Pierre Coustain - Shield of Antoine Bastard of Burgundy (1421-1504) in his capacity as knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece


oil and gold on panel

Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, Kerkfabriek, Brugge


250. Juliaan Lampens /// House De La Ruelle - Van Moffaert /// Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium /// 1988

OfHouses guest curated by Jeff Kaplon (Subtilitas):
The idea of addition.
Lampens’ House De La Ruelle is a unique project dealing with the constraints of a confined lot and an existing building, two elements not typically found in the majority of the architect’s work. A rectangular prefabricated timber structure lifted above the ground is now linked to a triangular, fortified, and partially submerged bunker of an addition. The precision inherent in the prefabricated house is countered by the module of the concrete block, which is left uncut and unaltered, overlapping at its corners and extending far beyond its footprint to enclose new patios. Painted white, it starkly contrasts the dark timber home; serving as a counterpoint to the original. A signature Lampens rainspout projects from the top corner, expressing the materiality of the concrete roof as the block around it peels away.
(Photos: © Jörn Schiemann, Filip Dujardin. Photo Source: a+u 523 (2014): Juliaan Lampens.)