My sister and I are orphans, you see. And we could have ended up anywhere. We could’ve ended up in any family. And if we had, we would have been entirely different people. But my mum, Siobhan, this woman, she chose us as her own. We are who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her wings to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter, finding my biological sister…it’s quite mad. It’s taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Of nature vs. nurture. So to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.


Just remember my loves:

Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped into the next room. You can call me by my old familiar name, put no sorrow in your tone. I promise we will laugh at this difficult passing when we meet again.

All my love,


  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they mean: I'm not ready for Orphan Black to end I've been watching this series for years and it means so much to me, It has strong, smart, and badass women at the front and I found comfort in all of them, they are like my family and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to move on when it ends.