GlobalGameJam 2017 has finally come to an end, and after working my tail off with @tirakitsu I’m quite proud to present my contributions to the game!!

I tackled the main character, Title and Tutorial screens, and the Red boss as well as the GameOver screen heheh~  Took quite a lot of time, but thankfully the designs we settled on were easy enough to crank out as needed~!

The premise of the game was that on the level there was a SinX wave that would roll across the screen non-stop, bathing the area either in light or dark, and the enemies caught in the wave would change color; you would have to adjust your firing color to match their current color before proceeding, less you mismatch your shots and have them bounce right back at you!

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results!  The gameplay’s a bit janky in places, but our coding team did their best and made a pretty close to complete game really, but our time was limited of course, so we left it as a mostly working proof of concept heheh~  Hope yall had a good weekend!

Alright. 1 question. No Bull shit. Yoy and Me. On a train yard. 100 twelves. Fights it our. Fist Fist. Hundreds Back Flips. Fifteen stunts. Sixty sinx. Fucking hell. Gah Gah Goo Goo. Every time. Going down. Every drown. Clowny frown. Boppity Bow. Ghost Rider. Flip kicks. Fake stairs. Farming gold. Laundry scheme. 1999. You too. Okay byr

anonymous asked:

I love your blog so much! Its made me want to olay Overwatch(but i cant sinx emy wifi is shitty and i have to return my PS4 after all the dissapointment ( •̥́ ﹏ •̀ू ) ) and you kinda made me wanna watch Voltron too!

Hey thank you! :) yeah I play on pc and I have pretty good connection sooo yeah. I’ve been getting good with teams on quick play. One of these days I’ll start going into comp.

Also yes! If you have time check out the show! It’s just so beautifully animated, the music, the characters, ST ORY, THE CHARACTERS, you’ll love it.