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“This year has been one of the best years I’ve ever had and I might win the uncoolest-person-of-the-year award by saying this, but if you weren’t my friends, I think I’d just go into some kind of coma.”

- Saving Francesca, Melina Marchetta 

(the f-up five, the f-up five: next gen)

Preview of a transmale!Seamus fic I’m working on in my spare time

“You don’t have to be shy, you know,” Parvati said, smiling gently at Siobhan Finnigan as she slipped her robes on. “We all have the same parts.”

Siobhan paused on her way to the bathroom, where she’d been changing for the past two months.  Her grip tightened on the robes in her hands, and her heart beat a little quicker.

“That’s the problem,” she mumbled.

“What’d you say?” Lavender asked.

Siobhan’s heart was beating in her throat now.  She cleared her throat and answered loudly, “I said, that’s the problem.”

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 Orphan Black: Mrs. S[iobhan Sadler]
Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion


She sent me an email. Telling me what she thinks of me in terms that are, well, highly unsuitable to repeat in a professional setting.

Supergirl HP AU

imagine Alex being a Squib during the war

her father died defending them when she was a kid, her mother is integral to the war effort, and her sister is the fucking Girl Who Lived. 

and Alex? 

well Alex is only human


  • Alex throwing herself in front of a curse aimed at Kara’s back
  • Alex punching Siobhan in the fucking face in fourth year
  • 12 year old Alex watching as Kara is chosen by her wand
  • Alex fucking aceing Arithmancy and Runes and History of Magic and every course that doesn’t require innate magic to be good at 
  • Kara being top of the class in DADA and Care of Magical Creatures
  • Alex being named one of the Triwizard Tournament champions and going basically “oh fuck my life”
  • Kara always being able to see Thestrals, Alex being able to see them after defending Kara from a Muggle recruited to murder Kara using a magical robot
  • Kara’s reaction to Professor Lane insulting Alex for lacking magic becomes basically legendary
  • Alex’s reaction to seeing J’onn carrying Kara’s limp body out of the forest

sio’s sister, sinead (made by my love @nerdieplumbs) popped over for a visit before they moved and they looked so cute together maxine just had to get a picture of them and this is the song they listened to on repeat together while eating pizza

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 11b


PROMPT: Santana is a no nonsense riding instructor/ranch hand at a “Dude” Ranch Brittany visits on vacation.

PROMPTED BY: nayas-sports-bra


TITLE: And I Spoke Sweeter


She was the most beautiful thing Brittany S. Pierce has ever seen in her seventeen years, all lean muscle and damp skin and bad attitude. The kind of combination parents warn their daughters to stay away from when it comes to boys. Only this wasn’t a boy. It was a sweaty, scowling teenage girl around Brittany’s own age.

And even though Brittany really hadn’t planned on enjoying the vacation her parents had dragged her along for, she thought now that maybe she could find something to make the two weeks more enjoyable. Just maybe. If the sweaty girl currently hammering a new fence post into the ground was anything to go by.

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anonymous asked:

Supercat + 17. Please make it super angsty thanks.

17. Things you said that I wish you hadn’t…

“I can’t do this anymore.”

She hadn’t planned to walk into Cat’s office that morning and have those words spill from her lips, but after eight days of being called number two, Karla, Karen, Keisha and basically every other K name in ‘the big book of baby names’ Cat has stashed in her top drawer (she’d spread the damn thing across her desk yesterday morning on the letter K and ran her fingertip down them all as she’d called Kara a different one in turn at the end of her every sentence), she is tired.

Tired of being treated like second best. Like she hasn’t been the best damn assistant that Cat Grant has ever had, the only one to last longer than a handful of months, the only one to ever stand up to her and get away with it.

But now it’s Siobhan who gets all the praise and who is glued to Cat’s side, and Kara barely even gets a glance thrown her way.

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You know what stuck out to me in the 200th episode?

Kristen’s (Cas’) beaming, smiling face. She was so happy and so beautiful.

When Dean looks over at them, Kristen is facing him and the camera, and Siobhan (Dean) is facing the other way. We can’t see what she is feeling. She is hiding it, whether on purpose or not.

Is that not like our Dean and Cas?