Art from the book A Monster Calls written by Patrick Ness and illustrated by Jim Kay.

It’s a children’s book about a boy (Conor) who starts having nightmares about a monster every night since his mother started her cancer treatment. One night when he wakes up, there is an actual monster right outside his window. The monster is a yew tree in the cemetery behind Conor’s house during day-time but the monster we see at night. I wont go into more detail about the story because it’s really worth reading. You might want to have some tissues and ice-cream ready though.

It was inspired by Siobhan Dowd, who passed away due to cancer and could not write this book herself

i feel very strongly about paragon shepards tbh

i mean its essentially taking the path of lesser death right? you try to solve things without punching people to death - at least most of the time. but its still the same old very tired, very angry and very done shepard but choosing to be respectful, going out of their way to be nice to strangers in the midst of war but still taking no shit and not being afraid to shut a bitch down when needed.

it’s just the basic premise of an angry, broken little human choosing to be better to the world than the world has been to them that i find so admirable.

the signs as customers I have at work. (I work at a fabric and craft store)

Aries: a women who bought 30 dollars worth of candy and two dollar thimble

Taurus: this couple who loves me and I LOVE THEM. they have a custom pillowcase making business

Gemini: the guy who made me cry because he demanded to know why his price and my price weren’t matching and I got so frustrated that I just screamed “IT’S TAX” and then when I finished ringing him up, I cried in the bathroom

Cancer: woman who saved $1000+ while buying patterns during the 5 for 5 simplicity pattern sale

Leo: this little old lady with blue hair and when I ask her how she’s doing she says “still standing”

Virgo: me coming in on my off day and all of my coworkers going “why are you here?”

Libra: this kid who comes in once a week with his hoverboard to buy $100 worth of itunes cards and then he asks me to peel that security stickers off of the cards for him.

Scorpio: a friend who lives 45 minutes away and didn’t realize this was the location I worked at and excitedly shouted when they realized it was me ringing them up (this person is a scorpio)

Sagittarius: this guy who’s a designer and he’s in the store every two days. our conversations is mostly him saying “I have a presentation in two days and I have nothing done” and I just sympathetically nod

Capricorn: guy who recognized me at a con despite my being in a wig and full face of makeup when I’m usually bald with no makeup on at work.

Aquarius: woman who refused to budge on a 20 cent price difference from the sticker to the system and then demanded to speak to the manager when I told her that with her logic that she could buy a 200 dollar item that was resting in a five dollar spot and I could not do that

Pisces: this women who owns her own business and whenever I ring her up gives me a candy and tells me to have a good day

signs as orphan black characters
  • aries: sarah manning
  • taurus: alison hendrix
  • gemini: beth childs
  • cancer: krystal goderitch
  • leo: siobhan sadler
  • virgo: art bell
  • libra: cosima niehaus
  • scorpio: rachel duncan
  • sagittarius: felix dawkins
  • capricorn: paul dierden
  • aquarius: veera suominen
  • pisces: helena

[x] The lovely Siobhàn Hewlett, who has starred with Benedict in “Fortysomething” and also had a role in “Sherlock” (A Study in Pink) and “Parade’s End” shared this memory

FUN FACT: She has also starred in “Midsomer Murders” (The Maid in Splendour), and in “Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant” with Sophie!