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What happened with Clara was a long ass time ago. Basically, C tweeted Ariana and congratulated her on Dangerous Woman on May 26 a day before 727 came out and Clara's petty shady ass tweeted something along th lines of "Newsflash 727 is out TOMORROW #Promote #YOURALBUM" she literally used those hashtags 💀 Like who told them that their parents having social media was a good idea 😂 Especially when they can't shut up. They just make their children look bad.

that…almost sounds like something sinu would say if sinu had cared about the group.



Kelena AU | Katherine is sick and Elena takes care of her girlfriend.
  “Don’t worry. I’ll bring you hot soup and cuddle with you all day long”

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[Youjin] Although it’s cold today you worked hard, wait just a little more and be careful of catching a cold!! Be careful of sinus colds and sore throats!! #Youjin #KNK #Today too I’m forever thankful #And sinus colds and sore throats you better go away👊

For @lucel18, who requested sick Cress (which is ironic since I’m being slowly killed by a nasty sinus bug) being taken care of by the crew and for the anon who requested sick Jacin.

“Look, just eat it.” Scarlet all but growled the words as she plunked a spoon in the bowl and settled the tray firmly in Cress’s lap. It was soup, apparently, but it didn’t resemble any soup Cress had ever eaten. Not so much a liquid as it was a dull-yellow sludge, it sat heavily in the bottom of the bowl, a few green sprigs of cilantro floating listlessly on its surface. “It’ll help.”

               Cress lifted the spoon, letting the soup—curried butternut squash soup, to be exact—slough off in thick, grainy drops. She wrinkled her nose, half in disdain and half to quell the violent sneeze tickling at the back of her nose. She’d had more than enough experience with substandard food when she was aboard her satellite, and while she’d never had a bad meal from Scarlet, there was a first time for everything. Cress just couldn’t quite bring herself to force a spoonful of the stuff down her throat. Not now. She was sick, for crying out loud. She barely had enough willpower to eat the foods she liked, let alone the ones she didn’t.

Scarlet heaved an exasperate sigh, dropping to perch on the edge of Cress’s bunk. “It tastes better than it looks, I promise.”

               Cress arched a doubtful brow, hoping she expressed the full measure of her disbelief without having to resort to words. Her throat had been painfully raw for the past three days, and speaking wasn’t high on her list of favorite activities.

               “The curry will help clear the congestion, the warmth will feel nice on your throat, and the flavor is wonderful. Just try it, Cress.”

               “I can vouch for the flavor.” Wolf rumbled from the door, ducking a little to fit beneath the doorway. He smiled sympathetically at Cress as he approached before his gaze flicked to Scarlet. “We’re approaching the docks. Might want to take over from Thorne before he accidentally lands us in one of the warehouses instead of the landing pad.”

               Scarlet snorted and there was an outraged bellow from the cockpit a few rooms away.

               “I’m not that bad!”

               “You’re worse.” Jacin muttered, pausing as he stalked past Cress’s doorway. He and Winter had hitched a ride when the Rampion intersected with Winter’s diplomatic tour at Dublin, hoping for a brief reprieve from the publicity circus that raged around anything associated with Luna. Jacin sniffled faintly, freezing in place when Scarlet rose to pin him with a searing glower.

               “Hey! You aren’t supposed to be out of bed, either.” He may have gained a reprieve from the publicity…but not from Earthen viruses. He’d picked up whatever bug Cress had almost immediately. Cress smiled weakly, a little apologetically, as she sagged back against her pillows with a cough. At least she wasn’t suffering alone.

               “I’m fine.” Jacin shot back stiffly, setting his jaw at a stubborn angle despite the unnatural flush to his usually pale cheeks and the irritated pink of the tip of his nose. Wolf rolled his eyes and stepped smoothly out of the way as Scarlet beelined across the room to grab Jacin by the collar.”

               “Stars, you two are impossible. You—“Scarlet stabbed a finger in Cress’s direction, coupled with a stern, concerned glare. “—eat. And you—“Her fingers tightened on Jacin’s collar as she began to bodily haul him from the room.”—bed.”

               “Listen here, Firework, I don’t need—“Jacin began, but cut off sharply with a wheeze that sounded vaguely like someone had intentionally yanked a bit too hard on his collar.

               “How are you feeling?” Wolf turned on his heel and moved to settle on the edge of Cress’s bunk, the mattress dipping heavily under his weight. Cress shrugged, then grimaced at how the movement disturbed her aching muscles. It wasn’t as bad as it had been the day before, but she had definitely been better. Wolf frowned and reached around to fluff the pillows propping her up. When he was satisfied, he laid a massive hand over Cress’s forehead, gentle and warm and comforting despite its size. “Fever’s down…You should still eat the soup, though.”

               Cress made a face, eliciting an amused smile from Wolf as he nudged the bowl closer to her. There was a knock at the entryway and Cress glanced up to see Thorne hovering in the doorway, apparently having handed the controls safely over to Scarlet.

               “So, how’s my favorite patient?” He grinned uncertainly as he sauntered over to drop down next to Cress, curling an arm around her shoulders and drawing her comfortably into his side. That worried, hand-wringing uncertainty had appeared the moment Cress fell ill and it showed no signs of departing any time soon. Cress tipped her head to the side to lean on Thorne’s shoulder. She would’ve found it kind of funny if she hadn’t felt so awful.

               “Here,” Wolf picked up the soup bowl and shoved it into Thorne’s hands. “Maybe you’ll have better luck.”

               Thorne glanced curiously down, then wrinkled his nose. “Ew.”

               “It’s healthy.”

               “It looks it.” Thorne muttered, glancing dubiously between the murky yellow of the soup and Cress’s pallid face. He said something else—probably a quip of some sort, since Wolf barked a soft laugh—but Cress found herself beginning to drift off. Her body ached and her head throbbed, but she was comfortably ensconced with fluffed pillows, a rather comfortable human pillow, and more people fussing over her than she ever could have expected. It wasn’t how she would’ve chosen to spend her weekend…but it wasn’t so bad.