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Multiple sources have said Ashlee is there to look out for Camila for multiple reasons. So she's ok with me. If she weren't there, Camila wouldn't have someone closer to her age she can chill and be goofy with. Plus they can make music. It's a win/win. It's better than her being with Roger or Sinu 24/7 TBH. It's healthy. Ashlee is cool with LAND also. They always have fun together BTS. They just don't need her as much.

tell em 🙏🏻

niacin day 5 update

so Saturday was a bit hard for me. I forgot to take the third dose of niacin while out and when we got home it had been about 9 hours since my last dose, and I had a panic attack (first one since before starting niacin therapy) over some vision issues I’ve been experiencing and ended up having Thom take me to the ER.

So at the ER they test my eyes and confirm that there is an issues, give me an IV, blood work, CT scan, and the EKG thingy. Also they barely mentioned this and people just rushed in and started stripping me down and poking me with things soooo that was fun…Everything comes back clean minus vision issues and surprise surprise I have another ear/sinus infection (thank you TMJD/overbite)

I guess the doctor could tell I was super anxious and asked if I take anything for anxiety, I said I had started niacin therapy but forgot to take it while out and he goes “oh good! Take it when you get home, okay?” I was a bit surprised by that.

Finally got home around 4am and took 100mg before bed, 15 minutes later the wave of calm hit me and I fell asleep.

No panic attacks since and I’m currently on 300mg 3 times a day (900mg total) and gonna go up to 400mg tomorrow.

This is working so well for me and not taking it on time was a huge wake-up call. How the hell did I function before? The difference is astonishing like I go from crying/shaking with anxiety and this sense of doom to just chill AF and super excited about life.

ALSO had a lil odd rash on my thigh and since starting this and having the “niacin flush” it’s completely gone away!! And I’ve noticed once I take it my hands stop shaking (I always have a light shake in my hands) and my vertigo/dizziness isn’t even noticeable.

Still 10/10 would recommend

Good morning, gorgeous people!

It’s Monday, I have a sinus headache, it’s raining, and I haven’t had enough coffee yet, BUT I don’t care about all of that because they’re going to end it. I have no proof, as usual, and I really don’t know what I’m talking about, as usual, but one of these days I’m going to say they’re going to end it and they’re actually going to do it. And that day is today!

This morning’s pictures are specially dedicated to certain people, they know who they are.

So I've been an absent as of late...

Because I’ve been sick for like three weeks! First I had the flu, then it turned into a double ear infection and a sinus infection and a chest cold Here’s where it gets funny: I took some solution for my nose that had A LOT of sodium chloride in it and it turns out IM ALLERGIC TO IT. Broke out in some serious hives. Almost went to the ER, thank god for Benadryl. I’m getting better now! Sort of…

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