, there was The Bouncer, which was a beat’em up that, while pretty much just an excuse for Square to get their hands on PS2 technology, had branching pathways, fancy moves, and a lot of fun moments going for it.


the woman at the computer decrypts a message apparently referencing the girl from before and is upset by this fact. we aren’t immediately told why, and if you stick with playing as Sion Barzahd, the game’s primary character, you never see this woman again or learn who she is

at this point, it’s worth noting that as one of the PS2’s launch titles, The Bouncer was advertised as a “playable action movie”, with lots of emphasis being put on a cinematic experience that could show off the power of the PS2. to facilitate this, the story you’re shown differs slightly based on what playable character you choose, a format that theoretically allows the Bouncer to tell the same cinematic story from multiple points of view and with many different outcomes

in practice, it results in scenes like this, where you miss things and have no idea what’s going on unless you happen to have played the game multiple times and played as the right character at the right time

as it is, i stuck with just Sion Barzahd for simplicity’s sake, and as such, i never learned who this person was or why she was here at all

what a mess