From last night, bleghhhhh. Anyway, happy birthday to the supreme queen Siouxsie Sioux & also the elder of horror, Vincent Price. May they reign eternally in the dream house on haunted hill. ~ ♥🎃♥👻♥💀♥ Have a swell Wednesday, ya bats.

Does anybody watch Dance Moms? I just started watching the season ever since Nia released her music video because I thought the one black girl was finally getting the recognition she deserved but NOPE! 

I really need someone to discuss how crazy these white women are. Like Abby’s big ass excluded Nia from one of the performances so Nia’s mom decided to schedule her own concert for Nia and now the other moms are talking about how Nia is excluding herself from the group and other asinine bullshit. 

I’m so happy this child is finally winning because she’s always being shit on every time I hear about this show.


Happy Birthday, Siouxsie Sioux!


Oh, well… How to start. I’ve started this blog as a blog for Karma (enlightenxd) because a certain person wanted me to, but I realized, it’s pretty hard to roleplay someone you have practically no muse for, don’t take me wrong, muse was there, but I never found a bond with the muse. I posted more World Building on my Karma blog than roleplays or prompts. Then this one person had an idea of starting something new… And that’s how Syndra was made.

During such a short time of roleplaying Syndra, I’ve started to talk to people that I’ve never talked to much. People, who are simply way too beautiful inside and make me sob a little everytime I get feelsy from their ideas or I start to whine in excitement because I find their ideas just so damn beautiful.

Special thanks belong to…

infinite-xerath | ascxndant | noxianguillotinedarius | lunar-heresy | communistofzaun | dakkoku-ketsueki

But of course, I can’t forget those who keep inspiring me every single moment and who I enjoy interacting with even though I didn’t interact with them as much as I’d wish…

tantibus-aeternam | tormentedwings | crescentslash | asktheionianwarlord | breathingweapon | theshockblade | corruptquiver

And I also can’t forget about people I see on my dashboard every day, I admire them so much and I enjoy reading their roleplays, their musings and their portrayals…

silvestreaelurus | amoratas | matronne | themasterofwuju | ionian-storm | sion-the-undead-juggernaut | ahrivicious | wukongmonkeyking

Once again, thank you very much! You guys are wonderful in every single way and I love you around and I also love seeing you on my dashboard. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥


My best moment on Dance Moms would probably be my “Star In Your Own Life” video so far…that was the highlight of all the seasons for me.”