siobhan mackenzie


As she waited for her sister, Emma headed over to the desk with the spell books on them. “Is this your grimoire?”

“Well, Kayne doesn’t have one.”

“Smartass.” But a smile tugged at her lips.

“At home that’d be a valid question. It could be from any of 6 people…not to mention all our friends who could’ve left it there too.” Ibis explained. “It’s a good thing most of us enchant them so we can locate them easily.”

She glanced up at him before going back to the book. “That’s a lot of witches. Back home, it’s just me.”

“Really? How did you end up with magic then? Normally there’s a close relative like a parent.”

“My dad is mixed.” She didn’t look up as she tried to think of other things to talk about besides her family history. She definitely doesn’t want a vampire like him knowing about Siobhan.