Mansplaining at its finest.

Told a guy I was sick with a sinus infection. He said “You have chronic headaches.” I asked what that had to do with me having a sinus infection. He said “Well you probably don’t have a sinus infection it’s probably just your headaches”. Oh my gosh how could I be so stupid! I couldn’t tell the difference between a headache that I get daily for the last five years and facial pain, sore throat, snotty mess! Thank god we have men around ladies!

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I don’t need Kanye West, I’m more famous, I’m more famous.                         Camila I’d still do you                                                                                             I’m sorry Sinu, I know you come to everything she’s at,                                         I like that                                                                                                                 It’s moral support from a mom, from a mom!

- Excerpt from “Grammy acceptance speech” as sang by Rose Ellen Dix-

fifth harmony in fanfiction (stereotypes)
  • camila: smol bean, clumsy af, loves bananas, innocent af (but great in bed), good with words, 1 ex-boyfriend, gay af
  • lauren: badass mf, green eyes that pierce through ur soul, whipped af, has a soft spot for "camz", even gayer
  • dinah: funny as shit, sometimes dumb, polybeatdown, captain, camila's best friend, always shouts inappropriate stuff
  • normani: sassy as hell, motherly, lauren's best friend, chicken wings, straightforward, usually messing with dinah
  • ally: jesus, bible, troy, did i mention jesus? bless you, mother, sweet sweet sunshine, allysin sometimes
  • sofie: the most intelligent sweet camren shipper kid ever
  • sinu: is always watching
  • alejandro: idk but he's always an asshole
  • ariana: i love camila
  • austin: asshole, fuckboy, dorito
  • shawn: sometimes camila's gay best friend, sometimes another ex-boyfriend
  • clara: best mom ever
  • mike: best dad ever
  • chris: horny teenager but a good brother when he has to be
  • taylor: grumpy teenager or most supportive lil sis
  • keana: usually a mean bitch, but hot as fuck
  • lucy: good friend wtf, or you know, part of the love triangle
  • vero: flirts with camila, very funny and a good friend
  • alexa: gives good advice
  • luis: fuckboy
  • keaton: fuckboy
  • brad: no lips, bread, fuckboy, dumb as shit
  • dinah's siblings: omg that's a lot
  • siope: gtfo norminah is real
  • troy: sweet sweet boy
  • car: runs over camila
Recipes: Sinus Reliever and Sore Throat Tea!

Sinus Reliever

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 tablespoon raw local honey
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 crushed garlic clove
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric


Sore Throat Tea

  • 2 tablespoons local honey
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • add to your favorite tea, I like to add it to “Traditional Medicinal” sore throat tea, or echinacea tea. 

i love how camren shippers basically stole the moon like i was sitting outside last night and i was looking at the moon and i was thinking wow camren looks beautiful tonight then i whispered out loud “i can feel my gay growing stronger by the millisecond” this fandom has ruined me like the moon isnt the moon anymore its just a big ball of gay.

true or not, this is how my mind works


This all really started in 2014, with the beards. Epic/Syco really brought the hammer down, trying to get rid of the Camren rumors, especially in the press. It started with Lauren, when she looked like she’d rather ride the tail of a Comet to an Alternate Universe, than be in a girl group. She had two that year, Louie and Brad. They also decided to pair Camila up with Austin.

The girls hated it, but as long as the guys were there, they got to interact more freely. The problem was, they were both miserable and jealous. Camila realized the whole guy thing wasn’t for her, and broke that shit off real quick. When Sinu said Camila cried for two weeks after they split, I think she meant to say, Camila cried the whole two weeks she had to pretend to be with him. Anyway, Lauren ended things with Brad, and they both became “separately single”.

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This is Pocky, a very beautiful but weird cat. She hates flower arrangements and when she was a baby she would hoard spoons. Here she is on the couch exhausted from “taking care of me” after my sinus surgery and refusing cuddles. I promise she is usually photogenic.

Put Me first.  Put My friendship above all else.  You cannot live without My friendship.  It is not good that you should be alone.  Seek My Face at all times and in all things.  Seek My open Heart present in the Sacrament of My Love.  I have called you to be My friend.  I have revealed Myself to you as the Friend whom you have always desired, the Friend who will never mislead you, never disappoint you, never abandon you.  Open your heart to My friendship.  Seek My Face.  Converse with Me.  Listen to Me.  Remain in My presence.  Know that at every moment My eyes rest upon you.  My Heart is, at every moment, ready to welcome you.
—  Jesus, as recorded by an anonymous monk in In Sinu Jesu, pg. 26
A Very Marauders Christmas List
  • One large tree
  • One smaller tree for when Mcgonagall finds a full sized tree in your bedroom. 
  • One package of assorted cheeses for Peter.
  • One more package of assorted cheeses after James leaves it by the fireplace.
  • One pair of deer antlers for Lily.
  • One roll of spell o tap for James’s mouth after a week of reindeer puns.
  • Matching sweaters for Dorcus and Marlene.
  • A pair of scissors for Marlene to turn her sweater into a crop top. 
  • One hand knit scarf for Remus. (Made by one Sirius Black) 
  • Two pairs of condoms from James to Sirius. 
  • Two pairs of condoms from Sirius to James
  • Two bros having a broment because they each bought each other the same thing. 
  • Six attempts to get Alice and Frank under mistletoe.
  • One hilarious prank unraveled right in front of Sinus from Remus. 
  • 5 weeks of detention
  • 4 calling birds
  • 3 french hens
  • 2 turtle doves
  • 1 angry Lily wondering how the hell James thought buying her all those birds was a good idea. 
  • 9 wizards and witches having a very Merry Christmas. 
  • Sinuses: hey how do you feel about only breathing from one nostril
  • Me: what
  • Sinuses: also how about a terrible headache while we're at it
  • Me: no I just want to breathe normally just give me that
  • Sinuses: ....alright, what you're saying is that when you breathe clearly, you want it to be painful and worsen your headache